11 Best Public Free dns server | Fastest dns Server | Best dns server list with DNS Server Address

11 Best Public Free dns server | Fastest dns Server | Best dns server list with DNS Server Address? The DNS service is the one that allows the computer to translate domain names to IP addresses , that four-digit value that serves to identify a computer in a network, and therefore also on the Internet . Generally, it is the Internet provider that provides the DNS servers, as well as in the networks usually have their own servers. But many times due to the quality of the service provided one gets tired of these servers : interruptions in the service, content filtering, slowness; Are some of the reasons why one may want to change it and, What better for this than using some free public service? Here are the 5 DNS servers I recommend having on hand to use on a daily basis or in the event of an emergency: 11 Best Public Free dns server | Fastest dns Server | Best dns server list with DNS Server AddressBest fastest dns servers, free dns server, Find Best Free dns server, Fastest dns Server address

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OpenDNS :

is the most popular service, which has already reached 1% of Internet users and is the first reference required in this field. Servers: and

Google Public DNS : Google DNS servers | Google dns server ip

Google ‘s entry into the DNS field made at the end of 2009, with focus on speed of response. Servers: and It is now the largest public DNS service in the world. You can start using Google Public DNS by changing your IP addresses to and However, since Google Public DNS supports IPv6 connectivity as well, you have to change IP address accordingly if you want to move on with the IPv6 one.

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ScrubIT : Dns server address

The service is characterized by filtering sites with pornographic content , phishing or other malicious content. Recommended for corporate environments or families that want to filter such contents. Servers: and

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DNS Advantage : Free dns server | Fastest dns Server address

Another service of the same type I have tested and also works correctly. Servers: and

Norton DNS : Free dns server | Fastest dns Server address

The service is provided by the popular security company Symantec , although it is worth noting that it is still in the beta state. It also offers malicious site filtering. Servers: and  The Norton ConnectSafe free DNS servers listed above block sites hosting malware, phishing schemes, and scams, and is called Policy 1. Use Policy 2 ( and to block those sites plus those with pornographic content. Use Policy 3 ( and to block all previously mentioned site categories plus those Norton deems “non-family friendly.” Be sure to check out the list of things blocked in Policy 3 – there are several controversial topics in there that you may find perfectly acceptable.

6. Level3 DNS | Best Public free Dns server address 209.244 0.3

Level3 DNS is a great third-party DNS service. DNS server IP of Level 3 is,,,, and More about Level3

7 Comodo Secure DNS | Best fastest dns servers | free dns server

Comodo Secure DNS is yet another Domain Name System. There’s a block-list of harmful sites and pages and the DNS service will make sure that you don’t visit any of those. IP addresses of Comodo Secure DNS are and; just change them and start accessing. Know More about Comodo Secure DNS

Although at first public DNS were not so used, it can be said that today they all have a very good performance and for many (I include myself) they are an alternative of daily use with excellent satisfaction for the service provided

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Why you need a free public DNS server

The DNS servers are responsible for “translating” the name of a website into its corresponding IP address .For example www.facebook.com at The faster you do it the faster the page loads.

Your Internet service provider gives you some DNS. But sometimes they are slow or fail. The alternative is to change them by one of these public and free servers.

In general they are good and stable.

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Use a general purpose or filtering server

These are the two basic types out there. The commonly used ones allow you to enter virtually any website. They are usually the fastest because they do not filter the pages they display.

Filtering DNSs prevent you from entering certain websites.

Some block pages with viruses or other threats. Some also block pornographic content or sensitive subjects (suicide, alcoholism, crime, abortion, etc.). They become safer surfing the Internet. But at the cost of being sometimes a little less fast.

List of servers

Provider Primary DNS IP Secondary DNS IP Type of use
OpenDNS general
DNS.Watch General, privacy and anti-censorship
Google general
Verisign general
Comodo Secure Blocks dangerous sites
Norton ConnectSafe (A) Blocks dangerous sites
Norton ConnectSafe (B) Blocks dangerous or pornographic sites
Norton ConnectSafe (C) Blocks dangerous, pornographic or sensitive sites
Level3 Blocks dangerous sites
Dyn Blocks dangerous sites
OpenNIC (see NOTE 1 below) Several Several General and anti-censorship

When you have chosen a DNS, follow the appropriate link to …

You can change it as many times as you want. Try a different one if the one you have chosen does not work as you expected. Another option is to automatically find the best DNS for you .

