How to Backup Your iPhone Using iCloud, iTunes or IOT (iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 6)


As we said, backup operation is essential to preserve all data and information stored on your device. This is because, due to different causes (device breakdown, device replacement, device loss, involuntary write-off), the risk of losing some data stored on the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad is always around the corner. To prevent this from happening, in this infographic we will explain how to make an iPhone backup in very few steps.

How to Backup Your iPhone Using iCloud, iTunes or IOT (iPhone 7, iPhone 8, iPhone 6)

Infographic created by IOTransfer, an all-in-one iPhone/iPad manager.

Backup with iCloud

iCloud Backup automatically and securely backups the most important information on iCloud, every day, and Wi-Fi every time you connect your iOS device to power. Once connected, all content is saved quickly and effectively. iCloud already stores music, apps and purchased books, and Photo Stream; iCloud Backup takes care of everything else, backing up photos and videos in the Roll, device settings, app data, Home screens, and apps, messages, and ringtones. iCloud Backup is also useful for restoring an iOS device or for configuring a new one.

To enable this feature and back up your iPhone on iCloud, go to Settings> iCloud, select “Archive and Backup” and activate the “Backup to iCloud” entry. This item disables automatic backup from iTunes on PC or Mac, by backing up only on the Apple Cloud. At this point, you only have to wait a few seconds / minutes (depending on the information you want to save) so that the iPhone backup is completed. Once backup is complete, the backup will always remain in the cloud of Apple waiting to be overwritten by a more recent backup (which, as said, runs every day when you connect the iPhone to a WiFi network and power supply) or restored to a new or previously formatted device.

Backup with iTunes

The backup alternative with iCloud is backup with iTunes . Almost everyone knows iTunes, the handy Apple program that allows both multimedia content and interaction with iOS devices such as iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. iTunes is also useful for performing a complete save of information on your mobile device, which will then stay on the computer used for backup and will not go to the cloud of Apple (iCloud).

To back up your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch with iTunes , connect your device to your computer with the supplied USB cable, wait for iTunes to recognize it, and then press on “Devices” (top right) and then on name of the device you just connected and for which you want to back up. At this point you will open a screen like the one you see at the top. Look for “Back Up Now” if you use iTunes in English and wait a few moments. You will notice that the top bar of iTunes will change and show an indication of the progress of the backup process. When the bar is fully full, iTunes will alert you that the iPhone backup will be complete.


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