How to block Facebook game requests on iPhone and iPad

One of the most annoying things of Facebook these days are the invitations to events, pages and especially to games. Those invitations that notify us whenever a friend suggests that we play the game of turn so that he receives a certain bonus.

Farm Heroes Saga, Candy Crush Saga, Pet Rescue Saga, Papa Pear Saga, Megapolis … and the list can fill the entire article. Surely even if you do not know these games, you will be more than tired of seeing invitations on your Facebook to play them . And is that sometimes it can be quite frustrating that despite never accepting any invitation that has to do with games, these continue to arrive every day (even several times).

This situation has caused many times we see people erasing “friends” or fails to follow certain people just because they do not stop sending you requests for gaming constantly. But luckily, today we bring you an easier method, less “aggressive” and with which we do not need to remove anyone from our contacts on Facebook .

If you are frustrated by this quiet, do not be radical and delete directly our friend from Facebook to leave us alone, the solution is simpler: block the invitations to games . And obviously we can do this directly from our iPhone or iPad , without having to resort to the web version. These are the steps to follow: Blocks requests for all games and apps on Facebook for iPhone and iPad?

  1. Launch the Facebook app on your iPhone or iPad
  2. Click on the three lines button at the bottom left of the application
  3. Click on Settings and then on Notifications
  4. Now we only have to activate the options of Applications of Applications and Guests to the application

This is all we would have to do to stop receiving notifications whenever they invite us to play. Keep in mind that this blocks the invitation to all applications , even if they are not games, but being mostly games we would not see the difference.

In addition to suppressing game notifications within Facebook itself, we can also do so in our email or text messages (if we have them activated) . Keep in mind that this way we will block all requests for applications, not just the games. Although we will continue to receive notifications of applications that we have added ourselves.

Lock a game or an application on Facebook for iPhone and iPad

If you want to receive invitations from games or applications but want to block one in particular you must follow the following steps:

1. Open Facebook for iPhone or iPad.

2. In the main line of news you will see the suggestions of the games and apps for you to install them. Find the one from which you do not want to receive more invitations and click on the tab at the top right of the game or app .

3. To not receive invitations from the game or app, choose the “Hide …” option

If you chose this method, you will no longer receive notifications for that particular game or app. Keep in mind that because of the Facebook business model, you may receive sporadic invitations to install a game or application . If the invitations are constant and you want to stop receiving these notifications, follow the previous steps to block them.

Do not forget that notifications on Facebook appear many times because you have linked your Facebook account in the game or app that you have installed on your iPhone or iPad. Check the games and applications that send those invitations on your devices and check the status of notifications in the configuration of the same.

We hope that these tips help you to enjoy more of the social network with more users on the Internet and that the invitations and suggestions you receive on Facebook can handle them better. Do not hesitate to let us know if it worked!

One of the great advantages of Facebook is the possibility of sharing with your friends those things that you like . You share ideas, news, photos, games and much more. Quickly everyone around you can know what you like, what you are watching or what you are playing.
 However, sometimes when you enter your account, you have a lot of invitations from friends and acquaintances encouraging you to participate in a specific game, to download a specific application, to get points and join him to defeat the other Team … Your timeline looks more like a market offering apps and games than a place where you share what you really want to share.
Many Facebook users have deleted or blocked friends to stop receiving these invitations that can become annoying, especially if you receive several of them during the day.
 Read on to learn how you can block these requests on your iPhone or iPad and stop receiving invitations from your friends to install games or apps without resorting to blocking or deleting the account of the person you follow.
Facebook for iPhone and iPad gives you the ability to block your friends’ invitations in two ways : by blocking all requests or by blocking any particular app or game.

On the other hand this same process could be followed to block other types of notifications , such as friendship requests, messages, mentions in comments, labeling in publications …

Personally it is a relief to be able to get rid of many useless notifications , and that can be done directly from the iPad or iPhone is a comfort. And you, are you going to deactivate those notifications?

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