Best websites to create graphics online – Best Canva alternatives 2019

The most famous software to make the so-called “graphic design” are expensive and difficult to use.

If you’re not a whiz layout or if your budget does not allow expensive purchases, you should take a look at this list because the most popular programs might not do the trick.

Online there are many tools to make graphics that have semi-professional features, or are otherwise suitable for use for 90% of social media activities.

Today I want to present the best, all with at least one free plan.

Probably a shiver will run down my spine when I mention Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator, professional software design that guarantee excellent results only to those who already have a dedicated budget and professionalism.

The tool that I want to introduce today are very useful to create images for social media, poster design, cover Facebook, brochures and much more. They have simple interfaces that can be learned in minutes, and many offer ready-made templates that can be edited in a few clicks.

#1 Canva – Free graphic design online and Create Amazing Graphic Design for Free

Best websites to create graphics online - Best Canva alternatives 2019

Canva the most famous of VIP it allows you to create graphics using many layouts and templates ready with a simple editor to use. You can easily create images for your social media, posters, flyers, book covers. The texts, fonts, colors and images can be easily edited directly online. Canva also offers some templates and some paid pictures but you can save and share your creations for free. You can also check out 55printing which provides cheap brochures printing services worldwide.

Canva fact allows you to easily create presentations, graphics for social media, and more using a wide range of beautiful layout and assets packaged and customizable. Among the many types of projects that you can make starting from the layout you include: Logo, letterhead, flyers, business, presentations, gift certificates, resumes, brochures, book covers (including ebook, Kindle, Wattpad) and CD … but above all, what we believe makes it great are the types of projects designed for those who work (more or less professionally) on the Web. There are in fact specific layouts to create: banner ads, headers for newsletters, graphics for the blog, infographics. .. and for social media:  all the graphics that are used to Facebook (cover, post image, the cover per event, for the FB app, for others auctions on FB); for Twitter to YouTubeto Google+ to Tumblr to Pinterest for Instagram , for Linkedin .

# 2 Crello – The best free graphic design software

Best websites to create graphics online - Best Canva alternatives 2019

Crello is an alternative to Canva that offers similar functionality. You can create designs using pre-set formats as a cover for social, ads, posters, etc. Crello offers over 5,000 free design and a library of over 60 million images.

A simple and clean design combined with more than 30 types of templates preset in size, from which you can get ideas for the type of content that you want to create.

In addition to the normal post to social, Crello allows you to create images related to events  for your  blog , for advertising and even create animated post;  this is definitely one of its strengths reason why we decided to recommend it to you.

# 3 Glean – Online Graphic Design Tool

Snappa is another tool to make fast graphics, similar to Canvas. It comes with a free plan that includes over 40,000 photos and up to 5 downloads / month, You can upload your images and your fonts. The plan has limited free templates and integrates with two company accounts you can use to share your work directly from the platform.

#4 Design Wizard – Innovative collection of graphic design software tools

Design Wizard offers thousands of templates and over one million images to choose from to create your graphic project. You can use Design Wizard for business cards, postcards, social media , etc. The plan offers you a free “pay as you go” option with which you can buy premium template from $ 1. You also one 15mb of storage for your work.

#5 Stencil – Create a Professional Graphic Design Online

Here is another similar to the previous tool, which offers more than 650 template, 1,000,000 and 800,000 images of icons and graphics. The very simple tools such as stencils are suitable for social media marketer, for bloggers and small business. With the free plan you can create up to 10 images per month.

#6 Vectr – graphic design software for beginners free

Vectr is a tool for creating vector graphics quickly. You can download it or use it directly online. Using Vectr is simple and tuotorial available will help you master it. You can also send the URL for your project to the members of your team for a real-time collaboration: others can view and make changes.

#7 Gravit Designer – design your own picture online for free

Gravity Designer is another tool to make vector design directly online, and is a good alternative to Adobe Illustrator or Sketch. Gravity Designer is an application that houses in your browser (without any prior installation. And is offered completely free of charge. Its clean and intuitive interface allows you to design and create any type of vector illustration. The application can also be used offline and installed on your device.

#8 Inkscape – Best websites to create graphics online – Best Canva alternatives 2019

Best websites to create graphics online - Best Canva alternatives 2019

Inkscape is a professional vector graphics editor, available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux. The software is open source under the GPL. Inkscape is prized by designers around the world and is one of the most successful alternatives to Adobe Illustrator. Of course, to use the tool properly you must practice a lot, its use is not as simple as the other tools listed first, but I assure you that the results will be worth the time spent.

In fact, the options available and the complexity of the projects you can create with Inkskape are not comparable to those of other more easy online tool.

#9 GIMP – Best websites to create graphics online – Best Canva alternatives 2019

Speaking of free alternatives I could not name GIMP: the king of photo editing free, which is the cheaper alternative to Adobe Photoshop.

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