How to get netflix on your TV

How to get netflix on tv? Netflix lets you bring your favorite series and movies to your home TV in a variety of ways and through different media. Keep in mind that for this experience to be successful, your TV must have access to the Internet, the Netflix application or at least the option to download it. how to watch netflix on tv

Among the devices you can use to stream Netflix content to your TV are Roku , Apple TV and Chromecast . You can also watch Netflix from video game consoles like Xbox 360 , Xbox One, Wii , PlayStation 3 and PlayStation 4 ; And with DVD and Blu-ray players. You can also view Netflix content through home entertainment systems, smartphones and tablets. how do i get netflix on my tv

If you are interested in learning more about the types of compatible devices and brands that support the application, Netflix shows you a detailed list of them. how to use netflix

How to get netflix on your TV
how do i get netflix on my tv

Here we tell you the steps to follow from different devices to access Netflix content. netflix tv help

Netflix from a Roku, Apple TV or any other box of ‘streaming’

  1. Connect the video player online to the plug nearest to your TV.
  2. Turn on the player or streamer to connect it to the Wi-Fi network in your home and the TV. To connect it to your TV you can use an HDMI cable, which you must connect to your player as well as to one of the HDMI inputs of your TV located in the rear. If you do not have the HDMI cable, you can connect an A / V cable. Connect the red, yellow and white ports on the back of your TV with audio and video cables.
  3. After you turn on your online content player, enter the name of the network and password to which you want to connect your device in the installation wizard. In other words, connect your player to the Internet.
  4. Now that your playback box is turned on and connected to the TV and Internet, you can download the latest software available for your player and choose the video resolution you want.

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Play with Chromecast via your ‘smartphone’ or tablet

how to get netflix
how do i get netflix on my tv

To stream content with your Chromecast you must connect it to one of the HDMI ports. Make sure that you get power through a USB port or an adapter and connect it to your Wi-Fi network when you connect. how to get netflix on your tv?

  1. When streaming with Chromecast via your computer, phone, or tablet, make sure the device accesses the same Wi-Fi network as yourChromecast.
  2. For Android or iOS devices, go to the respective app store and download the Netflix app.
  3. Log in by entering your username and password.
  4. Once you have access to the content, choose the movie or TV show of your choice.
  5. Now select the Cast icon, which will show you the list of options to which you can stream content. For example, if you have different Chromecast devices connected to different TVs in your home, the list of options will be wider.

Play content on your TV from your computer

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  1. First, check your computer to determine the type of High Resolution output you have. The most common is HDMI, but you can find yourself with VGA or SVGA. The ports are distributed to the sides or to the back of your computer. Through them your computer will transmit the video signal to your TV.
  2. You need an appropriate adapter cable to connect the two ports, the video output of your computer with the respective input of your TV. (HDMI is the most common.)
  3. Make sure your computer and TV are off, connect the cables and adapters to each other, and reboot your computer once they are connected.
  4. Now, extend the desktop of your Windows or Mac computer on your TV monitor. (I’ll explain later how).
  5. Make sure that the video source on your screen matches the video inputs to which you connected the HDMI cable that connects your computer to the TV. To do this press the source button on your remote control to select the HDMI option that is receiving the video signal from Netflix. Once selected you will see the desktop of your computer on the TV screen.
  6. Open a new window in your Internet browser and drag it with your mouse to the TV screen.
  7. Log in to your Netflix account at
  8. Select the Netflix program or movie you want to watch and press “Play”.


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In Windows:

  • Right click on your desktop and choose the “Properties” option.
  • Click on the Settings table.
  • Select the secondary monitor and choose the option “Extend the Windows desktop to this monitor”.
  • For best image quality, you can adjust the resolution of the second monitor to a higher one.
  • Select OK to finish.

On Mac:

  • It is very likely that when connecting the cable your Mac automatically detects the new screen. If it does not, follow the steps below.
  • Go to the apple apple icon in the upper left corner of your desktop.
  • Select System Preferences or System Preferences if your computer is set to English.
  • Select the Screens or Displays icon .
  • And choose from the Extend my Extend desktop option .

