Apple iOS 9 – Better battery life and faster performance added

Apple iOS 9 – Better battery life and faster performance added

Apple iOS 9 adds another powerful feature to iPhone – Better and  longer battery life.

Apple iOS 9 will extend iPhone battery life by using it’s low power mode feature. Apple iOS 9 applications are more efficient now and use less battery wherever possible , that make’s this possible. More efficient apps means more battery life.  Apple iOS 9 uses it’s inbuilt sensors like: ambient light and proximity sensors to save your battery life and energy life. By using this sensor iPhone knows when to turn on screen and when to turn it off. If iPhone is on a table facing down, apple iOS 9 sensors will not turn on the screen even device receive a notification.


Faster and Smaller convenient updates with Apple iOS 9.

Using Apple iOS 9  your iOS device can install and download updates more easily and faster. The space needed to update will be very less, in compare to old iOS versions. Also you will get new notifications related to iOS updates, whenever a new update is available.

With efficient CPU and GPU usage Apple iOS 9 gets Faster and more responsive.

Most of the apps in Apple iOS 9 are using Metal , making user experience faster, providing smoother animation, and better performance. Email, messages, web pages, and PDFs render faster. And multitasking features on iPad feel fluid and natural.

Apple iOS 9 is compatible with below given devices


Apple iOS 9 Released : See all features, apps released

Apple iOS 9 – Better battery life and faster performance added. The simple trick iOS 9 uses to improve your battery life, iOS 9 will give your iPhone up to 3 extra hours of battery life, iOS 9: iPhone battery life to improve with ‘Low Power’ mode.

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