Where to Download free books and legally: Download free ebooks legally

If you just bought an e-reader and want to fill it with all kinds of things to read, we recommend these websites where you can download books for free.

The decade of the 90s was very important for the world of technology. The major milestone is that created  World Wide Web , we use today. During that time also they appeared the first e-readers or readers of ebooks . The first was called ” The Rocket eBook ” and was released by NuvoMedia. They wanted the device to become the solution to distribute electronic books and publishing companies should come, resellers or the same users, using the Internet as the primary means to share content. Download free ebooks legally

Download free ebooks legally? It is obvious that at the end of the decade of the 90s, the idea was still very revolutionary, especially when still Internet was such a new concept. It was not until 2007 when he began boom of e-readers , thanks to the arrival of the Kindle, the first electronic device Amazon. Of course, it made perfect sense that this company, which started as an online bookstore and grew into what we know today, create a gadget so great and so excellent price.

Where to Download free books and legally: Download free ebooks legally
Where to Download free books and legally: Download free ebooks legally

Seven years later, users read electronic books more than ever, whether or not ane-reader . But what made this reading mode was so used, it was the popularity of electronic devices used exclusively for reading books. Now it is so important that there are websites where there are a lot of books in digital format, ready to be downloaded without paying a penny.

Download free ebooks legally


this website is free and paid books, depending on what your budget. All are in Spanish and there are also some audiobooks, if that’s what you like. To view the library of free books, you can go from here , and download must have an account you can register using Facebook, Twitter or Google.

The house book

shop known for anyone who likes to read the digital version in Spanish of his favorite books. They have a great variety, from the book “Game of Thrones”, to literature for young people like “Under the same star.”But they also have a section of ebooks free you can get here .

Hundred Zeros:

this wonderful web monitors all become free books for Kindle on Amazon Spain. All you need is to take a look at the available catalog , Amazon.es have an account and send to your Kindle. If you know English alsohave a version in this language that gets the books Amazon United States.


This site is a platform for authors who are not known to put their books available for anyone to read them . Some of these books are available in free version and others are extra, but none costs more than two euros. InLiteranda , everything can be downloaded in PDF, ePub and Kindle version, and if you want, you can donate some money at the time of discharge to keep the site running. Download free ebooks legally


although the web is not known for its design, can download more than 9000 books in the public domain to read immediately. Best of all is that they are classics that have become famous, and therefore is almost guaranteed that they will be an excellent read. Here you can download hits like “The Little Prince”, “Alice in Wonderland” and “The Interpretation of Dreams” by Sigmund Freud.


when you enter the page of the Gutenberg project, you’ll look like you’re in a sort of Wikipedia of the past. Despite this design, on the web you can get thousands of free books in many languages. So if you want to read in German, English and even Chinese, this is the ideal place. The Spanish catalog is here and contains some classics like “The Arabian Nights” and “The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse”.

Google Books:

of course, Google could not be left behind in the world of books. They also have a catalog with hundreds of free books in several languages to download or read from the browser. To find more comfort all the gratuitous, you can stop by this link from the Play Store. Download free ebooks legally

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