How to create a wireless network without a router: make laptop wifi Hotspot

How to create a wireless network without a router

How to create a wireless home network without using a router? How to make your laptop a wireless hotspot? So that you can use or share your internet wireless connection to other devices like Mobile phones, Smart DVD players or even smart TV’s. make laptop wifi Hotspot

Many of us have routers at their home or offices for using wireless internet. Some people do not have router and are not able to use wireless internet connection on other small gadgets or devices. Thus, restricting the internet connection to only one device (I.e. Laptop). make laptop wifi Hotspot

It is very easy to create a wireless internet network in windows 7, windows 8 and windows XP. There are two ways to make wireless connection available to all of your devices without using router. Also have a look on this official document for creating  wireless network by  microsoft 

  1. Creating a wireless network without using software’s and router. I will be covering the first step in this article.
  2. Creating a wireless network without router with the help of software’s. (this step will be described in the next article).

So, on a laptop running windows as an operating system. You can make your laptop a ‘HOTSPOT’ through which you can share your internet across all of your devices. 

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Accessories you might need for creating a wireless network: make laptop wifi Hotspot

  1. If your PC or Laptop comes with an internal network adapter than you are ready to go wireless, but if not then you might have to purchase a network card for your Laptop or desktop PC.
  2. You can buy a USB network adapter which directly connects on your laptop or pc externally and there is no need to open your desktop pc.
  3. For your desktop pc you can also use a wireless PCI card which you have to install it inside the Desktop Pc.

So in this article I will show you how to create wireless network so that you can use your laptop or Desktop PC as a hotspot to share internet to other devices. I will describe you the first step

 Creating a wireless network without using software’s and router.

From Windows XP to Windows 7, it was too easy to create an Ad-hoc wireless network (i.e. creating a wireless network on your laptop or Desktop PC without using software and router. Also you can say that, Making your laptop or PC a Wi-Fi hotspot without using router). You just have to open up couple of settings and 2-3 right clicks on your keyboard or mouse, you are through. It was that easy. But if you want to create an Ad-hoc network on windows 8 or Microsoft windows 8.1 it is little bit complicated but achievable.


Making a wireless Ad-hoc home network in windows XP without router and software:-

  1. First, you have to configure the main computer or laptop.

Firstly, you have to check if your laptop has a internal wireless adapter (today most of the laptops or desktop PC’s come with internal wireless adapter and wireless PCI card) if not you have to install USB wireless adapter for Laptop or Desktop. You can also use wireless PCI card for your PC. After installing wireless adapter, windows will detect it and install it.

  • Click the Advanced Tab you can see it at window top. Then you have to select Ad-hoc networks tab only.
  • Do not select the automatically connect to non-preferred networks. Deselect it if it is selected.
  • You will see the wireless networks tab click this tab again. And then it will show you Preferred Networks under this tab select or click on Add tab. Give or specify a Network name (also called as SSID) under Wireless network properties. And you have to specify a password also. You can enter any network name.


  1. Second step is you have to configure the other laptops or desktop pc.

  • Just check on other devices and laptop does the created network name is showing in the network tab. Do not try to connect with it because it is not fully activated. You still have to create a password for it.

  1. The third step is Network sharing with other devices(i.e. sharing network)

  • After configuring the main laptop and other devices go to control panel and switch to classic view > Network connections.
  • Select the network name or network which you want to share from your main computer or laptop and after that go to Network Tasks > Change settings of the connection.
  • You will see the Advanced tab click on it and then check the box which says Allow other network users to connect through this computer’s Internet connection.
  • If you want you can enable internet connection firewall (also called as ICF).which gives other user the power to control this network or connection.


  1. Configuring Password or WEP (Encryption key) for Network which you want to share.

  •  Go to main computer or laptop whatever you are using as a main device and open Wireless Network Properties(WNP) box and then check or select the WEP enabled box that means you are enabling the password for this network.

