Find out your opposite side of the earth – if you start digging

How to find out the opposite side of the earth ?
How to find out the opposite side of the earth ?

How to find out the opposite side of the earth ?

Basically it is called as antipodes  i.e. Finding the exact opposite of any point or place of the earth  diametrically.

 Do you want to go to Europe or america or Canada, without a visa?Not possible! But it’s not impossible. Only 15% of earth land is antipode to other land. So, it depends on your luck whether you will fall on a land or  in the sea.

The antipode of a point on the surface of a sphere is the opposite point of the same, ie if you are located there was a tunnel that passes through the center of the earth, then the starting point is the Antipode from where You are.

These interactive maps will help you easily find the antipode from anywhere on the planet just by clicking on the map. You can also enter the coordinates (Latitude and Longitude) for the map to take you to the Antipode. Now you have the answer to What’s on the other side of the planet?

 Find out the opposite side of the Earth click here >>  Antipode


Mathematically description of antipode :-

If the  (latitude and longitude)  coordinates of a place or point on the Earth’s surface are  these (φ, θ), then  antipodal  coordinates point will be these (−φ, θ ± 180°).

It is can be expressed as :-

x° N/S y° E/W    x° S/N (180 − y)° W/E

Some of the antipode cities :-

You can check with this amazing google maps that what is the exact opposite position to you on the earth.

The man has always been curious to know the environment that surrounds him. Far or near, he has dreamed of discovering what differences we can find from one end to the other.

Known almost to any corner of our planet , few are the ones who really know the antipodes , the terrestrial space diametrically opposed to the other. As if it were a tunnel. We have all thought about it once. Imagine: The Earth, with its spherical shape, pierce it by two points. Antipodemap is a web practice that allows you to discover exactly the antipodes of any part of the planet. The one from Spain is New Zealand. And all thanks to the technology of Google maps. To do this, they incorporate two easy-to-use maps , which automatically display two totally opposite points on the globe.

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