Add Google Drive files to Evernote

Add Google Drive files to Evernote: You’ve always been able to add Google Drive files to Evernote manually, but it involved copying a link from Google Drive and pasting it into Evernote, and then, most likely, writing a quick description to give some context to an otherwise indecipherable URL.

Add Google Drive files to Evernote
Add Google Drive files to Evernote

Now, Evernote offers a helpful Google Drive button in its toolbar so you can add Google Drive files without needing to jump out of and back into Evernote. And instead of showing up in Evernote as a link, Google Drive files appear as thumbnails. The thumbnails feature an icon to show the file type along with the title of the file and the date it was last modified. Clicking on the thumbnail opens the file in a new tab. You can also open the file or copy it via the triple-dot button on the right edge of a Google Drive file’s thumbnail.

How to attach Google Drive files to notes

You can add Google Drive files to Evernote notes as attachments or as pasted links (URLs) without having to leave Evernote. When you attach Google Drive files, the links are formatted as clickable objects that are easy to find in a note.


  • Quickly link to weekly reports you’ve created in Google Sheets from a shared project note in Evernote
  • Jot down ideas for a blog post in Evernote and attach links to research saved in Google Docs

Your Google Drive file will appear in Evernote as an enhanced link with information about the file such as:

  • Filename
  • File type (for example, Google Doc, Sheet, Slides, .jpg files)
  • Date last modified

How to set up the Google Drive integration

  1. Opt-in to the beta versions of both Evernote for Android and web on Chrome that support Google Drive files:
    – Evernote Web: Log in to your Evernote account on a Chrome browser to opt-in to the beta version which supports Google Drive attachments.
    – Evernote for Android: Go to Make sure you’ve installed and are logged in to the Google Drive app on your device.
  2. The first time you attempt to attach a Google Drive file to a note, you’ll be asked to give Evernote permission to connect to Google Drive. When prompted, click Connect on the ‘Connect to Google Drive’ screen to authorize your Evernote account access to your Google Drive files.

Two places you’ll see the ‘Connect to Google Drive’ prompt:

  • The first time you select the Google Drive (triangle) icon from the note editing toolbar
  • The first time you copy and paste a Google Drive file link into a note, and select the ‘Connect‘ link in the ‘Title not available’ link object

Two ways to add Google Drive files to Evernote notes


#1 Select a Google Drive file to attachAdd Google Drive files to Evernote


If you’re working in Evernote, add Google Drive files by selecting from a list of files currently stored in your Google Drive.


  • Web

  • Android


#2 Copy and paste a Google Drive file link (URL) into a note: Add Google Drive files to EvernoteAdd Google Drive files to Evernote


Copy and paste a Google Drive file link (URL) from any application outside of Evernote: Add Google Drive files to Evernote

  • From any email, chat messaging, or any other kind of application
  • Directly from your Google Drive by selecting ‘Get shareable link‘ from the options menu (accessed using right-click or ‘Shift + click’)
  • By clicking the ‘Share’ button in any opened Google Docs, Sheets, or Slides files

In order to try out this new Google Drive integration, you need to use the beta version of Evernote. Click the “Try beta” button at the top of Evernote to switch to the beta. You will then need to grant access to Google Drive when Evernote asks. Add Google Drive files to Evernote

Google Drive will be accessible at or through dedicated applications on Windows, Mac OS, Linux, iOS and – of course – Android. TechCrunch managed to get the Mac OS application that seems finalized but is not functional for the moment due to lack of active service at Google. But if Google has developed applications as well as integrated Dropbox client, adding, why not, direct editing functions GDocs, Dropbox and its competitors had to worry about. Add Google Drive files to Evernote

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