Download iOS 11 Beta 2 & Install On iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s, 6, SE, 5s

We tell you how to register, download and install the public beta of iOS 11.  Apple just released the first Public Beta of iOS 11 . An iOS 11 that we have talked about on numerous occasions as we are finding all the news that Apple has wanted to put in the best operating system for mobile devices.

And the best thing is that being the first Public Beta of iOS 11 now we can all carry on our iPhone’s and iPad’s . Do you want to know how to install iOS 11 Beta Public 1 on your device? ,

First of all, remember that you are installing a Beta version, and here is the first public Beta 11 version, so it is normal that you meet with bugs in the operation of your iPhones or iPad , it is also likely that some Of the applications you use do not work correctly . If you are still like us and you want to enter to discover all the new iOS 11, follow the steps that we detail below and you will have iOS 11 installed in your devices 

How to download iOS 11 public beta

Before you walk, you must crawl; And before downloading, you must register. If you have not already, go to the Apple site and sign up for the public beta. Here we tell you, in detail, how to register to access the public beta .

Once that is done, follow these steps:

1.  Back up your device . Although the cases are isolated (I, for example, have never had a problem), there is always the possibility that something goes wrong during the installation of the beta. So choose your favorite method and back up your information – whether in iTunes or iCloud. The choice is yours, but do it.

2.  Compatible devices . Make sure your device is compatible with iOS 11; That you can find out  here .

3.  Download the profile . After registering you will be presented with a new page that says “Download Profile”, referring to the download of an Apple verified profile and modifying the device to make it compatible with beta and future updates.

4.  Install the profile . As soon as the profile is downloaded, the Settings or Device Settings will open automatically. There, install the profile you just downloaded. After installation, the device will reboot.

5.  Download iOS 11 . Once the phone has been reconnected, go to Settings> General> Software Update, and, if you performed all the above steps correctly, the public beta of iOS 11 should be waiting for you there to download and install. This takes some time, so be patient.

What is the public beta of iOS 11?

Like the public betas of yesteryear, Apple opens these types of programs for users to test iOS features 11 months before launch. But, also, the public betas are made so that those who download the software try it and show Apple errors or suggestions of the system, so that the engineers get in and fix it.

Also, a public beta is, in theory, more stable than a beta for developers. Therefore, downloading a software available in public beta has no limitation beyond registering and having a compatible device – unlike the developer beta that requires having a developer account

How to install the public beta of macOS High Sierra

Again, be sure to back up all the files you are interested in before you install the beta. In the case of macOS High Sierra, it is somewhat different from iSO 11 and watchOS 4, although even simpler. Remember to check also if your Mac computer is compatible with MacOS High Sierra .

  1. From the Mac where you are going to install the macOS High Sierra beta go to Apple’s public beta page
  2. Press the Sign Up button and register with your Apple ID
  3. Accept the legal notice
  4. Click the macOS tab
  5. Click on Download profile in the second section
  6. You will be downloading a file on your computer
  7. Open this file by double-clicking on it
  8. The Mac App Store will automatically open in the Updates tab with MacOS High Sierra as the update available.

After completing the normal and current upgrade process , you will see how your computer already works with MacOS High Sierra. The next updates will also appear in the Updates tab of the Mac App Store, without having to open any profile.

How to install the public beta of tvOS 11

For tvOS 11 you will need to have an Apple TV, and the installation of betas is easier even if it fits. You must follow these steps:

  1. From the Mac or any other device go to the Apple Public Bets page
  2. Press the Sign Up button and register with your Apple ID
  3. Accept the legal notice
  4. Turn on your Apple TV and go to Settings> System> Software Update
  5. Enable the Receive Public Beta Updates option
  6. Go to Settings> System> Software update> Update software
  7. Press Download and install to install the latest version of tvOS 11 in trial version


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