How to download free music on iPhone Without Computer

How to download music from youtube to iphone? From our iPhone we can download all the free music we want. With these two applications, Total – Free browser and iFile Organizer, you can download songs in mp3 format of high quality and then listen to them without using internet on your mobile. How to download a facebook video

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1 Total – Free browser with file manager

With TDownloader Free you can download free music from the Apple Store without having to do the Jailbreak to your device. It is certainly the most useful I have tried so far.How to download free music on iPhone Without Computer

How to use it: After downloading it from the Apple Store, open the app from the home screen of your device. You will get a main menu with different options: Browser; Downloads; Files; Search; Playlist, etc.

Click on the Search button and it will take you to the YouTube search engine . In the upper bar where the magnifying glass is located, you add the name of the song or artist.

If you put the name of the author you will get a list of songs by that same author. You can click on any of the musical themes. And then a menu will be displayed at the bottom that includes the Download option . Click here and it will give you the option to choose the type of download quality. The more quality more space will occupy in our device.

Free movies can also be downloaded . Following the same process:  Search >  name of the movie >  Download. That if, once you have seen the feature film, it is a good idea to delete this file from the download  folder because it takes up a lot of space in our storage capacity.

To delete: Files >  Click on the icon with three points  >  Delete.

The speed with which the files are downloaded is worthy of consideration.

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2. iFile Organizer and Youtube

Another way to download free music from our iPhone is through  iFile Organizer and Youtube . You need to have both downloaded so you can download free music . The official YouTube application is downloaded by default when you buy our phone.How to download free music on iPhone Without Computer

How to use:  Once you have downloaded the two applications in your main menu, the first thing you have to do is open the YouTube app. At the top, in the bar where the magnifying glass appears, add the name of any song you want to download. Then let the ads pass, if there are any. When you start the topic, click on the small icon of the arrow in the upper right, to the left of the three dots.You will now be presented with a menu that will include the Copy Link option . Click here and copy the link. How to download free music on iPhone Without Computer

Once you have done this, go back to the main screen of your iPhone and open the iFile Organizer app 

Click on the + symbol in the upper left corner of the screen. A menu that includes the Web option will be displayed Press here. And again click on Web so that it will be the main page of Google. Now, when you open the Google search engine, delete the link above in the box and search for  Youtube to mp3 converter.  You ca first three or four sites: YouTube to Mp3 Converter” and the link is Once here you have to delete the default link in the text box and paste the link you copied from YouTube. Now tap Convert Video. Now you will get a new page that indicates that the file was already converted to Mp3.

Once downloaded the files can be found in the Files folder.  How to download free music on iPhone Without Computer

Tips, you can also sync free music from other iDevices to your iPhone with iPhone manager free.

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