How to default browser on Windows 11

preferred web browser

The concept of “default” is an integral part of modern life. It’s especially important in computing, where different programs are constantly vying for control over every aspect of your computer. For the longest time, Microsoft’s Internet Explorer was the default browser on Windows. In 2006, Mozilla Firefox came along and offered users a faster and … Read more

This app has been blocked for your protection

this app has been blocked for your protection

If you are getting this error This app has been blocked for your protection on your Windows 8, Windows 7, or Windows 10 Pc then you should follow the below steps and instructions to fix this problem.  You will get this error while  trying to install any software or any setup.exe or some .exe applications on your Windows 10 … Read more

How to backup your android phone data

Most android phones come with 16GB internal memory and the storage space gets filled up pretty quickly. So, to keep your data safe you should backup your android phone. Before you begin backing up your phone, check which apps use the most space on your phone by selecting Storage from the device settings menu. Then … Read more

How to Setup chromecast guest mode and how it works on Android

Setup chromecast guest mode

In order for anyone to connect to our Chromecast without connecting to our Wi-Fi network, we only have to open the Chromecast app ( version +1.9 ), go to the Devices section , select the Chromecast that we want to configure and activate the new mode Guests . Once activated the application will show the current four-digit PIN . You will only have to connect to our Chromecast … Read more

Health Cloud Accredited Professional Exam – DumpsOut

Salesforce Health Cloud IT certification exam

Prime health-cloud-accredited- professional exam PDFs  If you’re looking for the perfect compilation of health-cloud-accredited- professional exam PDFs, here they are. We successfully compile the most helpful PDFs out there. These PDFs will ensure great success in your health-cloud-accredited- professional exam. Our PDFs cover all the important aspects of the health-cloud-accredited- professional exam. Therefore, preparing you … Read more