Change windows 7 dns settings | How to change dns server windows 7, Windows 10

Change windows 7 dns settings | How to change dns server windows 7, Windows 10? Changing DNS server is easy and can have many advantages. Two main ones are increasing the speed of Internet browsing or making it safer. These steps are used to change it on any PC with Windows 7, XP or Vista. How to change your dns

Change windows 7 dns settings | How to change dns server windows 7, Windows 10


Change windows 7 dns settings? The first thing is to choose the DNS server that is right for you. Follow the links below if you think you already have it clear. There are two basic options:

  • Find the best DNS . The fastest for your specific case.
  • Choose from this list of DNS for free and public . In addition to being fast, some offer safer navigation. They filter websites with viruses or other dangers, or pages that contain certain content that you may want to avoid.


Open the Start menu and choose Control Panel right .


Then do this according to your windows …
In Windows 7, windows 10 or Vista

-Click on the right in the Network and Internet category .

-Then also right click on Network and Sharing Center .

– Look for the Change Adapter Settings link on the left (in Windows Vista this option is called Manage Network Connections ).

“Get off at Step 4 a little further down.”

In Windows XP –

In the Control Panel choose on the right Network and Internet Connections .

-Then, right- click Network Connections .


Change windows 7 dns settings ? In all cases, the network adapters you have are on the right. There may be several types: local area or ethernet connection, Wi-Fi or wireless connection, etc. Click on the one you want to change to select it.

Choose the local area or ethernet connection if your PC is connected with a cable to a router or modem or if you have a built-in modem.

Select the Wi-Fi connection instead if you connect to the Internet using a wireless (wireless) Wi-Fi connection. Are you not clear if you are using one or another type of connection? Change the two by following the steps I now explain. Repeat them for each type of connection you have available.

STEP 4 | Change windows 7 dns settings

I remind you that you had selected the connection, cable or Wi-Fi. Now click on it with the RIGHT button and choose Properties .


A window opens with a list of options to configure (similar to the image on the top left). Double-click the option called Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4 ). It may simply be called Internet Protocol (TCP / IP) on some Windows.

Choose Internet Protocol version 6 (TCP / IPv6) in the same way instead of the other if the DNS you want to put is in the IPv6 format . This option is not always available.

STEP 6 | Change windows 7 dns settings

Then there are two options for DNS. They are in the bottom half of the new window that opens:

  • Make the Obtain DNS server address automatically checked
    Keep this option if you want the assignment to be automatic. Or active instead Use the following DNS server addresses to define a few. Jump to step 8 below.
  • That is enabled Use the following DNS server addresses
    In this case the field of the preferred DNS server and maybe the one of the alternative that is below will be “filled in”. If so, enter the IP of each server indicating which is preferred and which is the secondary. Keep reading…


Fill in or change the preferred DNS Server field with the primary DNS IP you chose in step 1 (or whatever you would like to put). The IP consists of four numbers separated by dots (for example, or Write the DNS by putting each number in its place of the field, which also has points to separate them. Also fill in the field Alternative DNS Server by putting the secondary DNS there.


Press OK when you finish. And then again in the window you return to. Close the remaining windows.

STEP 9 | How to change dns server windows 7, Windows 10

Restart your PC and try surfing the Internet. If you can not get anywhere you may have changed the DNS badly. Follow the same steps above and verify that you have written your IPs well.

If everything seems correct and you still can not surf the Internet try other DNS. Does not that work, either? Go back to the same steps and choose in step 7 that the DNS is obtained automatically. Or put the DNS that you had originally (the ones I asked you to point to in step 7 in case there were some defined by default).

Change windows 7 dns settings, How to change dns server windows 7, Windows 10

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