How to Setup and Sync your Apple watch with Apple iPhone

How to Set up your Apple Watch

How to Setup and Sync your Apple watch with Apple iPhone
How to Setup and Sync your Apple watch with Apple iPhone

In order To get started with your Apple Watch, you first have to pair and sync your Apple Watch with your iPhone. How to Setup and Sync your Apple watch with Apple iPhone.


How to Pair Apple Watch and iPhone

  • In order to use, your Apple Watch, you first have to pair your apple watch with your iOS device. You should have iPhone 5 or later, running iOS 8.2 or later, in order to use Apple watch.
  • Unlock your Apple iPhone 5 or later , Go to > Settings  > Bluetooth > Turned it on.
  • Apple iPhone Should be connected to mobile network or Wi-Fi network, while pairing your Apple watch with iPhone.
  • Now turn on your Apple Watch by pressing side button, you will see Apple logo when it’s turned on.
  • Both devices should be close enough to each other, as you pair them.
  • Both devices should be charged.

Now Open the Apple Watch app on your iPhone and Pair your Apple iPhone and Apple Watch

Now open your Apple watch, Then tap on your preferred language on your Apple Watch. You can check the language list by using Digital crown or swiping the screen by using your finger. Now, select Start Pairing on both Apple iPhone and Apple watch. You will see a Pairing integration or animation screen on your Apple iPhone.

Now, follow the instructions and complete the pairing process. How to Setup and Sync your Apple watch with Apple iPhone.

Now Put and your Apple iPhone over the pairing animation on your Apple Watch.

Like barcode scanner , hold your iPhone above your Apple watch, centring your apple watch inside the pairing animation screen. A message will appear saying, the watch is paired now.

How to Setup and Sync your Apple watch with Apple iPhone.

Set up New watch and pick a wrist – Settings.

Now go to your iPhone, and select Set Up as New. If you want to restore your apple watch settings, you can also do that by tapping on restore. You will be given some options, follow the instructions on apple watch and iPhone to set your preferences. Read terms and conditions and agree it, to move further.

Enter your Apple ID password to use Apple Pay, Digital Touch and Handoff features on your Apple watch

If you want to features like:

  1. Digital touch.
  2. Apple Pay.
  3. Handoff.

You have to sign in with your Apple ID and Password

Create a Passcode for your Apple Watch

You can create a new password for your Apple watch on iPhone, during setup process or you can also do it later. You can create both long passcode or short passcode for your Apple watch. If you tap Create a Passcode or Add a Long Passcode on your iPhone, you’ll be asked to make a personal code using your Apple Watch. Then decide whether your Apple Watch will unlock with your iPhone.

Sync your apps Your Apple iPhone compatible apps with Apple Watch

If you want to sync all iPhone apps to Apple watch, which are compatible, just tap on Install All apps to sync iPhone apps that are compatible with Apple Watch. Not, every iPhone app will sync with your Apple Watch, Only apps that are compatible with Apple Watch will sync. You can also choose what information or data you want to sync with apple watch like mail, messages and more.

How to pair Apple Watch and Apple iPhone manually

After you’ve put on Apple Watch, chosen a language, and tapped Start Pairing on both devices, follow these steps:

  1. In the first step, Tap or select Pair Apple Watch Manually on your iPhone, in apple watch app.
  2. Tap on info icon , now your apple iphone will appear in Apple Watch.
  3. On your iPhone, tap the device name that matches the one you see on your Apple Watch display.
  4. On your apple Watch a six digit code will appear, note that code and enter it on your apple iPhone watch app.
  5. See full article here: [button color=”blue” size=”big” link=”” ]How to Manually Pair or sync Apple watch and iPhone[/button].

How to Setup and Sync your Apple watch with Apple iPhone.

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