Fix Bluetooth is Not Working in Windows 10

A bluetooth connection usually operates in a radius of up to 100 meters, depending on the class of device, since there are up to 3 classes that have a range of 1 m for those of class 3, 5 to 10 m for those of class 2 and of up to 100 m for those of class 1.

In order for two devices to connect to each other, both have to have the appropriate chips that are fortunately very economical, then we have to enable the bluetooth on and finally we have to pair the device that we want to connect with which is established the connection between both. All this takes more time to explain than to do so.

Our tablet or smartphone devices become masters (master) and the channeling device is called a slave .

Once a device (keyboard, printer, headset, modem, stylus, etc.) has been channeled for the first time, when the master device is turned on, the slave is enabled, as long as the bluetooth is on.Fix Bluetooth is Not Working in Windows 10

SOLUTION 1: Check that Bluetooth is turned on

  1. Click the Windows Start menu and choose Settings .
  2. Select from your options the Devices option .
  3. A window like the one above opens. Find the Bluetooth option on the left and click on it. Make sure that the type of switch associated with it is activated to the right.
  4. Find the link More on the right in the More Bluetooth link . A window is displayed. Enable the Allow Bluetooth devices to find this computer box . Press the OK button .
  6. Does not the Bluetooth option appear in step 3? Then check that it is activated “physically”. It is usually done by a key on your PC or a combination of them. If you do not know how to do it consult the manual of your equipment. You can download it from the manufacturer’s website if needed. Look for it in your PC model. Or do a Google search for your computer model.If the Bluetooth device is a mouse or a keyboard, try also changing the batteries.

SOLUTION 2: Keep the Bluetooth on your phone in view

First make sure it is enabled on it. Maybe you accidentally unplugged it. To use it then keep the screen of the phone where Bluetooth is configured all the time. Do not switch to another screen or application. Also, do not allow the mobile to be suspended or turned off until you finish transferring whatever you want via Bluetooth.

Read on if the problem continues …

SOLUTION 3: Update drivers

Another common cause of problems is not having the Bluetooth drivers installed or need to update them. Especially when installing Windows 10 on Windows 7, 8 or 8.1.

Get the latest drivers for Bluetooth. They are part of what are known as motherboard controllers. Click here to see how to download / update them .

In addition to the Bluetooth drivers you should download the others available for your PC and Windows 10. Especially the network drivers. Like Wi-Fi / Wireless / Wireless / LAN or similar. If necessary, use another PC to download its installers. Then copy them on your computer and run them to install them.

SOLUTION 4: Check the airplane mode settings

This Mode disables all wireless connections on the computer. These include Bluetooth. Check so that it is disabled:

  1. Open the Windows Start menu and choose Settings .
  2. Then select Network and Internet .
  3. The window for that category opens (like the image above). Left click on Airplane mode . Check that the switch is OFF on the right. And Bluetooth and Wi-Fi (if it appears) are ON.


SOLUTION 5: Put Windows Up to Date

You may lack a necessary update of some kind. Install all those offered by Windows 10. Both important and optional. See how to update Windows 10 by using Windows Update .


SOLUTION 6: Restore the system

It is especially effective if Bluetooth suddenly stops working just after installing a new program, driver, or Windows update.

The restore allows you to go back to a point (restore point) just prior to when you installed them and everything worked fine. Follow these steps to restore your system.

Download the Latest Drivers for ALL LAPTOP MODELS

This is the best approach to solve your windows 8 or windows 10 bluetooth problems. Just check your laptop or desktop manufacturer and go to their official website and search for latest bluetooth drivers for your windows 8 or windows 10 device. You will be able to find tour device specific drivers, which can surely fix tour bluetooth problems, if your bluetooth drivers are outdated. Please make sure that you are choosing the right type of drivers for your windows machine. First, check your windows bit, if it’s 32-bit or 64-bit (if you don’t know how to check this, then check this article to know your windows bit architecture)

After downloading and installing bluetooth specific drivers for your windows device, just reboot your windows pc and check your bluetooth connectivity.If your windows bluetooth is still not working. Then keep following the below instructions.

