How to Convert Word Document to a CSV File

You can convert a Microsoft Word document to a .csv (comma delimited) file format by importing the data from Microsoft Excel and save it as .csv file. By using Microsoft Excel to convert the .doc file you can then save it as .csv file using Microsoft excel program. Additionally, comma delimited file formats can be used for other purposes, such as for creating mailing lists used in mail merges. To change a Word document to a true comma-delimited file, you need to use Microsoft Office Excel.  If you would like to import yor CSV report into a word document table please complete the following Steps:

Convert Word To CSV file

Considering that .csv files are specially formatted text files, not every .doc file can be simply transformed or export to CSV format. If the Word document  contains some sort of table, your best option is to copy that to MS Excel and produce CSV file from it.

Step 1: Convert Word To CSV file

Open the Microsoft Word document in Word and save it as a “.txt” file. To do this, select “File” and then chose “Save As.” Next, use the down arrow next to “File as Type” and select “.txt.”

Step 2:  Convert Word To CSV file

Open the Microsoft Word document in MS Excel by selecting “File” and then “Open.” Find the file in the “Look in” directory from within the “Open” dialog box.

Step 3:  Convert Word To CSV file

Click option “Delimited” and then click “1” beside “Start Import at Row” to indicate the first row to import the data. Next, select the geographical location of the original file format beside “File Origin.” When done, click “Next.”

Step 4: How to Convert Word Document to a CSV File

Click “Tab” under Delimiter preference and then click “Next.” Additional options include “Semicolon,” “Comma,” “Space” and “Other” for you to customize the separating character type.

Step 5: How to Convert Word Document to a CSV File

Click “General” as the format option for the “Column Data “and then click “Finish.” Other column data formats include “Date,” “Date” and “Do not import column (skip).”

Step 6: How to Convert Word Document to a CSV File

Select “File” and then choose “Save As” from the toolbar menu.

Step 7: How to Convert Word Document to a CSV File

Choose “.csv” as the “Save as

How to import a CSV file into a word document

#1: Save the csv file and if you have excel – Open the csv file in excel and save the file as excel.
#2: Now Open Word to a new blank document.
#3: Now just Click the “Insert” menu, then the command “File” and locate the CSV or excel file in the Choose a File dialog box. (The Insert File command is needed to import a data file saved in CSV or excel format.)
#4: Select Ok to imported data.
#5: For CSV import (if you don’t have excel) Choose the ‘UTF-8’ file option format if asked when importing.
#6: After importing, go to Edits >select all and click the “Table” menu. Then click “Convert” and “Convert Text to Table” if you want this data placed in columns and rows in Word.


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