Best Golden Tips for good conversationalists: How to be a good conversationalist

How to be a good conversationalist? Maintaining eye contact will allow you to “listen with your eyes”, an unmistakable way to show your interest in the other person and what he says. In other words, you will make him feel that you really listen to him, not that you only hear him.  When it comes to having important conversations, look for scenarios other than the usual ones like the office, the meeting room or the restaurant always. Approach the conversation on a boardwalk, in a park or on a terrace, for example.

Conversationalist qualities

Some people shy away on public occasions. How to be a better conversationalist ? Tips for good conversationalists.Good conversationalist always left their long lasting impression of words on the listeners? For example:- you are talking to someone ‘and at the end of the conversation’ you feel like oh god ! that conversation was really  a kind of one, which, I, really want to participate  it in again.

The great or good conversationalist is who, listens carefully, speaks and stick to the topic and responds instantly. If you control conversation in a group, it implicates that you have good skills and you are a good conversationalist.Brilliant conversationalists always  have excellent discussing skills. How to be a good conversationalist


A skilful speaker
A skilful speaker

A skilful speaker in a group (conversationalist)

A skilful  conversationalist or good speaker always has the qualities to enliven any dialogue or discussion.He or she is not the dominant speaker or talker in a discussion but an attentive group member, who, proceeds first else follow after.They energizes discussion. They will make your time well spent.


Age is not the factor in the race of becoming a good conversationalist. Great leaders who lead the world are always great conversationalists or speakers.People always mentor those people who is enthusiastic about sharing information and ideas .

Changes you need to become a better conversationalist or speaker

  • Don’t dominate the conversation, speak then listen vice-versa.
  • Be positive don’t contradict by denying the truth asserting the opposite.
  • If you are listening don’t interrupt other’s in-between.
  • Present the ideas or information or story as it is in real, don’t exaggerate it.
  • Stick to the subject of the discussion.
  • Follow the rules of combination of talking and listening.
  • Show your interest in discussion and conversation.
  • Always use open -ended questions to help others.
  • Complimenting the speaker makes a good conversation.
  • Don’t be lazy or glaze over. Body language will tell your interest level.
  • Eye contact or a head nod is the way of appreciating someone or accepting it what they are saying.
  • What you speak always try to summarize it.
  • Always be prepared.


A good conversationalist is always good in Current issues

It is always good practise and important to be aware of current issues.You should always be ready for giving new ideas, sharing the facts and information.To improve your conversation skills one should see news, read newspapers and magazines, watch TV shows and documentaries.


humour and conversation

Show sense of Humour 

In between conversation share some funny stories.Do not  force others in conversation.

Design the key messages from the objective:

Make sure that there are no more than two or three, if you want your interlocutor to remember them after the conversation. When designing the key messages, it dispenses with aspects that can divert the conversation to areas outside the target or to go through the branches. It is so important to know how to choose both what you are going to say and what you are not going to say.

Do not make assumptions:

Make sure you know the thoughts, concerns and expectations of your interlocutor about the content of the conversation. And let her know that you know them. Ask before you speak and listen carefully to the answer.

 Suspend the trial when you lack relevant information:

Wait to have enough facts and facts before pronouncing. And when you speak, do it with caution: do not send the message that you feel in possession of the truth.

Clearly express your openness to modify your point of view

Based on the arguments of the interlocutor, so that there is no doubt that your approach to the conversation is a dialogue, not a battle in which there will be a winner and a loser .

 Do not cheat with an excess of words:

Lower revolutions if you use to speak very fast and not juxtapose reflections, sensations, judgments and data, mixing everything. Going by parts helps you to move forward together step by step. Support your messages with facts and data. Few and convincing. The key is to select them well, not try to present them all.

Ask questions but in a better way

  1. Ask simple non-threatening questions.
  2. Think about the questions you are asking. Is it a right question?
  3. As k the perfect question.Be deliberate.

Sincerity and adaptability is the key to become a better conversationalist.Be attentive while in a conversation.Control and give direction to members in a dialogue.Information and experience improves your conversation skills.



Things not do while in conversation

Thing’s not to do  in a conversation

  • Do not try to talk too loudly.It unsettles the listener.
  • Be attentive in a conversation.
  • Don’t be lazy or boring.
  • Learn talking ethics.
  • Don’t stop other while they are speaking.
  • Always remember the talk while in conversation.

How to be a good conversationalist? Any suggestions, put them in Comments below.

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