Uninstall Conflicting Bluetooth Software

Sometimes your laptop will ship with a wireless manager that will interfere with Windows’s own wireless management. Uninstall the application that comes with your PC and manage your wireless directly in Windows 8.

Turn On your Hardware Wireless Switch

When this switch is off, Bluetooth will not even appear in Windows, so make sure it’s in the On position before trying to activate Bluetooth in software.

While New Laptops Have A Built-In Wireless Adapter, Allowing The System To Freely Access The Internet, Laptops For Several Years Have A Wireless Button Or A Switch On The System. Without The Power Switch The Computer Can Not Access All Wireless Signals, Even If It Is Your Own Home Network. Turning On The Wireless Switch Takes Only A Moment Or Two, And The Item Is Usually Located At The Top Of The Keyboard, Just Below The Monitor.

Turn On The Laptop And Wait For The Operating System To Start Before Continuing. Click The Wireless Network Icon In The Lower Right Corner Of The Desktop. From The Pop-Up Menu, Select “Enable”. This Activates Wireless Internet Options, But The Wireless Receiver Does Not Turn On.

Push The Wireless Button Or Wireless Switch On The Top Of The Keyboard. After A While The Switch Or Button Turns On, Which Means The Computer Is Ready To Connect To The Internet.

Click The Wireless Network Icon Again. From The Drop-Down Menu Choose To View All Available Wireless Networks In The Zone. A Window Appears With All The Networks Your Computer Receives Some Type Of Signal From.

Select The Wireless Network You Want To Access, Enter The Password (If Necessary) And Click “Connect.” Momentarily The Laptop Connects To The Internet.

Try Driver Reviver

Driver Reviver is excellent at tracking down the latest wireless drivers for your laptop. If you’re having trouble locating the specific Bluetooth driver update you need for Windows 8, Driver Reviver will do the trick.



If you have an ASUS K55A, grab the most recent drivers from this page on ASUS’s site.The ASUS Republic of Gamers G74SX has a forum thread dedicated to it with multiple solutions. Check it out.

Those with an ASUS Vivobook S200E or X202 can get the latest drivers on ASUS’s site as well.

And those with a Vivobook S400CA can also get drivers from ASUS’s site.


If you have a Dell Inspiron N5010, you need to get the most recent Bluetooth driver for your machine on Dell’s site.

This article provides information on how to turn on and off wireless connections (wifi, Bluetooth, and mobile broadband) on a Dell laptop.

  1. Look for the network icon in the taskbar or in the hidden icons area (both are in the lower right corner of the screen. See the section below for examples of network icons) and refer to the tab that matches the icon on your computer.


    • Be sure to unplug any network (Ethernet) or uncoupled cables before performing the steps, otherwise the wireless connection icon may not be displayed correctly.
    • When you can not find the wireless connection icon, restart your computer. If it still does not appear, download and install the latest drivers. For more information, seeDownloading and Installing the Latest Version of the Dell Wireless Network Adapter Driver .
    • For information about enabling or disabling Bluetooth or individual devices, touch or click the Bluetooth and Other Devices tab .


  2. This icon indicates that the wireless antenna is turned on and that your computer is connected to a wireless network. When you can not access the Internet, see the Dell Knowledge Base article Troubleshooting connection problems on the Wi-Fi network for Windows 10 . To deactivate the wireless antenna (Wi-Fi):
    1. Touch or click the network icon ().
    2. Touch or click the Wi-Fi panel. The panel should change from blue to gray and should look like Figure 1.
      Note: If you need to disable all wireless devices (Wi-Fi, Mobile Broadband, Bluetooth, GPS, and NFC], touch or click airplane mode. The panel should change from gray to blue and should look like Figure 2 .

If you have a Dell Studio 1555, get this driver from Dell’s site instead.

