How to Partition a Hard Drive to Avoid Losing data on Mac and Windows

For years, we have stored very valuable information on our hard drive: vacation photos, movies, music … Now, with the cloud, this is changing little by little but it is still a fact that in our computer we have many things that we would not like to lose.

There are many ways to put it in a safe place, one of them is to partition our hard drive . Do not you know what it is? Today in Technology from you to we show you what it is and how you can do it in your PC or Mac so that you never lose your data again.

What is partitioning a hard drive?

Although the word sounds a bit strange, it gives us a little clue: to leave. Making a partition consists of dividing the space of a hard disk into several watertight fragments to separate the information. That is, if we have for example 500GB, we can divide it into 200 and 300 GB, or in the amount that most interests us.

What is this for? To separate the information . Typically, the files most vulnerable to viruses and other threats are those that make up the operating system of our computer. That is why it is useful to leave the applications and Windows (or Mac) on one side and on the other hand our photos, movies, etc.

This way, if our computer is infected, we can delete only the files of the system and start from scratch without losing the rest, what we have in the other partition. This is also useful for hard disks, where we can separate the information to have it sorted .

With this explained, now we show you how to make a hard disk partition in Windows and Mac . A valid trick whether or not we are going to do it in the disk of our computer or in an external unit. The process is simple but, remember, if you have any doubts, we are waiting for you in the comments to help you.

How do I partition in Windows

To partition a hard drive in Windows we have to go to Control Panel . From there, we go to the System and Maintenance section, in Administrative Tools. Inside, go to Computer Management and on the Storage tab click on Disk Management.

Once we are inside, we just have to right click on the area that has no mappingand mark New Simple Volume. Next we will get a Windows wizard where it will allow us to select how much space we want to allocate, we choose the quantity that we create convenient and we give to next one.

At this point, we will ask the letter of this new partition. In principle we can put the one we want or select the one that we assign by default. This done, in the menu of Format the partition we marked this option and we give to next one. With all this, we will have our new partition created.

How do I partition on Mac

If instead we have a Mac, the process is just as simple. To do this, go to the Disk Utility application . Inside, select the Partitions option that appears in the right part. Here, we will see a button with the ‘+’ sign that allows us to create partitions.

When you click on it, we will see a square rectangle on the left side. We click and within it we can configure the space we want to assign and name, save the changes and wait for Mac OS to apply the changes.

Remember that these two tricks that we explain here can be used for both the internal hard drive and an external hard drive .

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