How to check ram | How to check what Kind of ram do i have

How to check ram | How to check what Kind of ram do i have? RAM is one of the most important elements of a PC . Its scarcity can make even the fastest computer look like a turtle since among its functions is to serve as a warehouse for the programs and data with which you work at any time. RAM is the acronym for Random Access Memory. If the memory is small you will have the limitation in the amount of data and programs that you will be able to use simultaneously. If the memory is too large the operating system can use it to speed up disk access. How to check ram | How to check what Kind of ram do i have

How to check ram | How to check what Kind of ram do i have

View the amount of memory

Knowing the memory of the PC is useful in many cases. For example if you want to extend or change the RAM of your computer. Or to see if you meet the requirements of a new version of Windows or other programs. How to check ram | How to check what Kind of ram do i have

In Windows 7 and Vista

How to check ram | How to check what Kind of ram do i have

  1. Go to the Start menu and right click on Control Panel .
  2. Click on System and Security (Windows 7) or System and Maintenance (Windows Vista).
  3. Click System .
  4. Locate the Memory Installed (RAM) or Memory (RAM ) line in the middle of the window . It tells you how much your PC has (see the image above).

In Windows XP

  1. Open the Start menu and right click on Control Panel .
  2. Click Performance and Maintenance (it’s in the right half of the window, below).
  3. Click System (also below).
  4. Look at the bottom of the window that opens. In the section Equipment tells you the model of your processor and the amount of RAM ( see picture ).

In Windows 8, 8.1 or Windows 10

How to check ram | How to check what Kind of ram do i have

  1. Right-click on the Windows Start menu and choose System .
    Click here if you do not know how to view Windows 8 Start.
  2. In the window that opens you can see on the right the data on the RAM of your PC.

Important about PC Memory

  • Windows can display its amount in MB or GB (1 GB = 1,024 MB).
  • Sometimes the system also indicates usable memory in addition to the total. It usually appears in parentheses next to the value of the amount of RAM installed. The value that interests you is the greater of the two.
  • Windows may not be able to tell you the correct amount of RAM. It can appear for example 3.25 GB when in fact there are 4 GB installed.

To ensure the actual amount of RAM follow the instructions on the following sheet. How to check ram | How to check what Kind of ram do i have

Download SiSoftware Sandra

With this method you will NOT have to open your PC to know the type of RAM you have.
You just need a free program called Sandra Lite : How to check ram | How to check what Kind of ram do i have

  1. Click to download SiSoftware Sandra .
    If the link does not work, get the program from this page .
  2. When you finish downloading go to the folder where you are. The file is called san [version number] (for example, san1847 ).

Double click on it to open it

Confirm that you want to do this if you get a warning window. How to check ram | How to check what Kind of ram do i have

Install SiSoft Sandra

  1. As the language of installation of Sandra Lite must be the Spanish . Click on the drop-down list and choose if not. Press OK .
  2. The second window may take a while to appear. When you do click on the option I accept the agreement and advance with Next .
  3. Click Next on the program information window. You do not have to read what it says.
  4. Keep Sandra’s destination folder and click Install .
  1. If you see a window on DirectX installation click on Cancel .
  2. You may also see a .NET Framework 4 Setup program . In that case, click on the box I have read and accept the license terms . And then on Install . When .NET is finished installing, click Finish . Do NOT restart Windows even though I ask if you want to.
  3. Verify that the Load Sandra check box is enabled (click on it if not) and click Finish . The program opens only.
  4. See your type of RAM in Sandra Lite .

