How to change dns in windows 10 or Windows 8, 8.1

How to change dns in windows 10 or Windows 8, 8.1

Replacing the default DNS can improve speed when surfing the Internet or making browsing safer. It’s easy to do: How to change dns in windows 10

How to change dns in windows 10 or Windows 8, 8.1

STEP 1: Change dns in windows 10

Right-click on the Windows Start menu and choose Control Panel . NOTE: Click here if you do not know how to see the options of Windows 8 Start .

STEP 2: Change dns in windows 10

Among the options in the Control Panel, select Network and Internet . And then to the right the Network and Sharing Center .

STEP 3 : Change dns in windows 10

A window like the one above opens. Indicates the active connection you are using and its type. Normally it is by cable (ethernet or local area connection or LAN) or a Wi-Fi connection (wireless or Wireless).  Click on the upper right on the link of your connection (frame it in the image). In general it will be Ethernet or Wi-Fi .

STEP 4 : Change dns in windows 10

You enter the connection status window.Click on the Properties button .

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Configure DNS in Windows 10 automatic or manual

Here are the steps to change DNS in Windows:

STEP 1  : Change dns in windows 10

The Connection Properties window is like the image on the top left. Displays a list of customizable options. Verify that Internet Protocol version 4 (TCP / IPv4 ) is selected. Then double-click on it to open it. NOTE:  To use DNS in the IPv6 format, choose Internet Protocol version 6 (TCP / IPv6) instead. It is not always available and your provider may not support it. Get in touch with him to find out.

  1. You enter the configuration window. You have two options:

    If enabled, the Obtain DNS server address automatically

    option means that your router or provider is now automatically assigned. Leave it selected if it is what you want.

    To define your specific addresses, choose the option Use the following DNS server addresses instead . Jump to step 3 a little further down.

    If enabled Use the following DNS server addresses

    It means that you are already using specific ones. They are the ones that display the preferred and alternate DNS server fields. IMPORTANT: sign these values ​​(and their points in between) BEFORE you change anything. Then read on …


Populate or change the primary and secondary DNS server fields. They must be indicated by their IP address. It is formed by four numbers separated by dots (eg Write each number in its place of the field, which also has points to separate them. When you finish press OK in that window and in the window to which you return.

See how to find the best DNS (the fastest) if you’re not clear which one to use. Or choose one of this free and public DNS list . Several offer safer navigation as well as fast. They filter websites with viruses or other threats. Or pages with content that you might prefer to avoid.


Check that your connection works by opening a website in your browser. In case of problems see …


What to do if the connection does not work after the change

Try these solutions in order:


Repeat the same steps to make sure that the DNS IPs you have set up are correct. Maybe you got confused when you wrote them down. If the connection continues to fail try the …


Try different DNS. Look for the best DNS . Or choose different ones from the list of DNS free and public .


Repeat the steps again from the beginning (Sheet 1). But when appropriate choose that DNS are obtained automatically if that is the option you had before changing them. Or put the originals back if there were definite concrete ones (the ones I asked you to write in that case).


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