You can choose any combination of keys to create password. A safe password is a combination of characters, numbers, special characters etc. Also see Free virtual hotspot for pc

 For Microsoft windows 8 

Creating a wireless home or office internet network on Microsoft windows 8, Microsoft windows 8.1.Making your laptop and Desktop pc a Wi-Fi hotspot running windows 8 or Windows 8.1.

Step 1 . Open Command Prompt or CMD  with administrator privileges .

Step 2.

For creating wireless network on pc using Command prompt run the following command to check whether your system supports it or not. The command is :-     netsh wlan show drivers.

If the reply is ‘yes’ from hosted network in command prompt then you can create a wireless network using cmd.

Step 3.

use the following command to create the network:

netsh wlan set hostednetwork mode=allow ssid=<enter_network_name_here> key=<enter_password_here>

you can use any network name and password here.

Step 4.

You have created your wireless network using command prompt and now, you have to start that network.

using this command  netsh wlan start hostednetwork

Step 5.

The last thing is you have to enable Internet connection firewall (ICF) .

Go to Network sharing centre and open properties of network and enable sharing in sharing tab.

Certain things I need to know about ad-hoc networks: 
– It does not interfere with the general network configuration of the computers, that is, it is not necessary to re-configure everything in order to use the wifi with A router or go online.
– It is not an amazing connection speed (approx 50 kb / sec, subject to computer wi-fi version and model) but it is sufficient for almost any game.
– The average maximum distance (for own experience) of a connection of these is about 7 to 10 meters between two machines without interference (again, depends on the modem that has the machine)
– It is compatible with the net-switch. This means that, to give an example, if there are 3 computers in a row, 6 meters apart, The first and the last will not have enough scope to connect but the middle one does “Swich”, that is to say that the computer of the means “bridge” between the first and the last.
– There are a lot of programs that perform the functions of the operations that we are going to list, but nothing equals knowing what is happening on the network, and being able to repair it in case of an error.

How to share a WiFi connection to the internet without a router

The first thing we have to do is make sure that the computer that we are going to convert into a router has a wireless Ethernet card that is not connected . Obviously, the computer must also be connected to the Internet in order to share the wireless connection to other devices . The type of connection that we can use for our role can be ADSL , Or via a 3G USB wireless modem .

In order to configure a Wi-Fi access point there are several ways we have available , one of which is to create an ad hoc wireless network through the network and the share panel in Windows 7. Another way to activate the function Wi-Fi share is through the ” netsh wlan ” command .

But for most of us, one of the easiest, practical, fastest ways to get better results is through the use of software called Maryfi. 

1. To do this, download Maryfi from the following link:

2. We install and run it. Once the “Settings” sale is introduced, enter the name for our Wi-Fi network and its corresponding password . 

3. Click on “View Networks Connections to Setup Internet Sharing” to open the Windows 7 Network and Sharing Center. In this window we will have a list of all the network interfaces installed on our computer , including local area networks , Wireless internet connection, ADSL connection, or dialer connection.

4. Right click on the Internet connection that we want to share and click on “Properties”. 

5. Click on the Sharing tab, and check the box “Allow other network users to connect … to” . Next, click on “Select a private network connection” and in the drop down menu select the connection that we have previously created with Maryfi .

6. Once we have finished configuring the services we want to share, click on the “Save” button to save the changes.

7. After finishing the settings of the shared connection, we will be in a position to observe, next to it, the legend “Shared” .

8. Then, Right click on the connection that we created with Maryfi and select the “Properties” option . In the “Network” tab, click on “Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4)” and press the “Properties” button .

9. At this point we will have to enter an IP address for the connection and a subnet mask. Regarding the item “Default gateway” , we leave it blank. The IP address of the Maryfi connection will become the IP address of the default gateway when other PCs and mobile phones are connected to the virtual router. In the “Network” tab, click on “Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4)” and press the “Properties” button .

10. Now, all that is left is to run Maryfi , and click on the “Start Hotspot” button,whereby  the virtual router will start and be ready to connect. 

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