Extending battery life in laptops and notebooks

Extending battery life in laptops? One of the weaknesses of the notebook is the duration of their batteries. After a while, which is usually around 2 years, the battery suffers a downturn that makes the notebook finish becoming almost a fixed computer to rely solely on the power cord for operation. Moreover, the price of a new battery is still expensive, so the solution is to try to increase the shelf life as long as possible. To do this, we will give a series of tips that will help us to that end:

Improve Battery Life in Laptops, Macbook, windows, iPhone’s

Extending battery life in laptops

Extending battery life in laptops and notebooks
Extending battery life in laptops and notebooks

– It is important that every 2 or 3 weeks before charging, is made using the battery until it is completely exhausted .

– Don’t leave the battery unused for a long time . It is not recommended in any case, since batteries lose life simply with the passage of time. If you must, keep at least an approximate 40% charge in a cool, dry place, never completely discharged.

– Whenever possible you should use the laptop or notebook connected to the outlet . From the time when the battery is charged, the laptop detects this and go on to use only electricity. This land strip by one of the myths that can be read in many ways, which says that when the laptop or notebook plugged into the outlet is used, it is best to remove the battery to increase you life. It also eliminates one of the advantages of the laptop that is not to lose information from falls of electric current. Extending battery life in laptops

– The operating system of the notebooks and laptops have different configuration profiles power consumption . The correct choice of one of these profiles the load will last longer.

If WIFI is not used, it must be turned off . Keep on the WiFi network adapter will make this consumes power constantly. The same goes with Bluetooth or infrared ports . Extending battery life in laptops

– Suspend the system is very convenient because it can return to the previous state immediately. However, in this way the computer never shuts down completely, so it is still consuming some power. If you are not using your computer for a while, hibernate instead of suspending . For short breaks it is better to suspend, since a lot of energy is spent reading the data written to the disk.

Improve Battery Life in Laptops, Macbook, windows, iPhone’s

Optimize the screen . The monitor of the notebooks is one of the devices higher incidence on the duration of the battery charge. That should put the brightness with the least intensity. Another good resource is to use a background dark desktop , the darker it is, the less energy consumed.

Any component that is not required must be disconnected , including PCMCIA cards (even if disabled), USB devices such as mice and keyboards and, of course, MP3 players connected by USB to recharge your battery.

– Logically, the greater number of programs are running at a time, more work has the processor and for this reason, higher energy consumption. It is advisable to optimize the applications that are loaded when you start Windows , to have the least amount of programs running at the same time.

The spywares use resources . You need to keep your laptop or notebook clean of spyware, being permanently running, are constantly consuming battery.

Avoid using applications that use the CD or DVD . These devices have a high consumption and if we want the charge last longer, we must try to use being connected to the mains.

–  Avoid covering the heat sinks so that the equipment is as cold as possible.

–  Defragment your hard drive frequently and optimize virtual memory . Extending battery life in laptops

Improve Battery Life in Laptops, Macbook, windows, iPhone’s

One of the most repeated themes is that heat can affect battery performance. The answer is yes, affects and is recommended to avoid such heating. My suggestion was that the mains power to have it not affect a life, but of course, avoiding as far as possible the warm up.

How can this be done? Well, are the remedies semi professionals, as would be the use heatsinks for laptops (even sell some stores low cost). But we, the ideal and cheaper, is to avoid using the laptop on her knees for a long time or not to cover the ventilation areas with laptops to avoid overheating. And of course, not always the laptop must be connected to power, but would not it be a laptop, right?

Another question is whether it can be used while charging. The answer is of course not affected.

On the black background, the truth is that maybe I did not explain very well and I will try to clarify. I mean that simply wallpaper, although it might sound silly, it consumes energy. What I meant black background not use background. Of course this is not only going to get much, but if we do a lot of points, as someone said is common sense, save energy. Extending battery life in laptops

As for the known memory effect, this happened in memories of notebooks with some years (Ni-Cd or Ni-Mh), but not in the lithium-ion, which are typically used by today’s notebook. Now some comments if you can recharge half. If this is done once should not affect, but it’s good draining the battery (usually 5% to 7% is when he jumps automatic hibernation) before another recharge.

I do not recommend is to remove the battery. Let’s see, one of the virtues that have the laptop on a desktop is that with a fall from the power supply automatically enters the battery. That, in a desktop is solved with a UPS (with the cost that this entails) but on a laptop comes standard, so that saves us having it put more than a dislike of data loss.

I hope I have answered most and again I want to thank you for your comments, which help us and give us strength to continue publishing things. Extending battery life in laptops

Improve Battery Life in Laptops, Macbook, windows, iPhone’s

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