Free karaoke app | Best karaoke app for iPhone

Free karaoke app | Best karaoke app for iPhone? One of the games that works best at a family reunion or friends is karaoke, which allows more than one and unleash your frustrated dream of being a singer. The iPhone and iPad have plenty of tools that allow us to improvise one for a fun and enjoyable time. In Mobility we have made a selection with the best karaoke applications for iOS and our recommendations for download in the App Store are  Red , Soulo , Disney Spotlight , Yokee , Sing!, StarMaker or Karaoke Kids . 

Free karaoke app | Best karaoke app for iPhoneFree karaoke app | Best karaoke app for iPhone? Singing in the style of traditional karaokes is not out of fashion and if you adapt quickly to change and adopt the latest trends before anyone, the new way to do it is with the help of your smartphone . Today having a smart phone is not synonymous with productivity, check emails or interact with your social networks.

Our phones are also an essential tool for entertainment , where the consumption of videos and music are very popular activities. However, the fun goes much further and a way to take advantage of it, especially if you have a cell phone with a great sound or a large screen, like the new Galaxy S6 , is downloading one of the many applications that exist to sing with karaoke . Free karaoke app | Best karaoke app for iPhone

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Basically it’s the same concept as traditional karaoke, where the idea is to choose your favorite songs and sing them as best you can. This activity is so popular that there are a lot of karaoke apps for your cell phone , although they are all very similar and essentially allow to do almost the same thing .

The first thing to do is to register in the application or, if not, log in or access through your Facebook account, which is the most common and a very practical option (do not worry, if you do not want everyone to know that You are a closet singer, the apps will not publish anything of your activity in the social network).

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Once this is done, you can access a catalog of songs , which you can sing either on your own, in the company of another person like duets, or even in groups – which you can search or randomly assign. In some cases you can also do it with the help of the original singers. This last option works by mixing the sound of the original video with your voice. Doing so will allow the artist to play the song while you sing. That way, you’ll be more inspired.

While you are singing or from the beginning you can add fun effects to your voice , such as robotic effect, low voice or special ways to beautify your voice that, it is worth noting, do not work miracles, but they can be fun.

Some karaoke apps offer the option of recording on video while you are singing, a function for the most vain that probably is not liked by all people. Of course, another part of the fun is in the possibility of sharing your songs or creations in social networks , something that could be interesting if you really have a privileged voice and you want to impress all your followers.

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This option could work especially well for those who know by heart the lyrics of the songs, since while the front camera of your phone is recording you making all kinds of faces and trying to get your best voice, you are very concentrated reading the letter On your phone screen and you may not be able to get your best angle.

1 AutoRap ( iOSAndroid )  – Free karaoke app | Best karaoke app for iPhone

Possibly AutoRap is one of the most famous applications for singing from the mobile, one that already has many users that you could join especially if you are a fan of some subjects in particular, within the categories hip hop and rap. Otherwise, it has a fairly complete catalog especially in these rhythms, and beyond that, many functions and options to have fun in a big way.

2 Red Karaoke ( iOSAndroidWindows Phone )- Free karaoke app | Best karaoke app for iPhone

ere you not selected for any of the editions of Operation Triumph ? Do not worry. With RedKaraoke app-Sing & Record  you will be able to demonstrate your singing abilities. Yes, with your family and friends. One of the main advantages that Red Karaoke can mention regarding other similar applications is that unlike most of the others, it has many songs available in Spanish language. Thus, if you want to sing but especially Latin songs, you can rest assured that it will not reach you the whole night to browse your catalog of your favorite artists. Sing the songs of your favorite artists and delight your delivered audience. In addition, you can record your songs and videos and share them with whoever you want.

Not only can you sing, but also record your favorite songs . But since everything good has a price, you can only use 12 songs for free. If you want to access the complete catalog of more than 60,000 songs you will have to pay a VIP membership.