View the RAM type

 how to tell what ram you have, what kind of ram do i have

View the type of RAM and other memory data

  1. Closes the suggestions window for the day that is displayed when the program is opened.
  2. In the main window of Sandra click on the Hardware tab . And then DOUBLE CLICK in Computer Overview .
  3. The data usually takes time to appear. Have a little patience. A list of the main hardware components of your PC comes up.
  4. Use the vertical scroll bar of the window if it is necessary to go to the middle part. Where memory module (s) says .
  1. In this section you can know four basic things about the memory of the PC (see the image above to identify them):
  • The type of RAM (A)
    is indicated in two equivalent modes: as PC [type] -code or as DDR [type] – [Speed ​​in MHz] . There are vendors who use one or the other. It is good to know both. The RAM type of the above example is PC3-12800 or, what is the same, DDR3-1600.
  • The number of modules or slots occupied (B)
    That is to say of “plates” of RAM that are inserted in the main or main plate. You will know if it is one, two or more. Just look at how many memory modules Sandra detects (2, in this case).
  • The amount of RAM (C)
    Here you will know the actual amount if Windows is not able to tell you exactly. In the example are 8 GB (2 RAM modules x 4 GB each have).
  • Make and model of your RAM (D)
    In this case is Corsair CMZ8GX3M2A1600C9 .

How to tell what ram you have, what kind of ram do i have

Log in and out at SiSoft Sandra

To open the program double-click the shortcut to it that is created in the Windows Desktop . To exit, close Sandra’s window as you would any other. How to tell what ram you have, what kind of ram do i have

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What ram do i have, what type of ram do i have

How does the memory system of a PC work and what position does the RAM have?

The storage of a PC is composed of several devices that act in a hierarchical way, for this reason sometimes we use the term ” memory system ” as it is more appropriate . In general you find the hard disk , the RAM, the   internal cache of the  processor  and the  registers . What ram do i have, what type of ram do i have

Its functions are as follows:

HDD.  The hard disk stores data and programs when you turn off the computer. It differs from other memories in that even without connection to the electric current does not stop storing the information. It is therefore the corner of storage that is farthest to the processor and the one that is slower. Check what ram is installed, how to know ddr of ram

RAM.  RAM, being much faster, hosts the utilities and data you work with at any given time. For example, the Word with which you write or that page that you are browsing. If it did not exist, the processor would get bored waiting for the hard drive to send something.

Of course the RAM has as a disadvantage that it is much smaller than the hard disk.

Processor. Inside you find several levels of memory, is what we call cache, designed to accelerate access to data from RAM. The closer to the micro, the faster but unfortunately more expensive and smaller.

Finally you have the  records  of the micro that is where the operations are executed.

As you see the memory system is formed by several elements which differ by the place that they occupy with respect to the processor that after all is who works with the instructions. These elements are larger as they are far from the micro but slower. Check what ram is installed, how to know ddr of ram

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How much RAM do you need and how does it affect the performance of your PC?

The more the better, as this will make a computer run smoother and uninterrupted. As a basic number so your computer does not suffer blockages it is best to have at least 4 GB of RAM and a 64-bit operating system.

For a PC,  laptop or laptop  in which you just go surfing the Internet and using office-type Word programs, 2 GB of RAM should be more than enough.

Games or more professional applications, acquires at least 8 GB, as only limit your budget and what it is capable of supporting the  motherboard .

This memory has a clear incidence on the processing speed of the computer more than it may seem with the naked eye, because the operating systems, when they run out of RAM use the hard drive to get to run more applications at the same time, with The technique known as  virtual memory . That is, they download from memory those parts of the applications that you are not running. When this happens the whole system slows down because the hard drive is thousands of times slower, so if your computer sometimes works in tugs it is very likely to be due to a shortage of RAM.

More information on  how much RAM you  need in the article. how do i know my ram type, how to check ram specs

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What types of RAM are there?

In the current market for desktop PCs and laptops we have  DDR2 and DDR3 and we are starting to see new  DDR4 . In any case the most important feature of a memory is its capacity, being the speed or the type, model and even the manufacturer in the background.

Each of the versions of DDR has increased the capacity of data transfer, or bandwidth, in exchange for it takes a little longer to receive the first data, which is called latency. In addition with each new generation has increased the size of the encapsulados which means that we usually find twice the capacity in each one of them.

