EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac: The best Backup Software

EASEUS Todo Backup has several functions : cloning disks and partitions, creating backup copies, restoring them and verifying the integrity of the images it creates.  This backup tool makes a complete backup of your data and restores the entire system to the original state quickly. 
EASEUS Todo Backup is also useful when you have suffered a virus attack or a serious error has occurred or your mac operating  system has crashed in the system. Of course, the copies must be stored in a partition other than the source. If you have deleted your Mac System by accident or you don’t know how to backup your Mac OS data. Then, EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac is the best option for you. This Mac and Windows backup toll saves you from disaster. It saves your data by regularly Backing up your Mac. Todo backup for Mac from EaseUs does backup’s all of your PC’s data and keeps it safe. EaseUS Mac backup software backs up everything and saves data from potential disasters.
  • If you have deleted your Mac data then you can recover it by Using EaseUS Todo Backup tool
  • If you are worried that you will lose your data due to Hard Drive failure, then you don’t need to worry. Todo backup Makes regular and recent backup’s of your data.
  • Virus attack or Mac OS failure or System Crash – This tool Will cover you from all these calamities.

Some of the Features of EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac

Some of the features are:

  • Full / incremental backup: You can easily make full or incremental backups of your Mac OS data. You can also compress backup to save storage space. Reduces Backup Size to almost 60%
  • Backup Encryption : Backups created by Todo backup are safe and secure. You don’t have to worry about your data confidentiality as it is secured by using AES-168, AES-256, Blowfish or Triple DES security ciphers.
  • Backup Storage Media : You can easily backup your Mac’s data to external drive. You can also use CDs/DVDs to store backups.
  • Scheduled backups : You can schedule your Mac OS data backups so that your data is backed up safely even, if, you forgot to backup your data.
  • Fast recovery : And, if you want to restore your Mac backup then you can do it directly from backup copies. You don’t even have to install EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac.

EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac also includes a disk cloning tool. Using that you can easily migrate your Mac OS and data to other disk. If you want to upgrade your Mac HDD to SSD for faster speeds. Then you can use this Mac Clone utility to migrate data & Mac system to HDD or SSD without any data loss. It is compatible with new macOS 10.12 (Sierra) and previous Mac OS X 10.11, 10.10, 10.9.

It is very simple to use,EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac: The best Backup Software

  • MAC DATA BACKUP : Create backup jobs on selected files, file folders, or application data
  • BACKUP ARCHIVE : Make backup archive on schedule and compress the backup files to save disk space.
  • DISK CLONE : Clone your source disk together with all data saved on the destination disk
  • FILE SYNCRONIZATION : Select edges or file folders to synchronize and choose unidirectional or bidirectional sync mode

EaseUS Todo Backup for Mac: The best Backup Software?

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