Find recent calls on iPhone: iPhone Call History Recovery

Find recent calls on iPhone

Find recent calls on iPhone: iPhone Call History Recovery? If you haven’t made any iTunes or iCloud backup before deleting recent iPhone calls, you can follow us to find and see deleted calls on iPhone directly without any backup. There’s no way to see the true call history as a proper timeline through the iPhone, although with a bit of work it can be achieved. Learn how you can retrieve your deleted call history from your iPhone. However, you can find some app to retrieve call history if you are looking for a specific phone number with specific date/time. You probably deleted certain call history from your iPhone that you didn’t meant to or you might want to see the deleted call-log history. Find recent calls on iPhone: iPhone Call History Recovery? How to check your iPhone and iPad call history using Siri on iOS 7 or iOS 8Find recent calls on iPhone: iPhone Call History Recovery

STEP 1: Find recent calls on iPhone

Access the main menu on your iPhone and select the “Phone” icon from the list of options. You will be directed to the main call menu of the iPhone.

STEP 2: Find recent calls on iPhone

Locate the button bar at the bottom of the phone screen. This will be a bar with a list of icons that correspond to a specific action that relates to the phone screen on your iPhone.

STEP 3: Find recent calls on iPhone

Click the “Recents” button on the bar to bring up a screen detailing your recent incoming/outgoing calls.

STEP 4: Find recent calls on iPhone

There will also be a number above the “Recents” bar listing how many calls you have in the system in total.

STEP 5: Find recent calls on iPhone

Locate the desired number in your recent call log. You can click “Missed” at the top of the screen to filter the list by missed calls. You can add numbers to your phone book by highlighting the call and clicking the blue arrow next to the number.

STEP 6: Find recent calls on iPhone

You can erase the entire call history by pressing the “Clear” button at the top right side of the screen.

Increase call history in iPhone without jailbreak: iPhone call log history increase

Find recent calls on iPhone: iPhone Call History Recovery? The only thing you can do is go to recent call and tap on All. Then go to the last number and delete it. You will get old entries when you delete a number, just keep on deleting the last numbers and you will see old numbers. Thats the only way mate. No other ways. You can get 18 months of call logs from most cellular carriers on their website. Many also have free apps that provide this information. this is the only way on iPhone no other ways.

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