The fact that a DDR4 has a higher bandwidth than a DDR3, even though it has less latency, makes the DDR4 ideal for working with the  integrated graphics cards  of the processors which use the RAM to work.

Another type of memory used mainly in servers, are called  ECC , these can detect and correct errors even in real time.

How do i know my ram type, how to check ram specs

When to upgrade the RAM?

The RAM is part of the storage system your system. The higher capacity you can run more applications at the same time and the computer will need to use less virtual memory.

Some of the reasons for changing RAM:

Slow system. Especially if you go notes jumps and then it reads on the hard drive.

Applications that need a lot of resources. Type Photoshop for example when working with high quality images.

Raising RAM is always an advisable upgrade. In these cases, size is more important than speed. How to know your ram type, how to check your ram, what kind of ram do i need

What should you know before buying a RAM? RAM Buying Tips

The RAM is a very important component in any PC . Its function, store the applications and data with which you are working at a certain time.

It is the fastest external processor memory . We are talking about thousands of times over a hard drive .

Never confuse the hard disk and the RAM because although they are both in charge of storing information its task is totally different:

HDD. It is the store of all information and works when it is not connected to the electric current.

RAM. It is working memory. Depending on its size you can open more or less applications or work with more or less data at any given time.

Although its functionality is very different, it should not be forgotten that modern operating systems can configure parts of the disk to act as an extended RAM, in what is known as virtual memory .

The operating system what it does when working with virtual memory is to download from RAM those applications or data that you think you are not using or will not need immediately. In principle is a technique with many advantages because it allows us to work with more utilities and data at the same time but keep in mind that every time you need to go to the hard drive to return that data to the RAM the whole system slows down.

The latter is the reason why sometimes the team goes like jumps. The solution is simple, it adds more RAM. How to know your ram type, how to check your ram, what kind of ram do i need

RAM Buying Tips

Its size is the important thing. Do not worry so much about the speed since it is very rare applications in which you will notice differences by having a faster memory.

Just update when you need it. The need for RAM is especially noticeable in that the computer slows down because it needs to access the hard drive constantly in search of information. Verify that your operating system has well configured virtual memory and that you can not get more from other updates like acquiring an SSD hard drive instead of RAM

One size for every need. To give you a simple 2GB idea just for the Internet and if you use a Word type program, 4 GB can serve as a base for playing, 8 or 16GB so you can be calm and if you plan to use it to work with it.You can find more information about the size and type of RAM you need in the link. If you want to use 4GB or more you need a 64-bit operating system.Check the type of memory. This is especially important with the advent of DDR4 imminently keep in mind that there are several types and that the normal thing is that your PC is only able to work with one of them.Check how many banks you have free. Before buying it count how much physical space you have to put the new banks.Check that you can install it. A long time ago that the processor includes inside the memory controller this will always have a maximum memory that you can install. Also take a look at the manual motherboard which also find information on the RAM that is capable of supporting the system.

This is one of the reasons for the existence of different ranges of processors since the high end can include twice as many as we consider normal. How to know your ram type, how to check your ram, what kind of ram do i need

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Disk SSD or RAM, what should you buy?

We have all suffered it once. You buy a new equipment that goes like a motorcycle but in the end is unable to continue rendering. However before you throw it you want to raise an upgrade but, which is the most desirable?

The same applies at the time of purchase, do you buy a machine with a lot of RAM or a good SSD ?

Keep in mind that everything depends on your needs and how this your old equipment or the one that you are going to acquire.

The first thing is in relation to what you are going to use your equipment the second you limit the type of updates you can do.

What is RAM and what is it used for?

If the processor is the brain, RAM is the whiteboard where all the data you are working with at any given time is found.

Therefore, this device limits the ability of the equipment to work with large amounts of information.

What if your RAM stays small?

