How to add files to google drive from gmail

How to add files to google drive from gmail? With a Gmail update for Android owners that makes it easier to add files from Google Drive right on that Android device.Insert From Drive Android, How to add files to google drive from gmail

The “Insert from Drive” feature appears in Gmail in the pulldown menu on the right side, certainly an improvement over the hassle that now comes with searching through your apps and other features for the Google Drive button in the Android list. Also, according to Endgadget, the email’s recipients aren’t able to see which file the sender has selected in instances when it’s marked as private or meant only for a select group of recipients. How to add files to google drive from gmail

How to add files to google drive from gmail
How to add files to google drive from gmail

Move files into a shared folder by following these steps:

Google said that users who access the new Drive file storage and synchronization service from a computer can move files into a shared folder by following these steps:

1.       Click on “Incoming” in the left-hand side navigation.

2.      Click on the “Add to my Drive” icon.

3.      Drag the selected files into the shared folder.

Save Gmail Emails and Attachments to Google Drive:How to add files to google drive from gmail

Chrome ADDON

Save Emails is an add-on for Google Sheets that will help you automatically download email messages and file attachments from Gmail to Google Drive. The email threads are converted into high-quality print-ready PDF files while the file attachments are saved in their original format in Google Drive folders. You can use the add-on to backup important emails, video files, large images, Microsoft Office documents, travel receipts and other emails easily from Gmail to your Google Drive. Attorneys have used Save Emails to download and print all email correspondence related to a litigation with few clicks. Teachers can download student assignments in respective folders automatically. To get started, use the built-in wizard to create a rule and any email message in Gmail that matches this rule will be saved to a specific folder in your Google Drive. Unlike email automation solutions like IFTTT or Zapier that only work on new and incoming messages, the Save Emails add-on can also send old emails to your Google Drive. For instance, you can have a rule where emails from Expedia and Trip Advisor are automatically saved to the Travel folder in your Google Drive. Or a rule where all emails with “backup” in the subject line are saved to the project folder in Google Drive. If you are running out of space in your Gmail account, you can setup a rule for message size and all emails with large attachments are saved to Drive. The program runs in the background, once every hour, but you also have an option to run the rules manually. Go to Add-ons > Saves Emails and Attachments > Manage Rules and select any rule from the dropdown to process it immediately. You can save the email messages and the included file attachments to your Drive. You can organize the saved emails in date-based sub folders to avoid cluttering the main folder. It is now possible to customize the file names of saved emails and attachments with variables.


Attaching Drive files on Gmail is easy enough even on Android phones and tablets, but we doubt anybody would complain if Google wants to make it even easier. The new Gmail refresh for Android comes with an “Insert from Drive” option on the right-hand pull-down menu. That’s definitely a lot quicker to access than the traditional Drive icon hidden among the undoubtedly numerous apps in your list, which shows up after clicking “Attach file.” Plus, in case the email’s recipients can’t see the file you’ve chosen (say, if it’s marked private or if it’s only shared to a select group of people), you can access its settings from within the app before you send an email.

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