How to Install CyanogenMod: How to install custom rom on android using pc

How to install custom rom on android using pc? With CyanogenMod Installer complications they have disappeared. The process is very simple and is done in a few minutes. I explain how. How to install custom rom on android using pc

CyanogenMod (CM) is the name of the custom ROM most famous for Android. This is a variant of open – source Android adds features and options that are not usually present in the ROM manufacturers. CM, for example, you can increase CPU power or change the look completely. Phone performance generally improves, and in some cases the Android versionis superior to the factory.

In addition, CyanogenMod adds root to the mobile , that is, gives you superuser powers.As I said, there are many good reasons to root the phone : You can do things you normally vetoed, as do full backups, uninstall applications the operator or recover deleted photos and videos. The freedom it gives you a phone Android rooteado is maximum.

The only major drawback is that when installing CyanogenMod official sales channel update Google or your manufacturer. For example, if you are using Android 4.3, you can no longer upgrade to Android 4.4 KitKat :’ll have to wait for CyanogenMod update your ROM with the latest Android. On the other hand, note that some manufacturers may void the warranty if you load a custom ROM. How to install custom rom on android using pc:

What you need to use your Android CyanogenMod Installer

To use CyanogenMod Installer must install two applications, one for the phone or tablet and one for the computer first: How to install custom rom on android using pc

  • CyanogenMod Installer for Android (APK for Android 2.3.3 or higher)
  • CyanogenMod Installer for Windows (7, 8 and Vista)

At the same time, you must do the following:

  • Have ready a good USB cable to connect the device to PC
  • Disable antivirus that does not interfere with the procedure
  • Having the phone with fully charged battery
  • IMPORTANT : make a backup of your Android
  • IMPORTANT: off temporarily two – step verification , you run the risk of being left out of your phone and your Google account ( this is done )

Finally, check whether your phone or tablet supports CyanogenMod Installer. The list is updated periodically on the official CyanogenMod site. And no, not necessary that your device is rooted.

1. Install CyanogenMod Installer on Android – How to install custom rom on android using pc

The first thing you have to do is install CyanogenMod Installer on your mobile or tablet . If you can not, mean that the process is not yet compatible with your device.

How to Install CyanogenMod: How to install custom rom on android using pc

waiting for you to connect the device to the PC: So CyanogenMod Installer runs after run.Spend the second point of the tutorial to follow.

[Update 11/28/2013] CyanogenMod Installer has been removed from Google Play , but you can still install the APK file by following these instructions .

2. Install CyanogenMod Installer in Windows – How to install custom rom on android using pc

Now install CyanogenMod Installer in Windows Vista, 7 or 8 (Mac version coming soon). The wizard needs administrator permissions.

How to Install CyanogenMod: How to install custom rom on android using pc

The process is simple and fast, and culminates in a screen that asks you to plug your phone to your PC. Disables antivirus temporarily, use a good quality USB cable and connect only to USB ports built.

3. Connect your phone to your PC and follow the prompts in Windows

When you connect your phone (or tablet) to a PC via the USB cable, CyanogenMod Installer for Windows should detect the device model. From there, everything is automatic: the program begins to download files and transfer them to your phone, which will restart in recovery mode (do not worry and above all do not disconnect).

How to Install CyanogenMod: How to install custom rom on android using pc

When everything is ready to go, you’ll see a message appear in CyanogenMod Installer with a button to confirm that you want to continue with the installation. Tell him yes.

How to Install CyanogenMod: How to install custom rom on android using pc

4. Start the installation process – How to install custom rom on android using pc

No reboot the PC nor disconnect the USB cable: after pressing the “Install” CyanogenMod Installer starts to move files and configure your device button.

How to Install CyanogenMod: How to install custom rom on android using pc

5. Confirm unlocking the boot loader (bootloader)

Here is perhaps the most complicated part of the process: unlocking the bootloader , ie manager charge the phone or tablet you’re flashing . CyanogenMod Installer explains you very clearly: you move with the volume keys to choose “Yes” (Yes) and press the power key to confirm.

How to Install CyanogenMod: How to install custom rom on android using pc

So as seen in a Nexus 4. Note that’ve already moved the selection to “Yes” and have not yet pressed the power button to confirm.

After confirming (press the power button), this is what you see on the phone screen. Look at the message “LOCK STATE – unlocked” indicates that the bootloader has been unlocked successfully.

6. Wait a few minutes and enjoy

After a few minutes, the installation process will be completed. On the screen of your Android you will see the blue doll CyanogenMod friendly hello, a sign that the installation was successful.

How to Install CyanogenMod: How to install custom rom on android using pc

Wait for the CyanogenMod Installer wizard in Windows tells you that the installation has been completed successfully before disconnecting the phone:

How to Install CyanogenMod: How to install custom rom on android using pc

On your phone or tablet finally you see the boot logo CyanogenMod. It has worked! And all in less than ten minutes clock.


A fast, simple and secure to install CyanogenMod

From this moment, your Android device already has CyanogenMod installed. You see, you have not done missing or unlock the phone with complicated tools: the whole process takes less than ten minutes.

