Best fitness tracker for running

Sports Watch – no longer plastic casing and a stopwatch function, as it was in childhood. Now sports watch has an impressive feature set, can be made in different design and are in completely different ways. Today’s understand what are sports watches and what functions they perform.

A fitness tracker is a device which you wear as a watch or as a wristband, and which has sensors to monitor your activity. Fitness trackers can be synced to mobile apps so you can see your progress on the go.

Running is a great way to get in shape, but can also give you a few bumps and scratches along the way – especially if you’re not wearing the proper gear. That’s why I decided to throw together a couple of reviews of the best fitness trackers for running. The devices you can get on the market are able to track your activity, sleep, heart rate and even your nutrition.

Choosing the best sports watches for you – it is solely your choice. Each of which has a set of data for a run, the quality of performance and other chips. Some watches are aimed at people who have just started jogging and they need simple things that can not be said about the gadgets aimed at professionals who need a scientific approach to training.

But what makes the watch for jogging, the best? It is true, accurate GPS, but for now the focus is shifted to the side of biometric data. Many running watches has a built-in pulse sensor and the ability to connect the chest strap for more intensive training.

If you are someone who is trying to get in better shape, chances are you have looked into getting a running fitness tracker. One of the most important things you can do to maintain great health and join the ranks of the fit and healthy is to exercise more often. However, this is easier said than done, and many people find it difficult to motivate themselves enough to run more often, especially when they think about how boring jogging can be. Thankfully, technology has come to the rescue in more ways than one. Some fitness trackers claim that they will be able to help you get in shape while making sure that you still enjoy some of the things that you enjoy.

A fitness tracker is one of the best investments you can make if you are into regular workouts or keeping yourself on a certain diet. Even though the fitness tracker technology is not new, there are still many people who have no clue what it can do. I’m going to give you a breakdown of the features and from my own experience what a fitness tracker can offer a runner.

Many hours doing now focus on recovery, which can help prevent injuries. Using heart rate data top models of devices offers the necessary time for rest and recovery, and also evaluates how your body adapts to your training.

Finally, some high-end gadgets are monitoring your fitness information while running – evaluating the data of your steps per minute and the shape of your body.

We select the best that impressed us during the tests, at the same time they are able to meet different budgets and preferences. You can also read what are the best smartwatches for women who love to workout?

Some features of sport watches

Best fitness tracker for running

Built-in GPS

to track your location, shows your current speed, distance, and route. The track often can be seen after syncing your smartphone or computer. GPS is necessary for those who exercise outdoors – in the hall, an arena, or the pool, it is useless.


Some models with built-in GPS can be used as a navigator. Maps can be downloaded so far only in Garmin Fenix hours 5 X, but other models can lead you to the beginning of training, conduct on the track or display to the desired point.

Smart notification

Some models are able to display information about incoming calls and messages, and for that, you do not have to take the smartphone out of your pocket during a workout. Sync with your smartphone also gives the opportunity to immediately transfer workout data to your e-sports diary.

Training plan

Watches can act as a coach. The program gives you a training plan, which you download to watch. By pressing a few buttons, you know, what kind of training you need to do today, and the clock help in its implementation.

Sport profiles

helps, the clock to be set up to different profiles. Thanks to them, in an electronic diary, you can see how much running, and how to ride a bike. And during training hours will show the most important parameters: heart rate while running, the average rate during bicycle training.

Apple Watch Series 5: Best fitness tracker for iPhone

Functions: Mode multisport | GPS | Optical heart rate sensor | Water resistant up to 50m | Smartwatch function | LTE | Apple Pay

I am a true believer in the Apple watch series 5 running tracker. I wear it every day and love the way the operating system works on it. I also love how you can customize your watch face with different designs, colors, etc.

Stop any Apple Watch 3 – yes, this smartwatch may seem strange amongst sports watches, but it does not look shabby with other gadgets. Third-party apps such as Strava, make it super sports watch, it has a built-in multi-sport tracker, and is a great companion for learning.

In the case of Apple Watch Series 5 is one of the best gadgets in the particular field. In the form of a GPS running tracker, it has lots of features together with heart rate monitor, altimeter and more. Yes, you can track your runs with your Apple Watch Series 5 effectively. This is not just another sports watch. It tracks all the fitness apps of its previous iterations of this series. You can also track sleep, count your calories and much more with the help of this watch. You can also check the running apps that suits best for you.

Using the Wi-Fi signals around you, Apple Watch 3 immediately determines the GPS, so do not wait to start cold. Synchronize Apple Music playlists is ridiculously simple, and you can pay for your drink when you’re done training. Moreover, the addition of LTE means streaming to music on the go and even phone free call.

Garmin Vivoactive 3: Best fitness tracker Cycling and Skiing

Functions: Mode multisport | GPS | Optical heart rate sensor | Garmin Pay | VO2 Max | Notifications smartwatch | Water resistant up to 50m

Garmin Vivoactive 3 really does it all. Running, cycling, swimming in the pool, golf, walking, surfing, skiing, cross-country skiing, running in the room, bicycle room, walking in the room – it’s an incredible sports watch for those who do not limit themselves only to run or bike riding.

Notifications come in the style of wearable with reading e-mails and of course built-in heart rate sensor, making data more valuable for selected sports. 

Vivoactive 3 possess quite an attractive design, as well as the ability to make payments from the wrist using Garmin Pay. It works much better than Vivoactive HR, and is a good alternative smartwatch.

Garmin Forerunner 935: Best fitness tracker for Profesional runners

Functions: Mode multisport | GPS | Optical heart rate sensor | VO2 Max | Smartwatch notice | Garmin Connect IQ | Water resistant up to 50m

Our new leader, running hours and the legitimate leader of the “Sports Watch”, although it’s more expensive than the previous model, but it’s worth it, you get an incredible gadget. 

Sitting on top of the Forerunner family on Forerunner 735XT and Forerunner 235, it supports most types of activities, including hunting down training with heart rate monitor.

In addition, it is compatible with the running sensor dynamics, which offers six dynamic parameters such as cadence, time of contact with the ground, step length, and others. Monitoring heart rate is not perfect, but it is getting accurate and precise as the Garmin for the first time began to establish optical sensors.

We also wanted to discuss battery life. This is one of the best performances of a sports watch. You can use the handheld device without charge for few weeks, unless you use it for daily marathons.

State recovery and postural function predict when you are ready to train again. There is also a program that adapts, if you can not perform the training and includes exercises to restore. V800 also has a tracker activity and allows you to see whether there is your daily calorie burn, showing your activity by just being alive, exercise or general activity. 

TomTom Adventurer: Best fitness tracker for Climbers

Functions: Mode multisport | GPS | Optical heart rate sensor | Route Direction | Water resistant up to 50m

Thanks to a special tracking mode (along with road running, hiking, skiing, and outdoor training), TomTom Adventurer is great for those who like to run.

The height and climbs are also tracked in trail mode, and you can get access to live compass which is great when you are in open spaces in any direction.

But the most useful is the ability to add and follow the GPS route, which can help you get there in the wild, without getting lost. Just build a route using a service such as Strava, and then load it from the TomTom Sports app on your PC or Mac. Then follow the laid lines, so you will not get lost. Great reason to create great routes and enjoy the hectic workouts.

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