How to backup your android phone data

Most android phones come with 16GB internal memory and the storage space gets filled up pretty quickly. So, to keep your data safe you should backup your android phone. Before you begin backing up your phone, check which apps use the most space on your phone by selecting Storage from the device settings menu. Then uninstall or move any apps that you no longer use so that you can free up some space for your backup.

There are several ways to backup your android phone data:

  • First is to simply copy all of the files from the Android/data folder in root directory to some other folder. However, this is not recommended as it’s a time consuming process and if you don’t know what you’re doing, you might end up deleting files accidentally.
  • Second way to back up your android data is to use an app like Titanium Backup or MyBackup Pro which allows you to selectively choose which apps and their data (pictures, music, etc.) will be backed up to a local storage device such as a SD card or external hard disk. You can even schedule automatic backups at regular intervals using these apps.
  • Third way is to use an online service like Google Drive or Dropbox which allow you to automatically upload all of your photos and videos to their cloud storage.

While google does provide automatic backup of your Contacts, Gmail and calendars but make sure that you have turned it on. Android doesn’t provides a native application or built in application in your android device to backup all of your data. So, if something goes wrong and you have not created any backup files for your device data then there is no coming back. All of your device data will be lost.

So, in order to save and backup our android phone text messages, videos, photos, documents, app data, contacts you have to follow the below given steps. Find out how to back up your android device apps, text messages, contacts, photos and more important information.

There are also some third party apps which can backup your device data. Keep your Android apps and data safe with the best backup apps for your phone or tablet.

Automatic Cloud Backup

This is probably the easiest way to backup your android phone data. Most of the popular cloud storage services support automatic backup of your android phones’ data so that they can be easily restored later. Assuming that you have a gmail account, backing up your android phones’ data to Google Drive is very simple:

  • Open Settings > Accounts &Sync on your Android device, switch sync on for Google Drive, and enter your gmail address and password;
  • Turn on “Auto Backup” in the Backup section by tapping switch back up on;
  • That’s it! Your Android device will now automatically upload your photos, videos, calendar entries, contacts etc every time you charge it or connect it to a power source.



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Backup android phone data using third-party apps

  1. Easy Backup and restore

How to back up your android phone data

This app is the easiest backup tool available on android devices like (LG G2, LG G3, Galaxy S5, S4, S6, Note 4). It can backup and restore your apps, SMS, mms, text messages, call logs, google calendars, contacts and many more. You can also backup your android phone data manually or set to automatic backup in this app. You can also save your android phone created backups to SD card, google drive, Dropbox and OneDrive, which is really amazing. For backing up and restoring your android apps data you will need a rooted device. Which is a limitation in this app.

  1. Dropbox

How to back up your android phone data

It is a free service which saves your android device photos, videos, docs and email attachments and you can access it from anywhere. You can save photos, videos and can even share them with your friends. You can backup your android phone data manually or automatically by using this app. And it is completely free (up to 5 GB storage).

  1. AVAST-Mobile backup and Restore

How to back up your android phone data

This android data backup app comes in two versions free and premium. In free mode you can Backup your android phone contacts, SMS, call logs and photos. And in premium mode you can also backup your android phone Music, videos and apps (if it is a rooted phone then you can also save app and game data and app settings).  It automatically backs up your Android data, with various settings as to when you want it to backup.  How to backup your app data, texts and call logs on Android.

You can also restore your android phone data on old android phone or new android phone with a pin verification. Thus, giving you the options of backing up and restoring your android device data easily. How to Back Up Your Android Smartphone. 10 Best Android Backup Apps. How to Backup Android in 5 Easy Steps.

Easy and fast way to back up your android phone data using USB cable

Everyone knows the simple method drag and drop and it’s very to use. Just follow the steps to know how to do it.


Connect you android device (LG G2, LG G3, Galaxy S5, S4, S6, Note 4) to your windows PC or MAC pc.


In the second step Go to > Device settings > look for Select USB connection and click on it.


Choose USB mass storage as default connection for your android device and go to next step.


On your Desktop PC or laptop you will your android device and copy all of your android phone data to somewhere on your computer. Through this method you can save phone photos, videos, music and some more things but not app data and messages.


You have just created a backup for your android phone using USB cable.

Backup your android phone using Google cloud


On your android phone Go to > Phone settings > System or device Settings.


Open Backup and reset tab on your android device.


Make sure that you have checked on ‘Back up my data’ and ‘Automatic restore’ tabs, if not turn these tabs checked.


In the fourth step click on Backup account and add your Gmail account you want to use for android backup and restore services.


Tap on existing if you have an account, otherwise tap on new to create a fresh google account.


Now you are ready to go to backup or restore your android phone data.

SMS or text messages Backup on android

SMS Backup +  is a great app to backup you android phone text messages. It automatically sends and saves your messages to your Gmail account.

Photo Backup on Android phone

Google official document.

Google+ Photos app on your android device.

  1. Back up all your photos and videos you can do it manually or set it automatic. Whenever you take a new picture it starts sync your photos and videos to google cloud.
  2. You also have the option of finding the right photo fast with image search.
  3. See automatic creation of Stories, Movies, animations, and more.

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