Fix For Apple Watch Not Charging Issue

How to Fix Apple watch not Charging issue? Problems range from users connecting the Apple Watch to the charger but the device does not charge at all, and the battery depletes despite showing that the charger is properly connected. Recommended:  Backup apple watch | How to unpair apple watch without old phoneFix For Apple Watch Not Charging Issue

If you have a similar issue you can try some of these tips to fix Apple Watch Not Charging

How to Fix Apple watch not Charging issue?

  • You need to turn off and reset the watch. Do this by holding down the side button and then swiping on the Power Off option. That done, hold down the Digital Crown and the side button at the same time, till you see the Apple logo on the screen.

Hopefully, this should help correct the problem, but if you’re still experiencing the same issue, then try the tip below.

  • If resetting the watch did not work, we can try doing so from the connected iPhone. On the iPhone, launch the Apple Watch app and head over to General, and tap the Reset button. Once the watch is wiped clean, set it up again, and see if the charging now works or not.

All this however is subject to the problem you’re experiencing being a software one, and not hardware, for which Apple is trying to deal with in a different manner, one that may even involve a consumer invoking a warranty or replacement claim.

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Apple is also looking into the excessive iPhone battery drain issues as well, and while it has devised a series of troubleshooting steps for its AppleCare customer service representatives, it is likely to be an iOS or Watch OS related bug.

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Let us know in the comments if this solved your Apple watch not Charging issue, if you are still facing problems regarding Apple watch battery life or Apple watch charging then tell us in the comments.

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