Better in the sense of being faster in your specific case. Follow that link.

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Two important things

  • DNS with filtering sometimes blocks sites that should not. If you happen frequently or with sites that you enter often think of changing to a general use or return to the default settings you had (with the DNS of your Internet service provider).
  • Google or the server owner you use will know all the pages you visit. And you can save information about them and about you or your browsing habits. To avoid this, use a DNS that guarantees your privacy (like DNS.Watch).

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DNS with IPv6 available

Several of the previous servers offer a version for IPv6-type IP addresses . These are your configuration data if you prefer to use that version instead of IPv4.

IPv6 is only available in some cases. Check with your Internet service provider if your connection allows.

Server Primary DNS IP Secondary DNS IP
Google 2001: 4860: 4860 :: 8888 2001: 4860: 4860 :: 8844
OpenDNS 2620: 0: ccc :: 2 2620: 0: ccd :: 2
Watch.DNS 2001: 1608: 10: 25 :: 1c04: b12f 2001: 1608: 10: 25 :: 9249: d69b
Verisign 2620: 74: 1b :: 1: 1 2620: 74: 1c :: 2: 2


To know the DNS of OpenNIC closer to you click on this link . A page opens. In the central part offers you the IP of several servers. The percentage indicates how stable each DNS is (better the closer to 100%). Choose DOS servers. Use one as principal and one as secondary.

OpenNIC is a user organization not associated with any organization, company or country. According to its web site its objective is to protect the privacy in Internet, to avoid censorship when navigating and to obtain an open and democratic use of Internet.

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Free dns server | Fastest dns Server | Best dns server list with DNS Address

It will automatically tell you which one is best for you. Do this:

STEP 1: Find Best Free dns server | Fastest dns Server address

Click on the download link for namebench .Choose to save your installer to your PC.

STEP 2: Find Best Free dns server | Fastest dns Server address

IMPORTANT: If the link does not work, get the program on its official website . Enter it and click on the link namebench- [version number] -Windows.exe (for example, namebench-1.3.1-Windows.exe). This is how you enter the program tab. You can download it from it.

STEP 3: Find Best Free dns server | Fastest dns Server address

It is convenient to close all the programs that you have open so that the check is as reliable as possible. Then go to the folder where you saved namebench and open it with double click. Press Extract on the installation wizard window that opens.

STEP 4: Find Best Free dns server | Fastest dns Server address

After a while (it may take a while) the main program window opens (see the image above). Keep as is the options that appear by default. Right- click Start Benchmark .

STEP 5: Find Best Free dns server | Fastest dns Server address

Namebench does a series of checks. In essence check the speed of response of thousands of DNS to find which is the best in your case. On a fast PC these checks take less than five minutes to complete. If your computer is slow it will take longer. Wait without doing anything that namebench ends.

STEP 6: Find Best Free dns server | Fastest dns Server address

When the test is over, a page opens in your Internet browser. Show results. There are two possibilities:

That your DNS is already the faster
TAt the top left you will say “Your current primary DNS server is” and underneath a large “Fastest” in green. In that case you are finished. Your current DNS is the best you can use. That may change over time. Take these steps again and again to check whether or not you are. Now you can close namebench and its results page. Then see the links at the end of this article.

That there is another DNS faster than yours current
At the top left is a green indication of how much faster the DNS found compared to yours. It is indicated by a percentage. In the example image the value is 11.1%. That is to say that changing your DNS by proposing namebench you increase the speed by 11.1%.

STEP 7: Find Best Free dns server | Fastest dns Server address

[Do this only if namebench has found a DNS faster than yours] Sign up the IP address that comes out on the top right of the results page, to the right of the text Primary Server (in the example image it is , But may be different in your case).

You will see that there are two other IPs under the main one. They are the Secondary and Tertiary Server. Secondary also points out. It indicates the primary and the secondary to distinguish them later.

STEP 8: Find Best Free dns server | Fastest dns Server address

This step is also required only if the program has found a DNS faster than yours. With the IP of that DNS ideal for you the idea now is …

Change the DNS in Windows 7, XP or Vista
Change it in Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10

So, this is our list of top 11 free, Fastest  public DNS services out there. If you want to add any  Fastest dns Server address or Find Best Free dns server, just comment below.

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