You can record in audio or video, add voices, do duets and even improve the voice. If you connect it to the TV, you already have a party set up. With Sing Alone mode you can sing with your favorite artist. You have the option to search by song, artist or genre. You can also let the app recommend a topic.

Now you can go straight to stardom with one of the top five apps for iPhone and iPad of the week .

Download the app

3 KantoKaraoke ( Windows )- Free karaoke app | Best karaoke app for iPhone

In many cases, what we value most of an application is that it is simple, and this is exactly what happens with KantoKaraoke , which we must say is no longer fun or recommendable. Its strong points have to do with having an option to record us while we sing, besides that we can import any subject that we like, and even put YouTube links to sing your favorite videos.

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4 Karaoke Tube ( Android )- Free karaoke app | Best karaoke app for iPhone

Another of the mobile karaoke apps we can recommend, in this case one that as its name anticipates in some way, has been specially developed for YouTube fans. About Karaoke Tube we must emphasize more than anything allows us to access in just a second the videos of this famous platform, so that as they appear there, you can take them to your karaoke.

5 Sing! Karaoke ( iOS – Android )- Free karaoke app | Best karaoke app for iPhone

And we came to the last of the applications to sing from the phone, Sing! Karaoke , one I particularly think is probably the best, especially from an interface that is intuitive but also complete as far as your options are concerned. Beyond that, his entire catalog is completely free, and we can not lose sight of that also offers system of recording the songs or to share them in social networks.

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Find a huge variety of songs popularized by the most current artists or classics of all styles and genres and in almost all languages. With an intuitive Red Karaoke interface, it allows you to sing like a professional with a change of tone, real-time sound effects and feedback that will improve your voice to reach new levels. The app offers a different daily theme for free.

I’m it – Free karaoke app | Best karaoke app for iPhone

Use the iPhone iPhone as a stage and karaoke studio. Select the volume of the guide voice if you need help or include Reverb, Echo and Voice Tone effects for the performance to sound professional and polished. Soulo lets you sing your favorite songs, record your performances, and share them with friends.

Disney Spotlight – Free karaoke app | Best karaoke app for iPhone

It interprets in English the most popular songs of yesterday and today of the factory Disney, with this application that incorporates a corrector of tuning and other effects of voice that polish and improve the style of the action. In addition, you can also access your iTunes library.

Yokee – Free karaoke app | Best karaoke app for iPhone

Sing and record your versions of your favorite songs and share your performances on Facebook or vote those of your friends. All content is free because Yokee uses YouTube’s unlimited song and video library.

10 Sing! – Free karaoke app | Best karaoke app for iPhone

Share your voice with people from all over the world, join groups of songs, or perfect a song and share it with everyone. All that and more is possible with Sing! Karaoke thanks to its great repertoire of songs and genres. Undoubtedly one of the best, as it offers a fairly complete interface, intuitive and pleasing to the eye, in addition to unlike other apps shows you a bar that will show the tone you need to reach throughout the song, Which undoubtedly helps improve your performance, whether you want to do it with video or just with audio. Another interesting detail is that if you do with video this app also allows you to add effects to the video, a very interesting aspect that will help you improve your recordings.


11 StarMaker and The Voice: On stage, StarMaker

StarMaker: Sing + Video and The Voice: On stage, StarMaker . The two applications are from the same studio, and therefore practically the same, only the second is designed under the theme of the popular reality musical The Voice. Their free song catalog is extremely limited, with only 10 songs, and registering for the VIP test is not as intuitive, easy and fast as in the rest of the applications. The interface is good and has some interesting elements, like the option to earn points or credits for performing different actions, such as singing three songs a day, getting a good score on your performance or sharing your recordings. It also has a bar that tells you the tone you should follow, but it is not as well achieved as Sing!

Enjoy music with StarMaker , the only karaoke game with Auto-Tune, which also includes new musical hits each week. Choose your favorite song, sing the correct melody, or enter others as you like. Also, you can share your recording by Facebook or Twitter.

