How to Add Cydia Sources for new Cydia Apps

How to Add Cydia Sources for new Cydia Apps

 If you want to add Cydia sources to your new cydia app pn your Jailbroken iPhone, then you should follow the below steps ans learn how to add Cydia sources.  If you are new to jailbroken iOS device, I would suggest you to read:

Learn: How to add repo to Cydia?

  1. Just Open Cydia on your iPhone.
  2. Now click or select  “Manage”
  3. Now you have to Tap “Sources”
  4. You will now see a list of all the sources that Cydia is currently using to search for iPhone apps.
  5. Now just click or select “Edit” which you can see in the top right corner,
  6. Then tap “Add” which is in the top left corner.
  7. Enter the source you wish to add to Cydia. …
  8. Click “Add Source”

its easier to understand how you can add repo to Cydia.

Under Cydia Sources tab, you will notice all the previously added repo. You will be seeing some of the default repo or any other source address, which you might have added in the past. Here click on Edit and then Add. Once you click on Add, a popup box will open up like this as shown in below screenshot: Add Cydia/APT URL there. For ex:

How to add add Cydia sources?

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