Game Maker: How to create your own video game in an instant

Game Maker – How to make a video game

The application Infinite Arcade, of Tinybop, can create easily his own video game in 2D with a multitude of configurable items.

Tinybop is a young start-up New York known for its educational games and applications designed for enfants.Elle already has many successes to its credit, such as Robot Factory or simple machines, two sets enabling more young people to learn fun way to engineering.

Inspired construction packs, this kind of popular games in the 1980s and whose Pinball Construction Set 2 on Apple is one of the most famous representatives, the company is committed this time to introduce us to the creation of video games.

How it works ? Game Maker

Game Maker - How to make a video game
Game Maker – How to make a video game

Infinite Arcade, the inherently retro design, so easy to create his own video game from the almost fully configurable components kits. The user first chooses his playing style (flat shape, runner game, pinball game, Pong like …), its decor (desert cave world candy), and his character. “All have behaviors different “ , said Raul Gutierrez, founder of Tinybop, the site Wired . How to make a video game

Then the apprentice game designer instead different types of terrain (variable dangerousness). You can put obstacles like lava, which kills the player in one hit, false platforms that collapse when the player stepped on, or special items such as trampolines to jump higher. It is also possible bricks revealing bonus once destroyed, like Mario Bros. Obviously, the application offers a lot of enemies ranging from caterpillars to zombies.

To place the elements, the designer chooses one and done simply slide his finger on the mobile screen.Note that the application also creates a story. text bubbles can be integrated to the game in order to develop the narrative aspect.

Infinite Arcade should be available only on iOS, like other applications Tinybop, but the release date is unknown at this time. How to make a video game

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