12 Kids Karaoke – Free karaoke app | Best karaoke app for iPhone

Sing with your kids with Karaoke Kids and record it on video. Have fun and entertain them with songs chosen from the popular classics and new hits for the older ones. In addition you can also share the videos by mail, Facebook or Youtube.

Today we list the 8 best Karaoke apps for your PC or phone … Start the party wherever you want!

13 KaraokeMedia: the off-road app – Free karaoke app | Best karaoke app for iPhone

KaraokeMedia is one of the most known karaoke websites in the world, from which you can download most of the songs of yesterday, today and always in karaoke format. Your desktop app has everything you need to sing, and although most downloadable songs are paid you can also download some free songs or import songs that you have on your hard drive. Do you want to record ? You can also do it with your audio and video recording options.


14 VanBasco Karaoke Player: the pioneer – Free karaoke app | Best karaoke app for iPhone

The MP3, MP4 and similar formats are fine, but if you are a veteran sure you also fondly remember MIDI and KAR formats . Yes, today that “quasi-tone” sound can be irritating, but what it’s all about is singing for one and it’s easy to find free midis … what if we remember old days with the mythical vanBasco Karaoke Player?

15 KantoKaraoke: Sing what you want – Free karaoke app | Best karaoke app for iPhone

Do you want something lighter from KaraokeMedia but less vintage than vanBasco? In a medium term we find KantoKaraoke, karaoke app that also has recording options and, very importantly, the possibility of importing music from any site, including Youtube links (if you take a look through the videos web you will discover many free karaoke and of good quality).


16 KaraokeMedia Pro: for the real “pros” – Free karaoke app | Best karaoke app for iPhone

Recently KaraokeMedia has released for all the pro version of its app, the same one that they use in the karaoke premises that sometime visits to interpret the last successes of Alejandro Sanz, Beyoncé or Ana Belén. Although as fans we can go with the amateur apps it is not bad to spend even a few days in the “league of the greats” and take advantage of this program and its trial with 30 days free and 50 free downloads of the entire catalog.


Best  Mac Karaoke?

Although most karaoke suites are available on Windows we also find interesting programs for Mac. Here you have one.

17 QMidi: an all-in-one player – Free karaoke app | Best karaoke app for iPhone

A very complete app that is not only MP3 file player, MIDI, Kar and many formats, but also has mixing tables to the possibility of editing the lyrics of your karaoke. An all in one for OSX with which you should not complicate your life.


Apps to sing wherever you go

If you want to sing off your PC and do it anywhere in the house (or out of it) you have the mobile apps. There are many in stores, but these three are our favorites.

18 Sing! Karaoke: the best portable karaoke – Free karaoke app | Best karaoke app for iPhone

One of the best and most beautiful karaoke apps you can get across. High-quality streaming music, the entire catalog free of charge, without duet or group singing, and the ability to record your songs and share them on social networks. Singing with strangers was never so fun and uplifting! Of course, you must do it mostly in English, language in which is 95% of the catalog of the app.


19 Red Karaoke: the best hispanic alternative – Free karaoke app | Best karaoke app for iPhone

Frustrated because in Sing! Are there no Malú, Orozco or Shakira hits? Then yours is Red Karaoke, the app for the page of the same name, with a huge catalog of Latin music (in addition to songs from all over the globe). Sing alone or in a duet, with all the features it offers and the advantage of its huge database of songs.


20 AutoRap: and if yours is rapping …

What will not you sing for Mariah Carey? What is your rhyme? Then you need AutoRap, which comes to be the Sing! For hip hop fans. With it, and by magic, you will record your voice, choose among the musical bases and the app will compose the song in a few seconds .

Now that you have the tools, set up your karaoke at home … Do not feel like installing apps on your PC or smartphone? Then I give you one last alternative, KaraokeParty , a social karaoke game that is played, simply loading the page in your browser.

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