Partition failed couldn’t unmount disk

Partition failed couldn't unmount disk

When it comes to our computer, everything works perfectly. However, at some point in time, we run into the famous Partition failed couldn’t unmount disk message. As a result of this error, there is no way to eject the hard drive and this is because it is used by the operating system and there should … Read more

How to play AVI movies on Apple iPhone

How to play AVI movies on Apple iPhone 5/5s/6/6 plus

Several people have asked me how to pass avi files to the VLC on iPad through iTunes. It’s a recurring doubt: how to pass photos, comics, documents … I’ll explain in this post that, really, could have a more generic title: How to add files through iTunes to the different apps installed on your device. … Read more

Backup to itunes or icloud | Choose iPhone Backup

Backup to itunes or icloud ,Choose iPhone Backup

iCloud vs. iTunes backups? If you can not decide or understand well that offers iCloud and iTunes when making backups and that there are differences between them, today we help you to decide you explaining all the details of its operation. What’s the Difference between iCloud Backup and iTunes Backup? Should you backup your device to iCloud or … Read more

How do i delete old backups from icloud

How do i delete old backups from icloud (1)

Step-by-step guide to clear old iPhone backups from iTunes and iCloud We always advise to make a backup of the contents of our iPhone when we are going to do the Jailbreak , update or restore the operating system. This is important because the software can be corrupted at any time, either by updating or by interacting with a malicious … Read more

Find My iPhone – how to find the location of the missing iPhone or iPad

 Find an iPhone app not only disappoints a thief, turns the iPhone into a “dead brick”, but also tracks down the bad man in the best traditions of detective works. First, you need is an alternate Apple device, for example, borrowed from a friend with the Find iPhone application installed . Alternatively, you can go to the Apple iCloud from … Read more