How to set up ‘Hey Siri’ on iPhone or iPad

If you have just bought a new iPhone X, then you might be wondering, how you can activate Siri on your iPhone X. Ther are two ways to activate Siri on your iPhone X. One way is to activate through Lock button by pressing it for some seconds and the other way is to say  ‘Hey Siri’ and then it will activate Siri on your iPhone or iPad with just your voice.

When you first set up your new iPhone or iPad as new, you will be asked to activate “Hey Siri!” voice activation and it’s up to you whether you want to activate or deactivate “Hey Siri” voice activation. If you have activated it, then the setup process will guide you through the settings, you can always change these settings whenever you want and can easily deactivate Hey Siri voice feature.

How to turn on “Hey Siri”

If at the time of setting up your new iPhone you have activated Hey Siri feature then you can always enable Siri by saying Hey Siri, and if you aren’t sure whether Siri Hey Siri voice activation is enabled on your iPhone or not, then you can always enable it in Settings.

  1. In the first step just Launch Settings from your Home screen Of iPhone X, iPhone 8, iPhone 7 or iPad .How to Get 'Hey Siri' Working Again on Your iPhone
  2. Now you have to Tap on Siri & SearchHow To Turn On Hey Siri On Your iPhone with iOS
  3. Then just Tap on the Listen for “Hey Siri (as shown in the below screenshot) switch to turn it on.

How to Enable Voice ID for "Hey Siri" in iOS

How to train “Hey Siri” to your voice

When you enable or activate “Hey Siri” on your iPhone X, iPad  or iPhone 8, you will have to train it to recognize your voice. Siri will automatically take you through setup process.

  1. In the first step Tap Set Up Now.How to Enable Voice ID for "Hey Siri" in iOS
  2. Then you have to Say Hey Siri! when prompted by the setup process.How to Enable Voice ID for "Hey Siri" in iOS
  3. You have to Say Hey Siri! again.
  4. Now you have to Say Hey Siri, how’s the weather?.
  5. And in the last step Say Hey Siri, it’s me! when prompted.
  6. Now Tap Done.

Now, “Hey Siri” is enabled and activated on your iPhone X and iPad.

How to use “Hey Siri!”

But, If you are using any other iPhone Like iPhone 6, 6 Plus, iPhone 5 or iPad then “Hey Siri”  command will only work when your iOS device is connected to power. But you can always use your Home Button to enable Siri.

  1. So if you are using newer iPhone models then keep yourself within audio range of your iPhone or iPad
  2. Now just Say “Hey Siri!” so that your iPhone or iPad can hear you.
  3. Then you can tell Siri, what to do?

Here’s a list of awesome Siri commands you can test out right now.

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