Block websites on google chrome

Block websites on google chrome | How To Block Certain Websites In Chrome? Whether a page is dangerous or simply because you do not want your children to have access to it,  blocking a webpage in Google Chrome is a breeze. Although there are very useful web pages, interesting and fun, it is possible to come across some rather heavy and even dangerous . To avoid them, you can choose to have an antivirus with blocking function, a good firewall or directly create a list of pages that you do not want to open in any way.

Do you want to block a website ? If the browser you use is usually Google Chrome you should know that there are different ways to block a particular web so that you can not enter more. This functionality is especially suitable for families who want to prevent children from finding pages that are not suitable for their age but can also serve to block websites that do not interest you and do not want to see more. In this article from Ieenews we tell you how to block a web page in Google Chrome giving you different ways to do so to choose the one that is simpler for you.

Block websites on google chrome | How To Block Certain Websites In Chrome We want to show you different methods thanks to which you can block from certain websites or even restrict the access to a website on Windows computers that use any of the 3 most used browsers on the planet: Chrome, IE Or Firefox:

In previous articles we have seen how to block pages in Windows using the HOSTS file or how to Watch Free movies online . Let’s see how to block web pages in Google Chrome now.

Block Websites on google Chrome Using Add-ons

Block websites on google chrome? First of all you have to know that Google Chrome, by default, does not have an option to block specific web pages . Hopefully in the future there is an option of this style. But fortunately , the Chrome Web Store is full of extensions to accomplish this.

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Block site

Block websites on google chrome | How To Block Certain Websites In Chrome
Block websites on google chrome? We started with Block site , the simplest option. It allows you to block entire addresses and specific words configured by yourself or by the extension itself. This second option is very practical to prevent the small in the house from accessing content not appropriate to their age.

Among its advanced options, you can configure it to turn on or off on specific days of the week. In addition, you can import or export addresses using CSV files.

Website Blocker

Block websites on google chrome? Another equally interesting extension is Website Blocker . Leaving aside the bad Spanish translation of its interface , it will serve to block pages as you visit or adding them to the “Input” list. It is a very simple extension, and as unique added, allows to limit the access to certain pages during specific days and hours.

Once you have blocked a page, when you try to access it, a black tab with a message indicating that the page has been blocked will appear. You can undo the blocking from the Website Blocker options, by removing the link from the “Input” list.

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Nanny for Google Chrome

Block websites on google chrome | How To Block Certain Websites In Chrome
If you are looking for a more complete extension to block web pages, try Nanny for Google Chrome . The first thing that stands out is the possibility of creating links blocks under the same name. This allows you to configure common blocking options , for example, a maximum of minutes allowed from time to time, blocking time periods or days of the week to apply the constraints.

In addition, from the configuration of the extension you will find blocking statistics in the form of bars and pie chart.


Block websites on google chrome | How To Block Certain Websites In Chrome
Going back to the simple solutions , tinyFilter lives up to its name: a simple filter when adding pages and keywords to block.

By default, it includes a selection of words and concepts that can be blocked , basically adult content. But to that list you can add what you want.

Personal Blocklist

As a fifth extension to recommend, a Google proposal , Personal Blocklist . As in the case of Website Blocker, when visiting a page, you just have to click on the icon of this extension and indicate that you want to block the website in question of Google search results.

Personal Blocklist will show you the list of blocked links , which you can add several at a time through “Import” by placing one website per line. Later you can unlock the link or edit it, for example, include a subdomain.

Finally, it should be remembered that these extensions are for Google Chrome. That is, if you have other browsers installed on your computer, they will be able to view pages without limitations.

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Block websites on Chrome individually using the Host file.

Block websites on google chrome? A host file is simply a temporary DNS cache file that will allow us to speed up the opening of Web pages. However, by modifying this file, we can also use it to prevent access to certain websites. The Hosts file in Windows is located in the directory:

C: \ Windows \ System32 \ drivers \ etc

So go to it and right click with the mouse to open it using Notepad. You will now see the code in which you must add the following command for each of the websites you want to block:

This code should be added to the end of the code already written in the host file and you can add as many websites as you want as long as you follow the format shown above. Once you have customized the file to your liking, you only have to save the file changes without modifying its format.

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Block all Web sites except one using a Proxy Script. (Chrome and IE)

With this method you will block any Web site that you try to access from Chrome Web browsers and Internet Explorer, except for the Web page that you indicate inside the script that we will have to create. The creation of the Script is quite simple and begins with the copying of the following code to a notes blog:

Function FindProxyForURL (url, host) {

// Bypass the proxy for * .facebook,com

If (dnsDomainIs (host, “”)) {

              Return “DIRECT”;


Return “PROXY”;

} // End of function

Note: In your case, you must replace in the code, the site “” for the sites that you want to be able to visit.

Once you paste the code into a notes blog, you’ll need to save the file in a .pac format. To do so, you must click on the File tab, and from the list that is shown select the Save As option. This will cause the opening of a new window where we should check the option: “All files” in the Type section. Once this is configured, we must provide the file name followed by the extension “.pac”.

Once the Script is created, it will be time to use it to cause the blocking of other websites, for this we will have to go to the Windows Control Panel, more specifically the Internet Options .

Once here, click on the “Connections” tab   and then on the “LAN Settings” option  .  This in turn will open a new window in which we should deactivate the box: “Detect the settings automatically”. Now you should check the box that says: “Use automatic configuration scripts”.

This will enable a box just below the option where you will have to provide the exact address where the Script (.pac file) previously created. So it should look something like this:

File: // C: /desktop/script.pac

This method works for both the Internet Explorer browser and Google Chrome, because both use the internet (proxy) settings provided by the Windows operating system. However, it should be noted that this method is not suitable for many users since it restricts all Web sites except for one.

Did you know any of these extensions? Do you know more? Block websites on google chrome | How To Block Certain Websites In Chrome?

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