Play Netflix with video game consoles

  1. Consoles like PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, Xbox One or Wii, offer the service of online content reproduction through Netflix. Make sure your gaming console supports the application.
  2. Be sure to follow the requirements to stream content through the console. For example, when using Xbox 360 you need at least 5MB of hard disk space. You also need a high-speed connection in order to play the content.
  3. Install the Netflix app if you do not already have it. To do so, go to the application store or the game store available on your console.
  4. You can now log in with your Netflix account. Enter your username and password.
  5. All ready to start playing your favorite online content.

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Plays Netflix on HDTVs

how to get netflix on your tv
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This procedure varies a little depending on the brand of television you have, however, the procedure is carried out similarly on all televisions; In this case we carry out the process with a Samsung Smart TV. how to setup netflix on tv, how does netflix work on my tv?

  1. Make sure your TV has access to your Wi-Fi network.
  2. On your remote control, locate the button that takes you to the media center and online content offered by your TV. In this case, it is a cube of colors located right in the center of the remote control. Samsung calls it Smart Hub.
  3. When you press the cube, your TV will display the Smart Hub, an interface or media center where you will find all the online content and settings options.
  4. Start searching for the Netflix application (it should be among the most popular), if you do not find it, you may have to type Netflix in the search bar.
  5. If the application is available, you’re in luck. Otherwise, you should download it. The process will take two to three minutes.
  6. Once downloaded, select the Netflix app with your remote control. (To navigate the interface you only need your remote control and the arrow buttons to scroll through it).
  7. Now, enter your username and password after choosing the registration option or Sign In .
  8. If you are not yet a user, you can register by clicking the Free Trial option .

Playing online content on Ultra HD or 4K TVs

Although 4K resolution TVs enter the market slowly, Netflix already offers some of its content, such as Stranger Things, House of Cards and Breaking Bad , in this quality. If yours is the UltraHD, these are the recommendations of Netflix for you to enjoy the latest in definition. how to put netflix on tv,netflix on smart tv,how to connect netflix to tv wirelessly,how to stream netflix to tv?

  1. Make sure you have a TV compatible with Ultra High Definition streaming . Netflix has a list of TVs that support 4K content.
  2. Verify that your plan supports streaming High Definition or High Definition. For that, check the plan or subscription you currently have with Netflix on this page .
  3. You need a stable Internet connection with a speed of 25 Mbps or higher.
  4. Make sure the streaming quality is the highest.
  5. Once you have made the necessary adjustments, you will see a row with the 4K content available from Netflix. (screenshot).

From a TV without Internet access | How to get netflix on non smart tv

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If your TV does not have access to Wi-Fi, but you have cable service, you can enjoy Netflix as if it were one more channel. This option makes things easier for you because you will not have to connect additional devices to your TV.

First make sure your cable provider has availability of Netflix. Some of the providers that let you enjoy Netflix include Dish Network and Xfinity.

Netflix has a detailed list of all the companies that can provide you with this service. This procedure varies depending on the cable provider you have. In this case we show you how to watch Netflix from the Dish receiver.

The simplest option is to go to channel 370, which will direct you to Netflix. If this does not work, you can enter Netflix from the main menu: how to get netflix on non smart tv?

  1. Use the Dish remote and select the main menu. This step may vary depending on the model of your receiver and the configuration of the remote control.
  2. In the menu, tap Apps to see a list of applications.
  3. Select the Netflix application.
  4. If you do not have an account yet, you must create one by following the instructions on the screen. Otherwise, enter your credentials.
  5. Once verified your information you can enjoy Netflix.

Netflix from a Blu-Ray DVD

  1. To play Netflix from a Blu-Ray DVD, you must connect the device to the Internet either through a Wi-Fi connection or an ethernet cable.
  2. Verify that the speed of your connection meets the requirements of Netflix.
  3. Although all Blu-Ray DVD players are different, some have a Netflix shortcut button through your remote control.
  4. If your player does not have this button, enter the menu, select the Apps option and choose the Netflix application.
  5. Once you have logged in, you will need to enter your Netflix account information and you will be able to access it from your player

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