5 Tricks very simple for Windows 10 that will make your life easier: Hidden features in windows 10

Windows 10 barely two weeks after leaving and we are still discovering features and things, big or small, the truth is that we provide a little every day.Talking with friends, reading or just curious about the system, I keep discovering useful things, and here are 6 tricks you may not know and will make it easier in the new Windows.

5 Windows 10 advanced features: Hidden features in windows 10; Windows 10 godmode
5 Windows 10 advanced features: Hidden features in windows 10; Windows 10 godmode

#1 Make your file browser start in “My Computer” and not “Quick Access” Hidden features in windows 10

Although I am a staunch advocate of the new section of “Quick Access” in the browser files of Windows 10, the truth is sometimes stranger pressing the icon of a folder and take me directly to “My Computer” or ” this Team “as in the old days. If you think the same, there is a very quick solution:

  1. Access to the file browser
  2. Click on “View” on the top of the window
  3. Access the section “Options”
  4. In the tab “General”, select “This Computer” where it says “Log files”
  5. Press “OK” and ready, holy remedy


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#2 Add access to anything in your Start menu (Hidden features in windows 10)

Among the live tiles you can place a shortcut to virtually any directory on your PC. That is, if for example you want to have there a shortcut to a folder on specific, can, or if you want quick access to a section of the settings of the PC (in my case the administrator screen), you can too. You only have to:

  1. Navigate to the folder or window you want to add as tile live to the start menu
  2. Right click on its name in the left column
  3. Select “Pin to Start” and ready
  4. Ah, the day I no longer want there simply right – click on the live tile on the start menu and click “Unpin from Start”. Bye.

#3 Prevent your PC will automatically reboot after update (Hidden features in windows 10)

Something especially useful in these first months of Windows 10. Microsoft is constantly releasing updates to the system and must download and install a mandatory basis. This is good, the problem is that we restart the PC without warning, without inviting us to dinner. But it has a solution:

  1. Go to the System Configuration menu
  2. Access the section “Updating and Security”
  3. There go to “Advanced”
  4. Change the option to “Auto” to “Notify to update”. Ready


#4 Delays the download system updates (Hidden features in windows 10)

As I said a few lines ago, Windows 10 updates are mandatory and can not choose how to install … but can delay them , in a way. Mind you , this is only recommended if you are using an Internet connection to mediocre or poor quality, as when using the mobile network of your smartphone to connect. Rest, at home, let your Windows is updated, come on , it’s for your own good.

  1. Go to the System Configuration menu
  2. There accessing the Internet and Network section, and in this Wi-Fi
  3. Select “Advanced”
  4. Activates “Connecting Metered”

Remember, if you are using a decent Internet connection, disable this.Otherwise using a network and mediocre speed, this button becomes a whole ally.

#5 Analyzes which takes up space on your hard drive, and set it free

Windows 10 brought a new feature that lets you know in detail what takes up more space on your hard drive, and gives you quick and direct access to uninstall everything you no longer need on your system.

It is the most comprehensive tool of its kind available, but the truth is quite useful and practical to analyze in detail what had happened to hard drive 1 TB, how can it be left me alone 100GB available, is that I do not get it. Ah, of course, it is full of games, movies and series. (Hidden features in windows 10)

  1. Go to the Settings menu
  2. Access the System section
  3. There to “Storage” and click on the hard disk that you want to analyze
  4. Expected to carry the tool and see for sections, everything that is filling up your hard drive, and if you click on each section can delete or uninstall applications

WINDOWS 10 Advanced and Hidden Features

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