How to activate and use WhatsApp calling feature

How to activate and use WhatsApp calling feature

So, at last WhatsApp rolled out there must awaited feature of free voice calling over internet using your phones 2G or 3G data. But hang on iPhone, windows and Blackberry users, because this update is only for Android devices. So if you have an Android device (Also see Android must have apps) you will be able to use this newly launched WhatsApp voice calling android feature. WhatsApp Voice calling release date is recently announced. WhatsApp voice calling feature iOS is still not available, but it will be launched very soon. If you can’t find the updated version of WhatsApp application in Google Play Store, no worries you can download WhatsApp voice calling APK application from WhatsApp official website.

WhatsApp voice calling service Feature launched for android

NOTE: Also make sure that your android device like LG G2, LG G3 or Samsung devices must have the latest version of WhatsApp. Latest version is 2.12.19, you can also download it from their official website. How to activate and use WhatsApp calling feature. See this forbes article

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So, if you are not using Android devices you might have to wait a little bit longer. It uses your  If you are eager to use WhatsApp voice call service on your android device then follow these steps to make it work:

 How to activate and use WhatsApp calling feature:

  1. First check, do you have the latest version of WhatsApp (12.19) or higher. If WhatsApp version is not updated go to play store and update it or else go to WhatsApp official website and download it. WhatsApp application which is outdated WhatsApp voice calling feature doesn’t work on it.
  2. After updating WhatsApp application to the latest version on your android You have to ask for a favour, I know it is strange but it works that way. Ask one of your friend who has WhatsApp Voice calling service enabled on his/her WhatsApp to give you a miss call on your WhatsApp number from his/her WhatsApp application. So we can call this method as WhatsApp Voice calling invite method.
  3. After receiving a call on your WhatsApp number your device WhatsApp voice calling or service feature will be turned to Switched on.
  4. You will be able to see this new feature WhatsApp voice calling android on your WhatsApp. A three tab layout will appear on your device WhatsApp Calls > Chat > Contacts.

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NOTE: Some users experienced a problem while turning on WhatsApp voice calling service or feature. So make sure that when your friend calls you on your WhatsApp pick up the call, because giving miss call will not activate WhatsApp voice calling feature on your android device.

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