Enlarge photo without losing quality: Make your picture bigger

Enlarge photo without losing quality: Make your picture bigger: Resize Images Larger without Losing Quality? Resizing an Image or picture does changes the size and resolution of the image, but does not change the actual number of pixels, or data, the image contains. Resizing is used mainly for print and is also referred to as scaling. There is only two choice here to edit – the physical size, and the resolution. In Photoshop, when editing one of these values, the program automatically adjusts your image quality,  Adobe Photoshop is one of the best photo editing software for Image editing, and you can use it for Enlarging photo without losing quality or Making your picture bigger, but it is not a perfect software, if you enlarge your original image too much, you will definitely see dropped image quality.

If you are a professional photographer or know how to work with graphic tools, you will definitely know that enlarging a Photo or Image or bitmapped image from its natural or original size results in blurring, fuzziness, and you will loose the quality of original image to some extent if you try to enlarge; but it depends . Reasons for Why we want to Enlarge photo without losing quality: Make your picture bigger:

  • For converting a digital photo for an enlarged hard print.
  • For making an obscure image area more clear.

Every image consists of Pixels and these are the smallest units of an image, which forms images. The number of pixels in an image is called the resolution.  And, when you try to Enlarge photos or images using software’s or online tools, the software and tools increase the size of each pixel in that image and increasing the pixel size or separating the pixels results loss in image information and lowers quality. Checkout best photo or image editing programs for iPhone /iPad.

Adobe Photoshop CC Image Resizing: Resize Images Larger without Losing Quality in Photoshop

Here’s a  way to digitally increase picture size. This old photo tip involves using an image editor to resample an image by gradual 10% increments. Photoshop easily handles this using the Image Size commands.

  1. Open your image in Photoshop.
  2. Now in the second step Click on Image – Image Size from the menu.
  3. Alternatively, right click on the image title bar and select Image Size.
  4. Now select Bicubic Smoother in the dropdown menu of Resample Image .
  5. In the Pixel Dimensions setting, use the dropdown to select Percent instead of Pixels.
  6. Make sure the little chain link is set”¦else check the Constrain Proportions setting.
  7. To resize the image by 20%, change the width/height to 120 from the earlier 100 percent. Click OK to resize the image by 20%.Adobe Photoshop CC Image Resizing: Resize Images Larger without Losing Quality in Photoshop
  8. Now you have to see what image size you want. You can increase the percent of pixels by increasing width/height, but as you increase these values the quality of your image or picture will start decreasing, you should stop increasing these values when you can see that the visual quality of original image is starting to degrade.
  9.  You can also undo a previous action, click on Edit – Undo Image Size or use the History palette to select an earlier state.

The resize by resampling can be achieved by any good photo editor.

If you don’t have an image editor close at hand, then there’s an online option too.

Make your picture bigger Using Online Website reshade

The second photo tip is to “reshade.” Reshade.com offers a standalone image enlargement software package for Windows. Reshade enhances and up-scales your images to ultra-high resolution. As an alternative there is an online image resizer which is free and does the job equally well. Resize images without the usual blur, jagged edges, loss of sharpness or detail. Quickly enhance and resize images for print, high-res publishing, web design, etc. Create photo resizes at all zooms up to 2000%. Speed up your work with keyboard shortcuts, drag-and-drop. Enlarge photo without losing quality: Make your picture bigger: Resize Images Larger without Losing Quality?

  • You can use it directly from your browser (via a URL or an upload).
  • You can resize images for free to any standard monitor resolution (max 1920x1200px).
  • Maximum 200% of the original resolution.
  • You can crop part of an image, improve its quality.

Just upload a image or photo from your local or Pc storage to this website, or you can also submit it through a URL. After uploading the images which you want to enlarge click on Submit button. You will be directed to image resize settings .Make your picture bigger Using Online Website reshade


Now you can enlarge photo without losing quality by applying settings according to your choice, and once you are done, you can press the resize button. it will now resize your image and You can then  download it to your computer or post it to forums or social networking sites with the links provided.

Now keep in mind that if you want to make your picture bigger, then you at first should have highest resolution original picture so that when you try to enlarge your photo, it does not emerges as a low quality image.

How to enlarge a picture without losing quality Photoshop

Enlarge photo without losing quality: Make your picture bigger: Resize Images Larger without Losing Quality? Most of the people use Adobe Photoshop for their photo editing and video editing work. You can also Resizing an image using Adobe Photoshop software, as this is one of the most commonly used features in all of Photoshop day in day out. Adobe Photoshop image enlarging feature is very easy and fast to use. And it’s also very productive. Even if you don’t know anything about Adobe Photoshop, you can still be able to use Adobe Photoshop Resize Images feature. Now just follow the below instructions or steps to know how to enlarge photo without losing quality with adobe Photoshop:

In order to resize an image without losing quality in Photoshop on your Mac or Windows PC, we have to use the Image Size feature or also called as command. Just go to Image menu which you can easily find in the Menu Bar along the top of the screen and then Select or click on Image Size: As shown in the below image.How to enlarge a picture without losing quality Photoshop


After this step Go to >  Image > Image Size.

Now you will see a Image Size dialog box in the  Adobe Photoshop program on your Mac or Windows PC. As shown in the below image:How to enlarge a picture without losing quality Photoshop


Since we are trying to make your picture bigger or enlarge photo without losing quality, we will only use  Pixel Dimensions width and height , because these are the values that changes the physical dimensions (in pixels) of the photo. If you want to increase or decrease the size of your images, you have to change Pixel Dimensions width and height values to do it.
Entering new Width and Height values for the image.

