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iOS is free of viruses, but is not free from dangers. From malware transmitted via Dropbox to annoying adware, many threats are on the prowl. Choose one of these apps to shield your iPad and iPhone for the future. There will be many who wonder why it would be necessary an antivirus for iPad or iPhone, but the truth is that malicious codes that attack Apple devices, have them (like the ones), there are. Anyway, with the exception of the number one in this comparison, Lookout Mobile Security, the only genuine antivirus for iOS, the other programs presented here do not protect against malware, but include other types of protection tools for iPhone, such as systems anti-theft or backup copies.

iOS, the iPhone and iPad system , is very secure . Since apps can only be installed from the official store there is no risk of viruses coming in, as Apple checks the security of each application before publishing.

But iOS is not free from dangers . There are viruses that go unpunished by Dropbox, malware that exploits the jailbreak to infect the phone (that malware exists and will increase ), and deceptive apps that can damage privacy.

The first step to avoid these problems is simple: just install security apps on iOS that help you further strengthen the already excellent security of iPhone and iPad .

1 Lookout Mobile Security

Lookout Mobile Security is one of the few authentic iPhone and iPad antivirus products on the market today, as it not only backs up and has an anti-theft system, but also analyzes the applications running to make sure you are not a victim of some malicious process, such as the one carried out by a spyware program. Yes, the incredible security against the malware threats of Apple devices is well known, but we must also admit that these are not infallible (we have the test on recent intruders such as Wirelurker, XAgent or MadCap). In ieenews, of course, we do not want to alarm the users of iOS … but, just in case, we will remember the saying is worth prevention rather than cure.

2 Avast SecureLine VPN

best free antivirus app for iphone do i need antivirus software for my iphone

Avast SecureLine VPN is a very special iPhone and iPad antivirus program, able to protect our personal data in open or public WiFi connections by creating a virtual private network or VPN, and also has a very practical tool that allows us to change our IP address at will, opening the door to servers from different countries and, thus, to websites restricted by geoblocking. In addition, with Avast SecureLine installed on our beloved Apple gadget, we will be able to reduce the monthly consumption of megabytes (and thus save on the bill), since this application can compress our data when surfing the internet.

3 McAfee Mobile Security for iOS

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McAfee Mobile Security is one of the best protection programs for iPhone and iPad today by offering a complete anti-theft system with remote alarm and picture of the alleged thief included, automatic backup of the contact book, and a PIN code lock of personal files: photographs and videos. It does not occupy just space, nor will interfere practically nothing in the other processes of your Apple device, and, best of all, is free.

4 Avira Mobile Security – The ios bulletproof vest

best free antivirus for ipad best antivirus for iphone 2016

Among the functions of this suite, the most “antivirus” is the process scanner , useful for identifying malicious apps, the identity protector and the iOS system update finder.

Extra point for Avira Answers , a community where you can ask questions related to the security of your device. Nothing better than having the help of other experts, right?

  • Avira Mobile Security for iPhone and iPad (Free)

Avira Mobile Security is a simple antivirus for iPhone and iPad that will protect your Apple device from possible theft or – also in case of simple loss – will help you to recover it. In addition, the program of the German company allows you to find out if your email, or one of your contacts, have been used for fraudulent purposes. And best of all, it’s free.

If we put ourselves in rigorous plan, choosing the best free antivirus for iPhone and iPad of 2016 has been very simple, because anti-malware programs in Apple’s online store, App Store, at the moment, as far as we know, there is only one: the Lookout Mobile Security . Some users, as we said above, will ask about the need to download an antivirus on their iPhone, but the truth is that in recent times the signature of the apple has had more than one problem (and more than two) in the malicious code and spyware  : let’s look at cases as big-hearted as Spyware WireLurker , or, even more recently, the threatening intrusive applications XAgent and MadCap .

In addition, and as it is not just computer viruses that many owners of Apple mobile devices fear, the programs in this comparison also include tools for other protection.

The most popular ones are, without a doubt, those that constitute the Anti-theft systems, which fundamentally are responsible for locating our  lost mobile  or tablet on a map and through GPS , activate an alarm (even in silent mode) so that the possible thief put feet (and leave the iPhone clear), lock the device or, as McAfee Mobile Security can do , capture in a photo the image of the alleged thief.

Surprisingly, due to the fact that security copies (another feature very demanded), and due to the low permeability of the iOS operating system , between protection programs for iPhone and iPad the options are usually reduced to two: image backup, and / or our contact book. Unfortunately, there is no more here.

A very special mention deserves protection through virtual private network  or VPN, which said briefly, without going into too many details not to bore our dear reader, what it does is allow us to surf anonymously and, thus, leave our personal data and our privacy safe from hackers or fraudulent websites. That is what – among other things – we are looking for a program like Avast SecureLine VPN.

“No, not that, neither my iPhone nor the information I keep in it will ever happen to them,” or, “Well, I do not know, it can happen to me, it’s better safe than sorry” . As always, you decide.

5 Trend Micro Mobile Security – Protect yourself by browsing

Free antivirus for iphone 7 | Best antivirus for iphone 2017

When we talk about web browsers we are facing one of the most vulnerable applications in the system. There are pages that steal information ( phishing ) and others that contain fraud or dangerous content.

Trend Micro Mobile Security not only scans for virus processes, but also has its own browser that blocks dangerous sites. Thus, navigation becomes more secure.

6 Intego VirusBarrier – Do not pass viruses to your colleagues

Free antivirus for iphone 7 | Best antivirus for iphone 2017

What happens when a virus gets into Dropbox , Google Drive or OneDrive? To your iPhone or iPad , nothing, but if you forward that file to someone who uses Windows , it will become infected.

VirusBarrier is a simple scanner that scans mail attachments and files in the cloud for viruses and repairs them so you can continue working with them. No more blunders in the office.

In mobile, where systems are much more secure, the antivirus is more an app that helps you take care of your privacy and security. Your duty is to be alert to any attempt to cheat or cheat. With the three apps I’ve submitted you’ll be less risky, but none will replace your common sense.

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