How to be a better conversationalist ?

How to be a better conversationalist  (see conversation) ? Tips for being dominating in a conversation? what are the Ways to improve your

Better speaker or listener

conversation; are some of the questions that everyone wants to know how to do it. Just read the article and apply these simple steps to the perfection. This article surely will help you.

 Communication skills are the first skills that we must develop well developed, we are accepted at the social level as we know how to communicate with others, and for this we basically have to be a good conversationalist. The ultimate goal of the conversation should be seduction, persuasion, which is the ability through your words, produce desires and changes of thought. How to be a better conversationalist

Being a good conversationalist goes far beyond talking things, this is an art that opens the doors in any aspect. In this article we will focus on the relationships with whom we like given that is when words are missing most. If you want to complement the article in this subject, I also invite you to read: ” Secrets of seduction ” These keys can also be applied in your company, in your sales and in any public relation, it is only following the same principles and they work in the same way. 

The first rule :-  Guess what  is it?  it’s

asking questions an art
Better speaker

1. Art of asking questions :- How to be a better conversationalist

In a conversation who ask  the questions, handles the conversation. It means that if you want to be a good speaker or good conversationalist, just ask good questions.Asking more searching questions like what is your hobby in life? or what is your future plan?  helps in maintaining a good conversation.

Asking the questions helps to engage the people in the conversation and that’s a good art.



how to be a Better conversationalist
Make conversation interesting

2. Using these magic words How, What and Why. One can make a conversation interesting.

It is Very important for you to know what is the best way to start your conversation. You can know the best way of starting valuable conversation by knowing your audience interests. Is your audience showing their interest in the conversation, So ask questions using these words.



Better conversation includes eye contact
Eye contact means interested

3. Eye contact is the way to the heart (everyone says right)

While you are leading the conversation( i.e. you are talking and others are listening) make sure eye contact is there.And when you are listening eye contact is a must, because it gives an indication to the speaker that the audience(you) is interested in the conversation.This makes the conversation last longer and good, as both  speaker and listener are into  conversation.

Your partner or speaker feels well if you maintain eye contact. One can give appreciation to the speaker just by giving  a nod of  head, which gives an hint to the speaker that the audience is listening.


4.  Appropriate information and best dialogue makes you a good conversationalist. How to be a better conversationalist

Information provided in-front of the audience and  dialogue conversation should be appropriate. The dialogue should be restricted to the conversation subject. All the aspects of dialogue between the speaker and audience should be clear and precise.


conversation needs attention
Try to be attentive in conversation

5. Attention is the key to be a better conversationalist.

Your eyes tell everything and so your action does. You  are just pretending that you are listening it carefully, but your eyes starting to glaze over and tells everything to the speaker that listener is loosing the interest in the conversation and vice-versa.So, attention is the key to be a better  speaker.



6. Speak fluent and clear- makes you good dialogue maker.

Speaking fluent and with clarity gives you an upper hand in a conversation. So speak clearly and don’t mumble your words or don’t speak slowly that people find it difficult to hear you.



Better conversationalist step 7
Better conversationalist step 7

7. Good conversationalists always uses Language, metaphors,images and visuals for their discussion.

Good speaker or good conversationalist always uses language which the audience understands. Making  use of visuals  in a dialogue is a good practice of  conversationalists.



8. Speak and listen turn-by-turn, makes a conversation better.

Listen to everyone and then speak.Because everyone love to speak but ,however, there is a time and place  for that.



 9. Don’t be personal or judge other’s.

Always try to listen the problems of speaker and speak when its appropriate. Don’t be too personal while trying to solve the problems in small conversations.


10. Current affairs and up to date information makes you a good speaker and conversationalist.

Reading new and old publications, ancient articles and books does benefits. It gives you in-depth knowledge of worldly current affairs and makes you a better conversationalist. Writing articles and publications also helps. And listening to news channels does also boost listening and speaking skills.



preparing conversation step 11
Preparing and organizing conversation

11. Preparing and organizing the information is the key to be a better conversationalist and speaker.

Organize each and everything, don’t loose your speech script at the last instant, glazing here and there looking for it is not a good option.So, make sure you are prepared for it and organized it.



12. Entertaining your audience and listeners – Find a way Speaker!

Don’t bore your listeners.Just give a throwback, one or two jokes between your conversation.Make your speech fun and entertaining.He,who,  entertains is the better speaker and better conversationalist.



13. Conversation with  ‘compliments and feedback’.

 A better conversationalist gives compliments when he or she think its necessary. Complementing each other in a conversation is a good practice and does give both conversationalist an uplift.

14 Turn everything logical into emotional. How you feel, how you feel.

“Emotion kills reason and instinct kills both” Jürgen Klaric, Neuromarketing

When you have a meeting with a person, the first thing they are going to talk about is not how the walls are decorated, but how it was done, if it made you laugh, if it was nice. Humans tend to look for and remember emotional states. It is the strongest emotional impacts that remain in the memory. Without emotion things are boring.

If it’s raining, then say you hate the rain, if it’s coffee I say that you love coffee, if it’s a business, tell me how much it hurt you to leave it, if it’s the place, say how difficult they were to open it, , Then after talking about the waiter’s uniform, and saying that you hated the school uniform, ask her if she liked hers … Every thing produces some kind of emotion, and that kind of emotion you or the other person can feel . You feel … anger, joy, fear, insecurity, challenge, pride, love, passion, lust, laziness, sadness, compassion, etc …

15 It’s all about the way you do it.

Whatever you speak, you must say it with confidence, with attitude, with enthusiasm. When you talk, realize that what you are saying is very important and that the other wants to listen, otherwise you will only reflect insecurity, emphasize the hand with respect to what you speak, to give more shape to what you say. When you listen do it really as if you care, as if you wanted to know more. Look into the eyes, smile and where possible touch the other person to get more confident. As far as possible try to be confident, this is a way to go over the barrier of prevention, and take the relationship to another level.

It handles opposites, meaning that not everything can be exciting, because then the conversation becomes strange, exaggerated, plus it is a great effort to do this. There must be some serious moments and some fun moments, some flat and some exciting moments. Have you seen how uncomfortable it is to talk to someone who takes everything in a chat?

16 Have the other person expand emotionally.

“To succeed in spreading ideas is to be different, if we show the same thing over and over again people will get bored.” “The riskiest thing you can do today is be prudent. Being prudent today is being on the edge. ” Seth Godin, best selling author

Avoid conversations becoming a monologue, no one usually cares about the details of your life, unless they are super exciting. Humans live very self-centered, so if you make other people share how they feel, then you will become a good conversationalist, plus you will learn to know others.

Do not turn the conversation into an interrogation, that is very uncomfortable. To avoid this, you must ask questions that lead to a long conversation. It’s not the same, do you like coffee ?, since your answer can be a simple, no. Another very different thing is to comment, This coffee is very bitter, although I have tried worse!, Before this, she can not answer a simple no.

The things you ask can not be typical, that is, you study or work, you live with your parents or you live alone …. These topics are boring, common and everyone does. You must come up with different, bold, controversial themes that generate more emotions … everything depends on the degree of confidence you have generated and the personality type of the person.

How to be a better conversationalist? Any suggestions

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