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    Obviously it is an impossible question to answer, because what for some may be better, for others it is not. So to answer this question we have compiled a list of the 10 applications that should not be missing on your Android. We will find everything and everything for all tastes so it will be difficult not to hit any. But look, although we put 30 really in this article you will find about 140 applications in total, adding compilations and in some sections we highlight two or three applications.

    If you are Using a Samsung galaxy smartphones or Samsung note flagships like Galaxy Note 3, Note 2 or Using any other android smart phone, everyone wants to tickle with the new apps daily to find a new app for their smartphones. sometimes you find it , sometimes you don’t. So, this list gives you the  android  best apps for your smart phone. Read it if you like it share it. Android Must have apps 2017

    1. Drippler 

    Drippler is the most useful app if you want to know about the new and must have android apps and it keeps you updated.whenyouinstalldrippleronyoursmartphoneitdetectsthesmartphone and then it provides you apps which is suitable for thatsmartphone. And it also provides information about apps. Want to find  more aboutdrippler GO to the link

    2. Polaris Office 

    Polaris office created by Infraware INC is a multidevice and one of the android best  apps  giving full functionality to the users. Can create, edit, share all functions like Powerpoint, word, and excel documents and you can also view PDF documents. It also saves user files to the cloud and also onto the device. Most interesting feature is It supports chromecast  i.e. you can send and view your documents on big screens via chromecast. what you say about this Best android apps ?

    Android best apps must have apps NO.  3   is  Trigger

    3. Trigger


    Trigger app for android provides users to set some actions on their device which will be performed by the apps automatically. FOR example :- if you want that when you reach  office your phone should be silent…This app does that by keeping an eye on your surrounding locations.


    4. Mail wise  

    Tired of Checking Different email apps? Signing in to Gmail app, outlook app, yahoo app sometimes does not feel good.

    HOw’s that if all of your email accounts will be sorted out in one single app, will be really cool. Mail wise does offer that with a simple and clutter free app interface.

    Try mail wise one pf the android best apps.

    Fifth and the last one :-

    5. Poweramp

    Poweramp music player is one of the android best apps and is also the one of the best music player.It plays almost all formats of music.  The bass, treble and adjusting your music beats in the app are the best. You can have a free trial or you can buy it from  here

    6.- Endomondo

    Smartphones and sports are great companions, and obviously with good applications we can have perfect results or at least an information of the most complete of our trainings or our excursions in its multitude of variants. And Endomondo has the potential for almost any sport that excels, from hiking to ice skating.

    Endomondo is ideal for beginners, casual or professional athletes. We can all have good statistics of our departures, we can see our progress and we can consult both ours and our friends. An application that really does not lack anything . There are more and more varied , but Endomondo is the most complete.

    Download Google Play Endomondo

    7.- Google Currents and Flipboard

    Newsreaders are something very basic for anyone with the desire to be informed at all times of the topics that interest you most. And of course there is also a good variety, but perhaps we would highlight two that are the titans of displaying the information in an elegant way and the purest traditional style magazine. We are talking about Google Currents and Flipboard. The first comes with Google warranty, which is not precisely turkey mucus. The second is backed by a cryptic support from the iOS community and now ported to Android also continues to garner followers.

    Both share things in common, as we said the format in the form of magazine is an added attraction to read our feeds in an organized, comfortable and with many pluses. Each one in its own way. The best thing is that you see what in the day we explain you from  Google Currents and Flipboard and choose the one that suits you, it will not be for quality of course.

    Download Google Currents from Google Play

    Download Google Play Flipboard

    8.- Whatsapp and Spotbros

    Being permanently connected is a necessity that is made easier and more bearable with a smartphone . There is no doubt about it, as there is no doubt about the real boom that has led to the appearance of applications like Whatsapp , which have left the SMS and other more traditional communications of digital media by this simple messaging application. With her we can be in contact with our friends, make groups and ultimately communicate in the simplest way through data connection or WiFi, in economic plan.

    Obviously there are alternatives to Whatsapp, although it is practical and we could say that it is a standard, maybe it still does not quite work at all well and precisely can not make much boast of being a completely secure system.

    As always will be your question to decide which one is going better, or to combine both, that goes to taste the consumer. It is clear that Whatsapp has a much wider user quota but sometimes the best is not always the most used.

    Download Whatsapp from Google Play

    Download Google Play Spotbros

    9.- Twitter

    One of the most popular and most “portable” social networks is Twitter without a doubt . With Twitter we can communicate and be informed in something as short as 140 characters . Something fantastic and very revolutionary that makes Twitter one of the most popular social networks and has removed the foundation of communication as we knew it. Obviously such is the popularity of this social network that there are also many alternatives to each one better.


    10 Dropbox and Google Drive

    Obviously it is also necessary to take into account when we talk about our Android devices. And we explained that  both Dropbox and Google Drive are two very competent alternatives for storing and synchronizing data in the cloud . Obviously each one has its peculiarities and maybe Dropbox is better known for taking more time in the market. But this does not detract from Google Drive, which has many advantages such as the creation of all kinds of documents.

    So here we do not highlight any in particular because it would be too unfair. We urge you to read the Special Twitter applications we have developed, as well as tips to get the full potential of your Twitter  . 

    It is clear that the variety is the taste, and in the case of Twitter we have many, many alternatives.

    What you think about this list ? Have a say comment below or share it to your friends… Android Must have apps 2017

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