In order to work with more data, any operating system uses what is called virtual memory . This technique makes it simulate that the hard drive is an extension of the RAM.

However you have to keep in mind that the hard drive is thousands of times slower than the RAM then in this case when making use of virtual memory you can even get to notice how the computer is jumping.

In short, if you work with a lot of data at the same time, for example you like to edit high quality photos, dedicate your computer to 3D rendering or video processing, it is best to have a lot of RAM. How to know your ram type, how to check your ram, what kind of ram do i need

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What is an SSD hard drive and what is it used for?

The hard disk is the store in which the data will reside when there is no electric current. An SSD hard drive is made up of solid state memory and not dishes like conventional ones . This allows you to be faster, have greater shock resistance, consume less energy and be less noisy.

Actually the real advantage of an SSD hard drive is that it is able to work with a greater number of input and output operations per second, which is called IOPS than the conventional ones. In this way it is able to accelerate above all the data reading that occurs when starting the PC or applications.

An SSD hard drive may be the perfect upgrade for that computer that has a few years and to which you want to give a second life. Against this is that its price is still more expensive than the conventional.


Adding more RAM is always desirable and is usually quite cheap. It is also something that will always give you more benefits. The problem is that if the computer has some time it can be difficult to find both the appropriate RAM and space to add it.

Adding a hard drive SSD is more money, however it is ideal to give a second life to a computer that you thought was for scrapping.

How much RAM and what type do you need?

The amount of  RAM  on a PC is not something you should leave to chance. Always check what types of memory your new computer can use and in what quantities you can add it since the memory purchase will always be a very good investment if you are having performance problems.

How does a computer’s memory system work?

The memory of a computer is divided into several subsystems that perform different functions.

One is the hard drive in charge of storing the data and programs when there is no power and another is the RAM and the processor where the applications are executed and the data is processed.

The latter is necessary, since the hard drive is too slow to contain the programs when they need to be accessed for execution.

It is organized in levels. The one closest to the processor is the cache memory found on the same chip, then the RAM and finally the hard disk that is used to simulate having more memory. When the micro needs a data it searches in the cache of the processor, if it is not there it goes to the RAM and if it does not find it goes to look at the hard disk.

Depending on the amount of memory in each level the system will need to access higher or lower frequency at higher levels. This is why processors with large cache sizes are so expensive. However the true bottleneck occurs if the system has to use the hard drive. In this case you will notice how the system is blocked if you access it continuously.

The amount of RAM is very important since the system if it is left without it uses parts of the hard disk to simulate it. The only way to make your PC not have to be using it constantly to simulate having more memory is simple, buy more RAM. In these cases, the size is more important than the type. how to check ram, how to tell what ram you have, what kind of ram do i have

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How much RAM do you need?

When you buy a PC it never hurts to think about future updates. Any program you use, when updated over the years, will need a faster CPU and higher RAM. Changing the CPU is complicated and expensive, but adding some more memory does not have to be traumatic.

Do not forget that if you need more than 4 GB you need a 64-bit operating system.

Depending on the types of applications your needs would be the following. For office applications, surf the Internet and play movies with two gigs you must have enough. For photo or video editing . If you plan to use games or use your computer as a server it includes six or more. Anyway it is more and more normal to see teams with eight or even more.

It is not bad habit to dedicate a year’s money to your team and spend it on adding and renewing the RAM as needed.

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What are the differences between memory types?

Currently the most modern processors already include the  memory controller  then each micro will support a type of memory and at certain speeds, keep in mind. Also do not forget that the manufacturers include memory systems that allow to improve the accesses to the RAM memory. For example the  Sandy Bridge  have a dual channel system that allows reading on 2 banks at a time and  Ivy Bridge  have a quad channel that makes them able to read in 4 of these simultaneously, multiplying their performance.

Best ram for gaming

How to check ram, how to tell what ram you have, what kind of ram do i have?

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