To change the Width and Height values, simply double-click inside one of the two boxes (either Width or Height), which will highlight the number currently showing in the box, and then type a new value. When you’re done, click the OK button and Photoshop will resize your image to the new dimensions you’ve specified.

You can also resize your image by a percentage of the original image size rather than typing in a specific pixel value. If you look to the right of the Width and Height value boxes, you’ll notice that the measurement type is currently set to pixels, but if you click on either the word “pixels” or the arrow to the right of the word, a drop-down menu will appear which lets you change the measurement type to percent:Enlarge photo without losing quality


Changing the measurement type from pixels to percent.

Once you’ve chosen percent as your measurement type, the Pixel Dimensions section will display the width and height of your image as a percentage rather than a pixel value. Resizing the image using a percentage is done the same way as if you were using pixel values. Just double-click inside the Width or Height value box and type in a new percentage. When you’re done, click the OK button and Photoshop will resize the image to whatever percent value you entered.

Resizing And Image Quality

It is very easy to resize an image in Adobe photoshop even for a beginner who doesn’t know anything of Adobe Photoshop,  but whenever you try to expand or enlarge a image dimensions to increase or decrease it’s size, the very thing you should keep in mind that it can easily degrade or deteriorate the quality of your image.

When you decrase or shrink a photo from it’s original size or bigger size to lower size, it will not create much of a quality problem for you, because from original to smaller doesn’t compromise the most of the picture quality.
Make your picture bigger: Resize Images Larger without Losing Quality


When you use Adobe photoshop  Image Size command to make a photo smaller, Photoshop make images smaller then it’s original size, adobe photoshop does it very easily by deleting or cutting out some of the pixels. What it does is, it just takes some of the pixels from the image and deletes them out. Adobe Photoshop;s internal mechanism for deleting and removing certain blocks or resolution of your image is very good, and it does a very good job  at knowing which pixels to throw away without degrading your image quality, so making our images smaller isn’t usually a problem.

But When Photoshop makes an image larger, it has to add pixels that were not there before, It has no idea what a larger, more detailed version of the image should actually look like, which means it has to guess. Adobe Photoshop is a very powerful program and its guesses are based on some very complicated and advanced math, but at the end of the day, it’s still just a guess, and it’s not going to guess correctly. So, the larger you try to make your image, the worse your image is going to look.

How to resize an image without losing quality in paint

Enlarge photo without losing quality: Make your picture bigger: Resize Images Larger without Losing Quality?

  1. Click Start, Programs, Accessories, then Paint to start Microsoft Paint.
  2. Open the image file you wish to edit.
  3. Click the Image Menu at the top and select Stretch/Skew Image.
  4. Choose a percentage figure to resize the image. To avoid distortion, choose the same percentage for the horizontal and vertical stretch.
  5. Click OK.
  6.  Once you have the desired size, click File, then Save or click Save As... to prevent overwriting the original image.

How to enlarge a picture for printing

Windows 7 and Windows 8 offer some flexibility in printing photos. Select and right-click one or a number of photos in Windows Explorer, then choose Print to bring up the Print Pictures dialog. This lets you specify the paper size and type, the image quality, and various formatting options. Enlarge photo without losing quality: Make your picture bigger: Resize Images Larger without Losing Quality?

 How to enlarge a picture for printing

If you’re faced with this situation, choose one of the following methods:

Method 1

You should always add pixels 5 to 10 percent at a time while editing your image and by doing that it won’t completely destroy your image (it causes some quality loss, but not as much as increasing the size by 900 percent all at once, though that ability got a lot better Photoshop CS5). For example if your image width/height is showing 100 percent each in dimensions box, then you first start with adding 10 percent to 100 percent making it 110 percent. If you want to further enlarge photo then you can keep adding to it until you are fine with your image quality, because the more you enlarge your image the less will be the quality. So, to enlarge photo without losing quality is totally what you are up to.

  1. Just Open the Image Size dialog box and make sure both the Resample Image and Constrain Proportions checkboxes are turned on
  2. In Photoshop or Elements,
  3. Select or choose Bicubic Smoother from the method pop-up menu
  4. Then, in the dialog box’s Document Size section, change either the Width or Height pop-up menu to Percent (the other field changes automatically).
  5. Enter a number between 105 and 110 into the Width field and then click OK (the Height field changes to the same number automatically).
  6. Repeat the process until the image has enough pixels to get the resolution you need.


Method 2

This method can be used for large-format printing:

  1. While In the Adobe Photoshop or Elements,
  2. You have to open the Image Size dialog box and make sure the Resample Image and Constrain Proportions checkboxes are turned on.
  3. Now In the Document Size section,
  4. You have to enter either the width or the height of the desired print.
  5. After that you have to Enter your desired resolution of the image print,
  6. Now Just choose Bicubic Sharper Which you can see in the pop-up menu at the bottom of the dialog box and then click OK.
  7. This method gives better image quality and it does enlarge photo without losing quality


How to enlarge a picture for printingResize image without losing quality software: ReMage Image Resizer – Free download and software

From CubicDesign: Painless Image Resizer is an easy to use tool that can (batch)resize all images in a folder with a single mouse click. Just choose the pictures you want to resize, the new size and press “Resize” button. ainless Image Resizer uses a very complex algorithm that loses almost no quality while resizing.

Do you have a tried and tested method to resize an image? Do you have any photo tips of your own? Let us know” Enlarge photo without losing quality: Make your picture bigger: Resize Images Larger without Losing Quality?

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