Surely many experts in the matter seems a fairly simple matter, but we still occasionally get enough queries on how to install a ROM in our Android . We will make an explanatory entry, not focused on any particular terminal (as there may be differences) and hope that all doubts are resolved.

First, root

In order to install a ROM the first thing that is needed is to have root access in the terminal. The way to achieve this superuser access differs from terminal to terminal. It is best to look for the method in HTCM ania or in XDA Developers for our particular terminal.

Root access is necessary since we are going to make substantial modifications in our terminal , and therefore we need privileged access. Manufacturers do not want, in principle, anyone without knowledge can mess with the terminal, and that is why you have to use third-party methods to obtain this access.

Change recovery

The next thing we need to change the ROM is to change the recovery. The recovery allows access to very advanced functions of the terminal in a parallel startup. My personal recommendation is ClockWorkMod , one of the most popular and working on large numbers of terminals.

To install this recovery you have to search in Google Play ROM Manager and install. The free version is sufficient. Now we open ROM Manager and from within this application we can install the latest version of the recovery in question.

Make a backup

With the recovery changed, and before launching ourselves to install the new ROM , the next step is to make a backup, fundamental in case something goes wrong. We have two types of backups that we can do, that of the complete ROM and the one of the applications. Both are recommended.

The backup of all our Android is done through recovery or, more simply, from the ROM Manager. This type of backups are called Nandroid backup . From the ROM Manager we say that we want to make a backup of the ROM and automatically restart in recovery mode and start to perform the backup.

Besides this I recommend to make a backup of all the applications, and the best thing for this is to use Titanium Backup . With Titanium Backup we can make a backup of all our applications and our data, and it is fundamental to restore everything once we have the new ROM , as the mobile will be completely reset.

If we have the payment version of Titanium Backup it is not necessary to back up all the applications since we can extract this information from the Nandroid backup that ROM Manager made us . The five euros that Titanium Backup Pro costs save us a lot of time.

Install the ROM – How to install custom rom on android using pc

Once we have root, recovery and backups, the next step is to install the ROM . Of course, the first thing is to get a ROM for our terminal. To do this again I recommend HTCM ania or XDA Developers, as there are threads for each terminal and we can read a lot. The typical question is which is better, but the answers are complicated. It depends on what we are looking for: functionalities, appearance, fluency … each terminal and each user is a world.

With our downloaded ROM the installation is done through recovery or directly from the ROM Manager . It is quite simple and you always have to tell him to make a complete wipe and clean the Dalvik Cache. In the ROM Manager question at all times, so it is quite simple.

It is important to have enough battery or to connect it to the mains, as a battery failure in the installation process can be dangerous.

The installation process does not last long, and then our terminal will reboot. This restart takes a long time, so do not get impatient, it is normal since it has to generate enough complementary information. Touch, in this case, wait.

In some ROMs we are asked to install separately the Google applications, because legal issues do not integrate them into the ROM itself . In this case we will have to install the ROM from the recovery and immediately after the Google applications (that will have downloaded in the same site where the ROM was ). It is best to carefully read the ROM documentation that we want to install . How to install custom rom on android using pc

Restore our applications

Once reboot we will have a terminal as if it were new, with the factory configuration . We must say our Google account and I recommend saying no to the question of whether you want us to restore applications from Google Play, since we will do from Titanium Backup.

Once this is done we install from Google Play Titanium Backup and restore our applications and their data. The process is simpler if we have the payment version, since everything is automatic, and in the free you have to accept the installation one by one.

How to install custom ROMs on Android

Although many advanced users may find it easy, installing a custom ROM on our Android terminal may give us several headaches during the process if we are not clear on the exact steps to follow. With this article we will try to explain the steps to follow regardless of our Android terminal. How to install custom rom on android using pc

The first requirement to install a ROM in our phone is to have superuser access , or what is commonly known as ROOT, that is its name on UNIX systems, either Ubuntu or Android. The best thing for this step of the process is to look for a specific tutorial for our terminal, since it varies from one brand or model to another

When managing our phone as superuser we will get total control of the device , beyond any restrictions imposed by the manufacturer on the original system, necessary to make such changes “drastic” in our terminal.

It is essential to save our data since once we have a new ROM installed, the mobile will be completely reset as it leaves the factory. For this we can download and use the Titanium Backup application with its Backup ROM option, which will save a copy of all our data in the phone, as well as installed applications and their respective configurations. 

At this point in the process we will have to copy the new ROM that we have chosen to our memory card for later use in the Recovery menu. There are no better or worse ROMs. As with Linux distributions, we will only have to find the one that best fits our needs.

The next step is to access the Recovery menu , which is the one that allows us to control advanced options of the phone in a parallel startup. For this we can use ClockWorkMod , one of the most popular applications in this area that is compatible with most terminals and included in the ROM Manager package that can also be found on Google Play. How to install custom rom on android using pc

It is very important to have the battery fully charged or to have the terminal connected to the mains to avoid problems, since a power failure in the process could leave our phone unused, or as is commonly known, brickeado brick).

Once we have the ROM in question prepared, we can install it on our Android through the Recovery menu or directly from ROM Manager. Simply indicate either Wipe / Factory Reset or Cache Cleanup in either case. ROM Manager is simpler because the application guides us through the process step by step. How to install custom rom on android using pc?

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