How to create a cloud service?

How to create a cloud service? A cloud (cloud) computing, generally refers to a database located on a remote server. Basically, if you store your data on a cloud (like iCloud, Google Drive, Dropbox), they are not stored locally on your hard drive, but on a server that is located several kilometers away. To access the server, access its stored data and manage it must already have access to the Internet.

This is a really convenient technology because with a cloud, you can access your data anywhere as long as you have an access Internet, and you do not have to worry that your computer have a problem that could cause you to lose your data. however, if you use a free cloud service like most of us, you must assume that your data are somehow in nature, and handled by the service that offers storage space. In addition, your data is not so secure as that: between server crash or hacker attack (which can be very easy on a free cloud service), cloud service, free, no obligation to ensure data security … If you opt for a paid version of Dropbox for example, your data will inevitably a little more attention but will never be completely secure and feature flexible management means.

That’s why create their own private cloud is a really interesting idea! You can create your own cloud with a service like ownCloud . You have 2 choices through this service: in all cases the client download that allows you to manage your data. Then you’ll need to choose so your server. Either you rent one, or you host your data on your own Cloud. Unlike a normal server, you will be able to access these data with just an Internet connection. On the site of, this choice is illustrated by the two options you have on the main page Site: Host ownCloud to host on its own server, and Find Hosting to go through a web host. the result is quite guided by the site that explains clearly what your choices are. How to create a cloud service?

However, if you want to host your own server, it is advisable to know it a little more! Because you are then delivered to yourself. So it is better to have experience in setting up and managing a server before tackling ride his cloud with his own machine. The advantage of this software is that it is open source! You have access to the program code, so you can check for yourself how the security works. If you are a business interest in this method of storage is now becoming a real trend justified by security and convenience it brings to your projects and your organization. Good luck in creating your computing clouds!

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