How To Block Websites On Your PC Without Using Software

Manually Block Website Without a Software: By following these steps you can unblock Facebook and other blocked websites: Easy Ways to Block a Specific Website Without Software, Blocking with the Windows “hosts” File. Understand what the “hosts” file does. How Can I Edit The Windows Hosts File? Open Notepad as Administrator. How to Block Any Website On Your Computer, Phone, or Network, Blocking the access to a website does not require any software. You can block any website from the Windows host file. Windows 7/XP/Vista: How to Block Unwanted Sites Without Additional Software, Block the unwanted websites without any software in windows 7, you can use a simple trick that will block those ads out without the need for installing any software. In this article I will show you how to block websites on your Windows PC

Having control over websites that open and close on your computer is simpler than it looks. And this does not require a special program.  How To Block Websites On Your PC Without Using Software? Just follow these steps.

How to block a web without installing anything

To block a site, you must first access a system file called “Host”. You will find it in this folder on your computer (change the drive if your Windows is not installed on the C: / drive):

C: / Windows / System32 / drivers / etc / hosts

Now open the file as a notepad and create a new line at the end. In it, you must enter the code “127.0.0.x”, followed by the address of the site that you want to block. But there is one important factor: the “x” of the above mentioned code must be replaced by a number, which can never be the same as that of another item in the list.

How To Block Websites On Your PC Without Using Software
How To Block Websites On Your PC Without Using Software

By following the procedure correctly, you will get something similar to the image above. If everything is done correctly, all you need to do is save the file and restart your browser.

This way, when someone tries to open a locked site, your browser will only display a blank screen, the site will simply not open. To allow this address to be reopened, simply delete the corresponding item from the list. How To Block Websites On Your PC Without Using Software

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