How to Encrypt your files before importing them to the cloud

As you may know, despite the very practical side that can provide data storage on a cloud, it does not guarantee a very optimal security for your data. Encrypt your files before importing them to the cloud
If you fancy a little more secure some of your data traveling on a Cloud, you can simply encrypt when adding them to the cloud. There is a small slew of software developed in this regard, including a BoxCryptor appears to be a more efficient in its class. BoxCryptor uses enchiffrement algorithms AES-256 and RSA that are “approved to protect information called top secret.” Let’s see how to encrypt data with BoxCryptor before sending them to the cloud.

Encrypt your files before importing them to the cloud using BoxCryptor

  1. Download and install BoxCryptor . You can leave all default during installation.
  2. After installation, you must reboot your computer. At startup, BoxCryptor should open automatically.
  3. On the start screen, create an account and remember well your password!
  4. Choose the option Free for access to free software.
  5. You can follow the small presentation software that tells you how well it.
  6. BoxCryptor automatically detects your cloud files as Google Drive, Dropbox. But of course you must have installed the Cloud service desk application in question for that! Go to the BoxCryptor disk (X) created by the software or you can view these files (you can also manually add any folder on your computer).
  7. To encrypt a file or folder, simply right-click on it (in the BoxCryptor disk) and clickSecure ( Encrypt ). And now, your selected files will now be encrypted on the drive! In your usual cloud folder, you can see that these files are processed and gained the extension .bc . If it did not work, try to encrypt your first empty folder and add your files then encrypted folder.
  8. You have to ask what is the difference between this case and BoxCryptor your Google Drive folder for example. Well in the case BoxCryptor, except having the encryption command Right click the files and encrypted files also appear in green, which is very convenient and allows you to quickly see what you want to encrypt or decrypt.
  • You can have access to more features including everything concerning safety sharing, accessing a higher version of the software pay. Encrypt your files before importing them to the cloud

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