Google chrome pdf editing Turn Google Chrome into the perfect tool for editing PDF

Google chrome pdf editing, Turn Google Chrome into the perfect tool for editing PDF? Nowadays the files in PDF format are the most used, however, they are files that do not have a specific software will not be able to view, edit, compress or split easily . There are many tools, although some payment, available for download that we can provide some of these actions on PDF files, but we can also provide these capabilities to our web browser, specifically we will focus on Google Chrome . Google chrome pdf editing, Turn Google Chrome into the perfect tool for editing PDF

In this way, we can use the browser itself as a basis for opening and viewing the PDF file and support us in the different applications and extensions that allow us to perform all these actions on a PDF file without having to use a specific program for each one of them .

View and Edit

Google chrome pdf editing, Turn Google Chrome into the perfect tool for editing PDF?

Kami is one of the most powerful tools we can count on in our browser to view, annotate, share, split, join, export or print PDF files. In addition to being compatible with the Chrome browser, it also works in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Safari.

With Kami it is possible to drag and drop any PDF file to the browser or import it from Google Drive, Box or Dropbox and then from the browser itself we can highlight, cross out or underline text, add comments, draw and delete or add text.

In addition, Kami also gives you the option to split or combine PDF files and even gives you the ability to share, export or print files. It has a subscription version that still offers more features.

Xodo PDF Viewer & Editor is another very reliable tool to visualize and perform some actions on the PDF text from the Chrome browser itself, since it is available as an extension of it. As with Kami, Xodo PDF allows you to drag and drop PDF files to the browser or import them from Google Drive or Dropbox.

With Xodo PDF it is possible to highlight, cross out, underline text, add comments, include new text or a signature, print the PDF or even combine and organize the pages of the file.

PDF Buddy , a tool for viewing and editing files or PDF that has a series of options similar to those of a Word editor. In this way, it is possible to change font style and size, type bold or italic, align paragraphs or choose a color for the text font itself.

With PDF Buddy it is also possible to add customizable shapes and symbols, include an image or signature or use a pen for annotations. Google chrome pdf editing, Turn Google Chrome into the perfect tool for editing PDF?

Join or split files

PDF Merge is a very useful tool when we want to join several documents into one PDF only. Just upload the files from a local drive or from the service in the Google Drive cloud and then click on the Merge button, we will see how the files are linked in one that we can save on our computer or even upload it to Google Drive.

PdfSplit! It is another tool that we can use from our Google Chrome browser to split a PDF file into several files. For this, we can choose a file from our computer or even some that we have saved in DropBox or Google Drive and then choose the range of pages by which we want to split the file.

Subsequently, each of the files generated can be named as we want and saved in our team or in the cloud. It also allows you to enable a secure connection so that everything is done in the most reliable way possible.

Merge PDF – PDF Split – , a Chrome application that works with Xodo for the viewing portion and allows you to upload files from your computer or from some cloud storage services like Google Drive or Dropbox to later split a file PDF in several files.

It allows to sort the file as we want or even in alphabetical order and it is possible to divide the PDF as we want, by page, page rank, etc. In addition, it has other options like separating, compressing, rotating or trimming.

Join or split PDF

Convert or compress

As its name suggests, PDF Converter is a good extension for Google Chrome if we need to convert a document to PDF quickly and easily from our browser, without having to open more tools. Once converted, this extension allows you to send it by email or even download it and to be able to edit it with Xodo.

If we need to compress a PDF file before sending or sharing it, then PDF Compressor – is an excellent tool. Allows you to upload files from your computer by dragging and dropping or importing them from Dropbox or Google Drive.

Once this is done, we will be able to see exactly how much the file occupies before compressing it and once the compression is done. Subsequently the file can be downloaded to view or edit with Xodo, send it by mail or share it through any application. offers additional services, making it even more practical, since in addition to the compression tasks allows you to convert, merge, split or protect a PDF file.

Download and print

Google chrome pdf editing, Turn Google Chrome into the perfect tool for editing PDF?

Print Friendly and PDF is a simple tool that allows you to download a web page as a PDF file, allowing you to adjust the text size, delete images, select the size of the pages or delete certain parts of the page with a single click and then send it by email. It is also possible to create a printable version of the document so that we can send it to the printer and see it correctly.

PDF Viewer allows you to view a PDF file on any webpage without having to download it to our computer. Just by entering the URL of the PDF we can view the contents of the file from the browser without any problem, without having to download it and without having to have a PDF reader. But if we later want to download it, PDF Viewer also offers that option.

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