Call tracking and Speech analytics: The Different Ways it Can Help

We all know the wonders of a good call tracking software and how it can help your business in plenty of ways. It surely is a boon for your company and a great investment. But let’s talk about another booming service that all businesses need to get their hands on, speech analytics. 

Initially speech analytics was known as audio mining in which audios were converted to text files for searching a particular word or phrase. Speech analytics has come a long way since that. It is now an in-depth search where it analyzes each of your calls to understand your customers and their needs. 

The Top Reasons Call Tracking Is What You Need

But how does speech analytics and call tracking help your business? Let’s find out.

1. Get an insight into the needs of your customers

customer needs

A study by Price Waterhouse Coopers suggests that it is not only important to determine what the customer is saying but also understand the “intent behind his words”. You can’t expect your call handlers to get so detailed while taking the calls and this is where speech analytics will help you. 

This advanced technology will very effectively look for negative phrases and keywords that a customer says during any call such as ‘making a complaint’, ‘disappointed’ and ‘speak to your manager’. It can identify if the customer is getting angry or frustrated and then advise the call handler on how to proceed with the call so as to meet with the needs of the customer effectively.

2. Provides the opportunity to upsell products

Upsell products

Call tracking software provides information about the customer and that could help the marketing agents to offer products that suits best the needs of the customer. And while the agents are selling these products, with the help of speech analytics software, there also exists an opportunity to upsell other related products as well. One the sale of any product is successful, The software will prompt the call handler to offer to customers related products.

3. Internal training of staff

staff training

We already know that call tracking software records and monitor the call handled by your business’s agents and then you can listen to it later to evaluate the service they offer. This can also help in providing increments to deserving agents and identifying agents who aren’t up to the mark and require more training.

Speech analytics when used along with Call tracking software simplifies and improves this entire process. It can identify those agents that are not really putting in their best, or talking over the customer and not really paying attention to them. This attitude of your agents can harm your business and its profit. By searching certain keywords and going back to the calls, you can understand what the customers actually think about your agents performance.

The improvement in overall quality of your staff will not only create better customer satisfaction but also increase the revenue of your business in the long run. The recording of the calls can also be used later where in training sessions where the agents are given ways to improve themselves.

4. Replicate the success of efficient agents

Efficient agents

There might be few agents in your business that are more successful than the others. Whenever they deal with any customer issue, the customer feels satisfied. When they tried to convert any lead into sales, they are mostly successful. 

It’s not by fluke, it’s an art. Speech analytics can help you replicate it with other agents as well. Speech analytics, for instance, can identify exactly what these successful agents are saying that’s doing the work for them and then management can pass this information to other agents as well to improve their performance.

5. Better quality of service

quality service

When your business receives numerous calls every day, it’s hard to listen to each and every one of them and then give feedback to the agents. But let call tracking software and speech analytics do the hard work for you. While the call tracking software will record the calls, speech analytics will analyze them and put them into different categories in a simple manner. This will help in highlighting any area that needs your attention and any issue that require your assistance immediately. 

You might find some of the categories to be trivial issues that could be fixed by just having a simple talk with your agents. But don’t ignore them as these small changes will later lead to big positive impact.

A Call Tracking Software that has Speech Analytics?

Call tracking software along with speech analytics can do wonder for your business. This will not only improve the quality of your staff and customer satisfaction, but also lead to customer loyalty and increased revenue in the long run. Speech analytics is a mature and advance technology that needs more spotlight and more focus within different industries. Find the right call tracking software, and take the next leap in your business!

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