IntouchApp: Best app to transfer and sync phone contacts

IntouchApp: Best app to transfer and sync phone contacts

Add contacts to iPhone
Add contacts to iPhone

If you bought a new apple iPhone, iPad or iPod touch and want to transfer or sync your contacts to your Apple iPhone from other phones like Blackberry, Android devices, Other iPhones, and windows outlook contacts.

We told you about many other apps and different methods for each phone and those methods and steps were a little bit complicated. But yet needed. There are few drawbacks in those methods because you have to switch your contact sync methods while transferring to blackberry, android, and Gmail accounts.

And also synchronizing your contacts, then managing them and also updating them is a bit long process. So, to make it easy and fast you just have to download an app and install it on your devices (on both devices) from where you want to sync your contacts and to where your want to store it.

The simplest way to Add contacts to iPhone is:

“Simple yet powerful and this app is a must have for transferring your contacts between different smartphones” The app name is IntouchApp.

IntouchApp Contacts Manager – Backup, Sync and Transfer is a simple app developed by Volare Technologies Private Limited. 

You can also use  InTouch – a free app you can get from BlackBerry World on BlackBerry Z10 (and other blackberry devices) for transferring and managing contacts, uploading your contacts, and then install on to other devices. InTouch supports iOS and Android, as well as older Nokia phones.

 In the past i was using the traditional methods for transferring contacts between my android, outlook and apple devices (because i use all of these devices) it’s a little bit time consuming and the worst thing is that you always get many duplicate contacts with that, which is not good at all.

InTouch app also solves your problem of duplicate contacts. It’d smart de-duplication ensures a clean contact list. And you will never see a duplicate contact again.

IntouchApp: Best app to transfer and sync phone contacts, add contacts to iphone, android and blackberry
IntouchApp: Best app to transfer and sync phone contacts, add contacts to iphone, android and blackberry

InTouch app Best features to Add contacts to iPhone, android, Blackberry:

  1. AUTO-UPDATING CONTACTS: Get your contacts’ latest information automatically updated on your phone and when you change your information, it updates directly in their phone!
  2. COMPLETE BACKUP & SYNC: Securely backup your contacts and view them across all your devices and online. Edit on one device and see the changes on others automatically.
  3. MEET & CONNECT: Easily exchange contact info when you meet people or send your digital contact card
  4. INSTANT TRANSFER TO NEW DEVICE: Buying a new device? Just log into the app and restore all your contacts to the new device!
  5. FOR iOS 6 AND BELOW: If you are using iOS 6.0 or below please download ‘InTouchApp Contacts – Old Phones’ from Appstore.

PRICE: “InTouchApp” is free.

You can also buy a  Premium membership and a subscription.
1) Platinum Upgrade: $23.99/Year ($2/month)
2) Professional Upgrade: $11.99/Year ($1/month) and also
– One-time payment for additional device
Add Device: $4.99

Add contacts to iPhone Available for Android, Blackberry, iPhone/iPad/iPod Touch, and Windows outlook.

How to add contacts to iPhone and manage contacts on apple iPhone

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