How to backup your android phone data

Most android phones come with 16GB internal memory and the storage space gets filled up pretty quickly. So, to keep your data safe you should backup your android phone. Before you begin backing up your phone, check which apps use the most space on your phone by selecting Storage from the device settings menu. Then … Read more

How to Setup chromecast guest mode and how it works on Android

Setup chromecast guest mode

In order for anyone to connect to our Chromecast without connecting to our Wi-Fi network, we only have to open the Chromecast app ( version +1.9 ), go to the Devices section , select the Chromecast that we want to configure and activate the new mode Guests . Once activated the application will show the current four-digit PIN . You will only have to connect to our Chromecast … Read more

Android Must have apps 2017

best android apps

Android Best apps – Must have apps for users What you think about the android best apps list ? Have a say comment below or share it to your friends… Android Must have apps 2017 Obviously it is an impossible question to answer, because what for some may be better, for others it is not. So to … Read more

How to setup and enable guest mode on Android Phones

How to setup and enable guest mode on Android Phones

enable guest mode on Android Phones ? As mentioned above, Android Guest Mode makes it easy for people to share a single mobile device, without ever having to change their main user’s credentials. This feature improves the privacy of users, since access to the data or the most important configurations of the terminal will only be present for … Read more

25 Best Android Apps of 2017

best android apps 2017

 25 Best Android Apps of 2017 Drippler  (Best Android Apps of 2017) Drippler is the most useful app if you want to know about the news stories and must have android apps and it keeps you updated. When you install drippler on your smartphone it detects your smartphone make and model and then it Show you those … Read more

10 Best android video editor

Best android video editor

Best android video editor video apps for android? People like to record videos to preserve memories and share them with family and friends. Nowadays Android phones and tablets are becoming increasingly popular, and video capture with these is quite convenient and of great quality. For this reason, today, many people pretend – and need – … Read more