HP / Compaq | HP Notebook PCs – Configuring Bluetooth Connections

If you have a Compaq CQ58 or other Compaq models, try this driver on HP’s site.Download the HP Bluetooth driver and use the Device Wizard in Windows 7

Before you establish Bluetooth connections, click HP Bluetooth Driver to download the software package from the HP website and use the Add a Device Wizard to automatically detect your Bluetooth device or identify the problem.

Follow these steps to run the Add a Device Wizard.

  1. Click Start , type add in the search field and select Add a device from the list. The wizard looks for devices to add to the computer.
  2. Once the device has been detected, you can add the Bluetooth device to your computer.

If your device is not detected, perform the following actions and re-run the Add a Device Wizard:

  • Make sure the device is fully charged or connected to an AC adapter.
  • Verify that the Bluetooth device is turned on and in detection mode. To learn how to make your Bluetooth device discoverable, refer to the instructions that came with the device.
To manually set up Bluetooth connections with your computer, read the rest of this document.

Install the HP Bluetooth Software

Update the drivers for your Bluetooth software, available on the HP website. This will help improve the performance and operation of your device. Click HP Bluetooth Software to download the software package from the HP website.


For the Lenovo G450, though, try this driver on Lenovo’s site.

How to enable Bluetooth in Windows 7/8.1/10 – idea laptops and tablets

Follow one of these options:

  • Press the Windows key –> Click “Settings” –> “Network & Internet” –> “Airplane mode”. Select “Bluetooth” then move the toggle switch to On.
  • Press F7 or Fn+F7 to switch Airplane mode, then the Bluetooth will be on automatically.

Bluetooth option is missing. Please check this document Cannot find Bluetooth toggle in Windows 10 – idea/Lenovo laptops.


The Samsung  laptop can find the latest Bluetooth drivers from this location on Samsung’s website.


Sony has been slow to release Windows 8 drivers for some of their older laptops, and may not be doing so at all. . Try this driver on Sony’s site.


The Toshiba Satellite Core i5 P855-S5312 and other Toshiba models can use this recent Bluetooth driver from Toshiba’s site to get it working.If you have a Toshiba Satellite C640-PSC2UG instead, try this driver from Toshiba’s site.

Cell Phones & Headsets

If the phone and headset are on but there is no dial tone, make sure that both are fully charged (the adapter also, if necessary). Most have a flashing light that indicates a full charge. If they still do not work, they may need to be synchronized manually so they can communicate with each other. This is also known as linking or pairing. Using the phone menu screen, find “Communications” or “Connections” and scroll to “Bluetooth”. Select it and go to “Search for Devices”. Choose the device you want to sync with on Bluethooth. If you are successful, you will hear a ringing tone on the handset.


No Bluetooth

Some Bluetooth problems are very easy to fix. A simple but often overlooked step is to make sure that your device is on. Some phones do not even show the “Bluetooth” option in the menu screens unless the Bluetooth device is turned on. If the Bluetooth option does not already exist, make sure your phone is enabled for wireless connectivity. If not, you will need an adapter.


Device not found

When you want to send a file, go to “Send via Bluetooth” on your phone, the device list may be empty. Sometimes this can be solved by the physical movement of the devices with each other. The maximum distance between the devices is 30 feet (9.14 m), less if there is an obstacle blocking the signal.


Transmission error

You may get an error message when you try to send a file, telling you that there is a transmission failure. First, it checks if the receiving device waits for a security code before receiving transmissions. Some phones have security restrictions to prevent hackers. If that is not the case, you may have a weak signal. Try to move closer to the target device and resubmit the file.


Connectivity Issues

Most devices equipped with Bluetooth come with a factory set name. Change the device settings so that all your electronic devices have unique nicknames. There are still some compatibility issues between Bluetooth devices, too. If you can send a file from the phone to the computer, the odds are that everything works correctly, but you have compatibility issues with the receiving device. Check the manufacturer’s website for software updates for the phone or visit a service center. But beware: New software for the phone that updates the operating system can erase all the information on the phone.

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