How to backup your games on the cloud?

How to backup your games on the cloud? Thanks to cloud computing technology, you have the option to save your progress in a mobile game of the Cloud. What’s the point? If you save your progress only on your device, you are forced to have this device to continue to play on this backup. But if you save your progress on a cloud, you can resume it on any mobile, tablet … Very handy when your smartphone loose or when you simply want to play on another device. How do I save my games on a Cloud? He should already know what platform you use. How to backup your games on the cloud?

  • Android : surely you use the Google Play Store and Google Plays some games have the ability to be saved to Google Cloud. These games usually offer you to connect your Google+ account before playing or during backup. Remember to sign these games via Google+, and your progress is automatically saved to your Google+ account and load that backup will also be automatic. Then you have nothing more to do! Just log in from any device to your Google+ account on the game to resume your progress.
  • IPhone : like games using Google Cloud, some games (unless Google Play) on your iPhone are developed to be compatible with the iCloud technology. By default, if you are connected to your Apple account and have previously configured the iCloud service, your phone records all your purchased apps and other on iCloud. Now only the games compatible with the iCloud automatically save your game progress. Butthe recovery since iCloud is performed only during the activation phase or restore your device. Clearly, you can get your progression as a resetting device and logging in with your Apple account.
    Basic, iCloud only allows you to store 5GB of data, which can quickly be filled with games. To have more space it will take out his wallet!

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