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      Parvinder Singh

      Remove Safari Advertising? Now, by following the instructions below, you can uninstall the software that advertises.

      If you do not have Jailbreak  on your iPhone, in the App Store you will find several applications to block advertising.

      Among these applications we find Crystal and Blockr . While the first block ads, the second offers the ability to block ads, pictures and videos. You’ll have to choose which app best meets your needs. Remove Safari Advertising

      If you have Jailbreak you can download AdBlocker (also available on devices without Jailbreak).

      Once the download has been made, it must be enabled. For this we will enter Settings, then enter into Safari and then into Content Blockers. Then you have to slide the button if you want to enable it. Press the start button on your device and return to the home screen, where you will have to find the Safari app to start it. Now the ads and content that the app blocks will no longer appear while browsing with Safari. Keep in mind that, by blocking the content, there may be some inferences so that the page visited may not fully load. Remove Safari Advertising

      Its configuration is quite simple, and simply follow the following steps: Remove Safari Advertising

      1. Install AdBlocker.
      2. When already installed, remove from the multitasking the applications that you want to eliminate advertising. Besides Safari you can choose other applications that you want to eliminate advertising.
      3. Once installed, go to the tweak settings and on the main screen activate the tab called “Enabled”.
      4. Then, in AdBlocker Lists, select the languages ​​of the websites or applications that you visit and click Apply & Update.
      5. To finish in “Other Apps” (you are at the end of the tweak settings), you must select the applications where you want the tweak to be active.
      6. Now you can use Safari or another application without annoying commercials.
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